Decking the Halls?

My bff, Meagan, announced on her blog that she is decorating for Christmas this weekend.  My oldest sister, Krissy, has already started to slowly decorate her house to enjoy the process and relieve stress of getting it all up quickly.  There are Christmas decoration ideas floating around everywhere and the music of the season has creeped onto the radio stations…okay, into our home, too.

We generally hold off decorating until after Thanksgiving, but this year, I am having trouble waiting.  Maybe it is the thought of seeing Greta’s face light up when she sees the tree.  Maybe it is the fact that this is our first Christmas in our new home and we have a large window in the front of our home perfect for showcasing our tree.  Perhaps it is that I am already planning a little intimate gathering we’re calling a Christmas kick-off for the beginning of December and I want a head-start at getting the house ready.  Either way, we’re dying to know your thoughts on the subject:

When do YOU decorate for Christmas??


  • Reply December 31, 2012


    I seriously can’t help but laugh out loud whenever you say “yeesh!” on your blog. hahaha I love that word. My mom has always been a faithful “after-Thanksgiving” decorator, which I agree maybe when you have like a LOOOT of Christmas stuff, but when we have like 5 decorations, and we have always traveled during Christmas, it is nice to enjoy it longer than 5 days right? Last year, I spent the whole month of December at my parents and so I pulled the decorations out early again and I loooved it.

  • Reply December 31, 2012


    I think the more serious offense is…when do you take them DOWN?

  • Reply December 31, 2012

    Chris Loves Julia

    Right after New Years for us. And it is so sad every year.

  • Reply December 31, 2012

    Lexy @ The Proper Pinwheel

    K, I ALWAYS decorate right after Halloween. I’m so sad because we are moving right after Christmas so we won’t be putting up any Christmas decor. It’s so terrible!

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