Cool Find: Pear Tree Greetings.

According to our poll yesterday, most of our readers wait until after Thanksgiving to decorate for Christmas (currently around 72% of you!)–but surely you think about Christmas cards before then.  Right?  I know I do.  In my jumble of junk emails this morning, I came across a deal for Pear Tree Greetings that I couldn’t pass up.  $20 for $40 worth of holiday cards.  Adorable cards.  Unique and memorable.  Luckily, Chris agreed and neither of us could say “boo” about the 50% off price.   So now, it is just a matter of picking one that is right for our family.  Here are just a few I am eyeing:

Gah!  My mind is racing.  So many great options. We’ll for sure let you know where we end up.    If you are drooling over Pear Tree’s cards, here’s the link where you can get 50% off too: $20 for $40 of the goods.

Psst.  Just to be transparent, we weren’t paid or perk’d to write about Pear Tree Greetings, we just got a little misty-eyed at their cards and had to share the sa-weet deal to go along with it.


  • Reply December 31, 2012


    I know I will have a SUPER hard time deciding which card to go with. They are all so adorable!!

  • Reply December 31, 2012

    Lexy @ The Proper Pinwheel

    Please tell me you picked the purple ornament shaped one! j’adore!

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