Those of you that guessed “concrete floor” in yesterday’s post were right!  That was a very close photo of our newly stained concrete floors in our guest room.  The project was intense and long and we just finished filming the last details last night and submitted our video to True Value this morning (it will go live next week).  We are so happy with the results and we can’t wait to show you all how it turned out and the entire process.  That project being finished and turned in is a huge weight off my shoulders.  
We had another huge weight lifted yesterday–we sold our Acura, “Harrison.”  We only got Harrison last June, but we have decided to be a one-car family and a big, gas-guzzling, SUV (that was truly the lap of luxury) seemed like too much for the three of us. 

After getting lots of low-ball trade-in offers from a variety of dealers, we decided to try to sell it ourselves.  So, yesterday, I cleaned him up real good and snapped a variety of pictures and posted them on the online classifieds with a short list of perks and the current mileage on the car.  I also included a screen shot of the Kelly Blue Book Value to prove that we were selling it below the lowest value of the car.

6 hours, 3 inquiries and 2 test drives later, we were writing up a Bill of Sale and had cash in our hand.  We had sold our Acura.  All day yesterday we were both in a state of shock.  Shocked that it sold so fast.  Shocked that it was gone.  Shocked that all we had now was our little 2002 Red Ford Focus.  Our plan for now is to drive our Focus around for the next month or so until we trade it in for something more fuel efficient and reliable.  We are currently leaning toward a Toyota Camry Hybrid, but for now we are enjoying no car payment. :)

Anyone else surviving as a one-car family?  Is it really possible to live without a SUV?  Ha!  We feel pretty good about our choice and we are dreaming of saving loads of gas money on a hybrid.


  • Reply December 31, 2012

    mitzi ray

    Yah! We stained our concrete when we bought our house. My hubby is a tile man but staining was wayyy cheaper so we went with it. We used quilters tape to mask off the “Grout joints” so it actually looks like huge tile but without having to worry about grout. So awesome!

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    Stephanie Marcum

    We are surviving with one car. That has been fine. We only had one bike though and that didn’t work to well. The last time I went to town I bought another bike. So now we are a two bike and one car family. Works pretty well on a small island.

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    Chris loves Julia

    Maybe you are thinking of a Toyota Corolla? Toyota Camrys aren’t too small. In fact, Altimas are their competitors. But funny you brought the Altima up because it is a total toss up between the Altima and the Camry right now.

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    I’m totally in shock how fast that sold! What a beauty of a car. I hope he went to a good home!

    One car is totally doable. And for you guys, you have the luxury of driving Chris to work if you need the car during the day. It may be tricky a few times at the beginning, but even when I did have the car (before May came along), I found that I really didn’t need it. Between Brin’s nap time and lunch and every other thing that she needs to do before we leave anywhere, it felt like I was rushing around like a crazy person just to get my walmart trip in before she got cranky. So now, it is usually our family time or my alone time. Both good :) (totally said it in the Brian Reagan voice too). Both favorites. Both good. lol

    okay, totally digging the hybrid idea. We watched a few vids yesterday about the benefits of a hybrid. The only concern I have for yall in a small sudan is your looooong leggies. Getting something like a Toyota Avalon or Nissan Altima are bigger, but still super nice. My parents have a 2007 Nissan Altima and it is awesome to travel in for long car rides. The leg room is out of this world. PLUS it is a Nissan and super reliable. But so are Toyotas.

    Ummm I wonder what our car would sell for. Ummm….now I want to get a new car and sell our subie!

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