Big Clutter: SOLVED!

I did it!  I finished my very first sewing project.  Thanks to those sewing classes I have been attending on Friday nights, over the weekend I finally felt confident enough to sew something without my instructor holding my hand (figuratively of course, someone holding your hand while sewing would be quite challenging).  I purchased six yards of fabric on Friday night, after my class, and started on room dividers for the bedroom, because heaven knows I don’t think I could sleep another night in this clutter nest:
Before shot

After.   (Taken at night, don’t worry, the window still sheds plenty of light in here)

Bye Bye, ugly-but-completely-useful elliptical.  See-ya wardrobe with no doors.  You may also recognize the wall decals are off and the carpet is gone.  Doesn’t it look so much more peaceful in our bedroom?  The desk is perfectly framed and we’re loving the separation of spaces.  I have no business doing a sewing tutorial, and honestly there is no need for a how-to here.  I just hemmed all the sides leaving a 3 inch hem on the tops and bottoms so I could slide in a large dowel on both ends.  The bottom dowels keep the panels weighed down a bit and the top is for easy hanging.  I picked up 4 wooden dowels at Wal-mart for $2 and also a pack of hooks and eyes for less than $1 each for hanging the dividers:

Screwed an eye into each side of the top dowel.
Hung it from a hook screwed into the ceiling.

 Easy-peasy, right?  And as you can see from this picture of the back of a panel–the pattern is quite darling and not showing up in the rest of these pictures.  I originally picked out a bold pattern for these, but I didn’t want to draw attention away from the art that’s going above our bed, as well as whatever we decide to hang above the desk.  So, it’s quiet and neutral from a distance, but has some intrigue once you get closer.

Taken this morning…sun is starting to peek through the window
I am happy with the outcome and Chris is “so proud of his wifey.”  I am having so much fun learning how to sew and it is rewarding to actually be able to make something that solves a problem–like, hiding big clutter in the bedroom.  So, what do you think?  Anyone else have use for some room dividers?  (I’d hate to think we are the only ones that have big-clutter objects to hide. )

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  • Reply January 17, 2011

    Ryan and Meagan

    Imagine this comment is in size 72 font and in bold.

    SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I love the fabric choice and how perfectly it hides everything!!!! I also love that when you look, you just see the desk. So professional. I love it. Look at you, sewing up a storm!! Isn’t it soo much fun??

    And yes, we have TONS of clutter. But, I’m waiting for my Mom to come down and bring me 2 more Ikea bookshelves to hide all of Ryans (million) law books. It is a MESS in our 3rd bedroom. Thankfully, we kept all our clothes and dressers downstairs, so our bedroom upstairs is so nice and peaceful and empty! BUT when baby #2 comes, we’ll need to…rearange…AGAIN!!!

    GOOD WORK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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