A conversation about tights

It’s night time and we are in our bedroom, getting on our pjs. I am taking off my boots exposing my furry red socks that are overlapping my gray leggings.  I see that Chris is staring at my socks.
“Like my socks?”
“Yeah, those are rockin'”
[a minute goes by]
“I think I want some different colored tights and maybe some patterned ones, too.”
I try to drop little hints about what he can get me for Christmas, and I am realizing it is better for me to just say it out loud.  This next part explains why.
[a minute goes by]
Chris asks, “So, do they have like different sizes for those things?”
“Well, yes.”
“How would I know what size you wear?”
“On the back they usually have a height and weight chart, just find me on it.”
….moments pass.
“But those aren’t really tights.” (he is looking at my gray leggings I have on)
“No, these are leggings.”
“So, what do you want?”
“I want tights.  Like pantyhose, but thicker.”
“Like what you wear on Sunday?  The kind that go down around your feet and cover them?”
“That’s not a Christmas gift, that’s a chore!  You can just go get them yourself anytime.”
“Hon!  But I really want some different colors and patterns.”
“Like fishnets?”
….  …  ….”No, not fishnets.”

 Bless his little heart.  Lesson learned:  never assume that your hubby knows the difference between leggings, tights and pantyhose–especially when it come to Christmas gifts, because they really do want to get it right.  And honestly, I think it was a-DOR-able that he was so clueless.  Something he is NOT so clueless about is cooking.  Actually, he is pretty genius when it comes to that department.  I have had several requests for recipes of things that I have posted on here and Chris has willingly agreed to dish all about food once a week!  And lucky for you…that once a week is happening tomorrow.  YYYeessssssss!

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  • Reply December 16, 2010

    Ryan and Meagan

    HAHAHAAAA…YES, Julia would LOVE fishnet tights. HAHAHAAAA I was So mad this past sunday because I pulled up my tights that are printed and I pulled on one of the thinner parts and pulled a HUGE hole in it. Thankfully, I brought like 3 other pairs that I equally love. BUT I would love more leggings…Ryan?

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