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August 9, 2021

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Our last Kitchen reno check in was at the end of June where we had everything completely demo’d and announced that we would be working with the Stoffer Home Cabinetry and Jean Stoffer Design for our new kitchen. If you missed any of that–it’s juicy and we share a lot of the whys–you can catch up here.

Today, after many weeks of meeting and planning with the Stoffer team (the sweetest most talented team–wow!) and a few tweaks, we are excited to share with you the official plans that are already in motion.

Here’s the new overhead layout! I know a lot of times these technical drawings can be confusing to decipher, so let’s walk through the plans of each view.

The Working/Range Wall

The star of this wall is definitely the 60″ range and surrounding plaster alcove. And be still my soul on those candle sconces. I love the way they balanced the fridge (on the far right closer to the dining room for easy access) and freezer on the left. On the far left is a built-in kitchen hutch with pretty brass rail detailing that will be functionally styled with cookbooks, and pretty serving ware and pots and pans–maybe even some fresh herbs. This will be visible right when you walk in the kitchen from the front entry and we imagine some casual seating in front of it.

This is the visual of the inspiration (via Emma Lewis) for the for the plaster range surround shape. There will be some shelves built in to the sides, too!

Pantry/Beverage Center Side

On our list of dream items for our kitchen was a drink station of sorts and Stoffer Cabinetry delivered a beverage center that we couldn’t be more excited about. It has its own sink, mini fridge drawers and ice maker. A cabinet up top to house glassware and a backsplash that slides up to reveal hidden small appliances all plugged in and ready to go. Hello, blender. 

The pantry will be inside two glass-topped doors and the interior will be in Stoffer Home Cabinetry’s Sutton Blue finish from floor to ceiling. A surprise pop.

There will also be an overflow section here for overflow dishes, glasses and serve ware we use for entertaining. We did make a small swap in this section, to have the flatware insert on the left column of this area because we imagine we’ll also use this area for a mail drop, being so close to the front door.

And I hope you saw the ladder rail up there :)

The Island

We really wanted the island to feel furniture like but we also needed it to hold our sink (a 44 incher!!) and two dishwashers on either side. It’s still going to be leg-y though and either side will have drawers on one side and an open shelf on the bar stool side.


We’ll share a full mood board of cabinetry colors, hardware, textiles, countertops, lighting and accessories REALLY soon, but above you can see the basic cabinetry color scheme. Stoffer Home Cabinetry has a beautiful array of options, and they are all incredible so we had no choice but to use 4. That deep green for the island is one of their newest tones and I’m SO excited about it.

I know right now, it’s a lot of drawings and words and labels, but what you may not realize is in meetings with Stoffer Cabinetry leading up to this, they asked us detailed questions about what kitchenware we have, what we want to be seen, what we don’t. Where we naturally use things. Where Chris likes to stand to prep things! When we got the plans, we made minor tweaks and a few more together because everything just made so much sense for how we live and want to live. Can’t wait to watch it come alive!

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What do you think?

  1. Carol says:

    What a fab kitchen and designer behind you! Can’t wait to see how that slide-up backsplash works for the hidden small appliances. I imagine you have to have more space behind the standard 24″ depth countertop. I can somewhat see that in your 1st drawing of the aerial view. Great use of space!

  2. Janet says:

    I am wondering about your dining room. You had such a large beautiful space in your other home. Where are you recreating that in this home? Or have you decided against it and going with a smaller space? I entertain a lot of large parties > 24 and I need all the tables I can have in home! I would love to hear back from you!

    • Julia says:

      We’ll just have the one dining space in the house–8-10 seated at the table and an additional 5 at the island, but we’re planning a great outdoor dining space too!

  3. Julia says:

    Can’t wait to see it come to life! What brand did you choose for your fridge/freezer units?

  4. Fran says:

    Love the design ☺️ Did you ever consider a pot filler at the range and/or a built in coffee machine station situation? Only asking as I kind of wish we added those after our build.

  5. Tracy says:

    Well done well DONE! This is going to be one for the books! A functional, beautiful kitchen. Chris is going to be in his glory! :) Two things to consider: adding another trash receptacle somewhere…under beverage sink perhaps? I just feel like I’m a kitchen this size you’ll want another trash spot. And secondly, automatic door closing hinges (slow close) on the pantry doors. Otherwise, those doors are going to be left open and block the flow of traffic. Just a thought!

  6. Monica McDermott says:

    your kitchen drawings look AMAZING! For the colors of the cabinets, what would be a “Dupe” like with Sherwin or Benjamin Moore paints? Thank you for sharing!

  7. Cathy says:

    At what point in the process do you get renderings (or will you)?

  8. Nicolette says:

    This is so exciting! May I kindly suggest looking into under counter outlets? Seeing outlets on the end of a beautiful island is such a buzzkill. My in-laws have a couple receptacles under their over hang and it’s something I’ve kept in the back of my mind for future kitchens.

  9. Alesha says:

    My jaw is on the floor. The hidden appliances behind the backsplash is genius! I cannot wait to see this come alive!!!

  10. Lala says:

    Absolutely stunning. Would love to have plans drawn for our pantry. Is this a service apart of working with her?

  11. molly says:

    INCREDIBLE . Cannot wait to see it come to life!! 🤩

  12. Emily Heinz says:

    Jean is a master, whatever they touch is gold!

  13. Kala says:

    I CAN. NOT. WAIT!!!!!!!!

  14. Paulina says:

    WOW love it so much already !!!! Eek I cannot wait to see this come to life !

  15. Sam says:

    This is amazing! I love that you’re taking us along for the ENTIRE ride! It’s beautiful and I cannot wait to see it come to life!

  16. Meredith says:

    SO happy to see a non-white cabinet kitchen design. I cannot wait to see how it turns out. Also, there seems to be a glitch with the google ads panel appearing in the center of your site, over the blog post. I’m using Edge, which could be the issue, but I thought you should know!

  17. Robin says:

    So happy for you guys! This looks like it will be the kitchen of all our dreams😂 can’t wait to see it completed!

  18. Mia says:

    With all the things you have gone through I’m so happy for you guys to get your dream kitchen!!

  19. Paula meldrum says:

    Chris needs a pot filler over the stove!!!

  20. Laura says:

    Could not love it all more! Wow!

  21. Irma Michelson says:

    Jean Stoffer designed my kitchen 14 years ago and it has stood the test of time! Jean is the best! Your overhead view of your island measures 210”, but you detailed plans show 209” in case you did not catch it.

  22. Absolutely delicious. Jean Stouffer is a kitchen whisperer that I have followed for years. How exciting to collaborate with her!

  23. Maddi says:

    Wow! These drawings are so well thought-out! I can’t wait to see how it all comes together. I never would’ve thought about casual/lounge chairs in a kitchen, but I am so intrigued by the idea! Seems so cozy, the perfect place for morning coffee!

  24. Emma says:

    I noticed that on Elevation B it calls out the pantry interior color as Dorset Tan. I think this is an error as Julia said she decided on Sutton Blue for the pantry interior color.

  25. Angela says:

    Ahhhhhmazing!! Can’t wait!!

  26. This will be a functional AND beautiful space. My only tweak would be to mix the sconces at the stove. I don’t care how good your vent is, those sconces will still get a grease film on them

  27. Sandi says:

    Curious if your island will have to have a seam in the countertop? Do the slabs come that big? Very excited to follow along, your kitchen is truly a dream!

    • Julia says:

      There would for sure be a seam! We’re currently playing with the idea of having mixed countertops in the island, so we’ll let you know where that conversation goes. Haha

      • Laurielulu says:


      • Julie says:

        This will be the kitchen of dreams! I have a mixed countertop that is incredibly useful. I have butcher block with granite. I have my garbage cans underneath the butcherblock and it is super convenient for discarding trimmed off vegie pieces, meat pieces, as I am doing all of my cutting there. I also make all of our bread, so my slicing is done there and I just scrape the crumbs right into the garbage.

      • Joanne Holt says:

        This seems like a great idea. I wondered about the practicality of using marble where kids will be living their messy lives, likely damaging it from stains, glue etc. I know they have a play room but this seems like the gathering spot. Beautiful! design! It’s going to be gorgeous.

      • Kel says:

        Mixed would be so awesome to see! We have Maple butcher block and black granite seamed together and we LOVE the look!

  28. Janice kirwan says:

    I’ve been waiting for this! It’s the 1st thing I check on IG. This is moving quickly. My next home, I’ve wanted Jean Stoffer to design my kitchen. And to see you 2 work together is a dream!

  29. Chera-Lee says:

    I am so excited to see two of my very favorite designers pairing up for this dreamy kitchen!! I cannot wait to see how it all comes together. I can see it in my head, but know it’ll be even more beautiful. And not only beautiful, it is sure to be super functional for your family! That’s what I love about Jean Stoffer – she doesn’t just design for aesthetics, she makes it functional too. So important, especially with how often and to what capacity Chris uses this space! So happy for you all. Hoping and praying the situation with the movers is resolved soon too, and you get all your stuff back safe and sound.

  30. Julie M. says:

    Beautiful! Inspiring! So good. 😊

  31. Debbie V. says:

    I love absolutely everything! Especially the mix of countertops! It looks perfect. I assume your counters will be taller than standard height. How exciting for you and your family. A bright spot in this nightmare you’ve been going through…

  32. Eileen says:

    I love it!!! My Aunt put two dishwashers in here kitchen. She put third one in the laundry room in the basement for storage items. Meaning dishware that comes out for parties only. She pack them up after they dry in dishwasher. Make it easy after a party. Overall. I can’t wait to see the finish kitchen. : )

  33. Sharon says:

    So excited for you guys. This is going to be a gorgeous kitchen! It’s good to be detailed and know what’s going in each drawer and cupboard.

  34. Elaine says:

    Beautiful! I think the different finishes are stunning and key in a kitchen this large. I think the layers of color and texture will give the space more dimension and make the space feel like it grew over time. I can’t wait to see this design with your amazing styling!

  35. Megan says:

    Wow wow wow!! This is going to be amazing. Can’t wait to watch it come together.

    • Lysette says:

      This kitchen is going to be a dream! I cannot wait to see it all come together! Love following along- Jean is so talented and you have the best eye!

  36. Kim says:

    This is going to be one big beautiful kitchen!

  37. Donna says:

    Curious which 60” range you decided on- just went through the laborious process of having to replace an existing 60” in a new home & decided to borrow your two 30” idea since all the 60” are on a covid backup till 2022!!

  38. Erika says:

    So excited for you guys!!!!!! And how amazing to be able to walk through the design with the experts, instead of figuring out yourself through the crazy moving time and every other decision you have to make 😍😍😍 it will be so perfect!

  39. Dawn says:

    This kitchen is going to be a dream!

  40. Jenice says:

    How amazing! And I thought my 10×6 Island was big! We also have Cabinetry on the Barstool side, and we love it! We also have a beverage center, and let me tell you, it’s the hit of the neighborhood, LOL! (All the little friends come over every day asking if they can have a soda, haha) I love having it to host girls night too, everybody can pick their own soda, add all their syrups, it’s fantastic!

  41. Briana says:

    Thank you for sharing!! It’s looking amazing already! Can’t wait to see more!!

    You are going to LOVE having a small sitting area in your kitchen! We have one and it has turned into the best spot in the house – we both love to cozy up and have a drink while the other is cooking!

  42. Stephanie says:

    This is going to be such an amazing kitchen 😃 the details are 🤯 and the colours 🥰
    Can’t wait for the process
    So excited for you guys

  43. Kristen says:

    A mood board is nice and all but give me a floor plan and elevations any day! Thank you so much for sharing the details. I’m so excited to follow along with your kitchen remodel!

  44. Daisy says:

    this is going to be amazing!!! also, a special cabinet for root vegetables is so smart!

  45. Jamie says:

    Kitchen dreams! I can’t wait to see the finished product! Thanks for sharing!

  46. Cathy Schubert says:

    This looks great! Will the consultation remain via zoom or will the team venture to Raleigh at some point to help with install?

  47. Hannah says:

    This is absolutely stunning and I can’t wait to see it come to life! Designing a kitchen myself for a new build and curious about your thoughts on an island sink across from stove vs. a sink in front of a window? Do you prefer a galley such as this or a u-shaped kitchen?

    • Julia says:

      Jean actually said that a galley style kitchen is one of the most functional kitchens there is! I’m happy our sink will be facing seating, too

      • Joanne Holt says:

        Agreed! I had my sink in a corner with 2 windows & the island behind me. Always felt uncomfortable not facing out since so much time is spent at the sink.

  48. Allie says:

    Ahhhh I’m so excited for the green island! This is a lovely set of finishes and so unique!

  49. Lyra says:

    We had the small seating area in our last kitchen and it became our MOST used space! For morning coffee, for evening wine, for grocery list making, a resting place while cooking….. so cozy and comfy. We so miss it. You will love it!!!

    • Carmen says:

      Omigosh I CAN’T WAIT to see the finished beverage center… I’ve been thinking for ages about how to corral all my husband’s coffee accessories into a cool beverage station. So excited to see how yours develops.

  50. Julie says:

    I’m so curious about the color palette. Sutton seems to be more cool toned but Bromley and Plymouth are warm. How do you mix cool and warm tones together?

  51. Sarah says:

    So excited to see this!!!

  52. Angela says:

    Love it! It actually reminds me of my kitchen a bit on a much bigger scale. You will enjoy. I know you have probably thought of everything but I was curious if you thought about putting the ladder rail on the open shelving cabinetry that you see when you walk in your front door. I picture that with the seating chairs as what you see from your front door. That also keeps your walkway clearance between that other cabinet and the island a little more open without a ladder there. Either way, this is fabulous and I cannot wait to see it unfold.

  53. Julie says:

    This is absolutely stunning! Thank you for sharing the progress. We are currently gutting our kitchen, and it’s so helpful to see beautiful plans for inspiration!

  54. Janie says:

    Love the island color. Can’t wait to see it come to life!

  55. Mandy says:

    I am so so so excited to see this all come together, what a DREAM kitchen!

  56. Lauren says:

    Interested in the clearance between the island and the ladder bottom when installed, seems like it might be tight in comparison. Great work team!

  57. Eileen says:

    Your gonna love that sitting area at the front! I’ve done this and used it constantly. Make the chairs comfy, Paris club chair like. Beautiful plan gang! Look forward to it unfolding.

    • Norah says:

      Agree! Our favorite beach rental has a (pink!) sofa in the kitchen and it’s the most used and loved seating. I dream of a house big enough for a kitchen sofa. But my small European row house doesn’t accommodate one

  58. Jessica G says:

    Thank you for sharing! I looooove all the cabinet colors. The mix is going to be so lovely and cozy. I am curious about a pot filler. I don’t see one in the plans. Did you eliminate for design or function reasons? I would love to hear your thoughts as we’re starting to plan our own kitchen renovation. :)

    • Julia says:

      That was something we actually added in recently (although not pictured here!). We love a pot filler!

      • Meredith says:

        I always wonder about pot fillers vs pot emptying. It’s nice and convenient to be able to fill the pot at the range .. but… Pots need to be emptied! I don’t know if I necessarily see the advantage because at some point you are carrying a heavy pot of hot water to the sink to drain pasta or potatoes or something.

      • Julia says:

        We use it for way more than filling a pot (vases too!). But Chris uses one all the time. Filling a pot takes a lot longer than emptying a pot and sometimes the pot doesn’t even get emptied of the water. He also likes the convenience of being able to salt/season while the water is filling. He even adds more water while he is cooking often! It’s not a necessity, but a nice to have!

  59. I am BEYOND EXCITED for this kitchen! I just over the weekend drew out my own kitchen design and we have very similar elements! As a kitchen designer I truly appreciate the attention to detail in this kitchen and all the beautiful moments! Cannot wait to see it come to life !

  60. Kate says:

    Totally understand if this is something you’ll prefer to keep private, but could you share with us a rough cost estimate of this type of kitchen?

  61. Laura says:

    It’s gorgeous, and I cannot wait to see it come to life! I’ve been a huge fan of yours for years, and of Jean too (she’s from my hometown!) and having you work together on a project is a dream come true. 🤩

  62. Rachel C says:

    Oh wow, I am more excited for this than I thought I’d be!! What in the world is a speed oven? (googling now). And man that hutch is going to be beautiful. I am very excited to see how this unfolds!

  63. Jamie Hahn says:

    I’m so excited for you all! It will be so fun to see it come together and see you all work in it.

  64. Colette says:

    I’m so excited for you guys but also very jealous 😅

  65. Kelly says:

    This is wonderful. As much as I love a good DIY kitchen, I learn SO MUCH from following what professional designers come up with. Someone who dedicates their life to designing kitchens – you really get a lot of insight and wisdom drawn from experience. I can’t wait to see the finished kitchen all built out!

  66. Natasha says:

    Not surprising, but it looks stunning and functional. I sure hope you have the appliances on order as I was quoted February 9, 2022, for delivery of the Cafe fridge I wanted and I hear that dishwashers are on a 4-5 month backorder. Can’t wait to see the progress!

  67. Oksana says:

    Gosh it’s like all my favorite kitchen details in one space! I suppose that’s to be expected with a CLJ x Stoffer Home collaboration! Looking forward to seeing the progress!

  68. Jo says:

    This is gonna be so so good!!! Cannot wait to see it all come together! I happen to love looking at technical drawings, so thanks for sharing! The outlets on either end of the island make me sad though! Wonder if it would be practical to tuck them away in the open shelf area? Regardless, it will be amazing!! Love it!

  69. Haley says:

    It is UNBELIEVABLE. I can’t wait to see it develop!

  70. Jessica says:

    This is incredible. They did a fantastic job and I’m so excited to see this come to life!

  71. Heather says:

    Wow, this is going to be beautiful! We are also designing a kitchen, currently (on a much smaller scale!) so I can’t wait for all of the inspiration!

  72. Tiffanie says:

    Talk about the heart of the home. This kitchen is going to be gorgeous. I’m excited for the integrated seating area and all the soft goods that will cozy up this space even more. Is that pale-slate blue (on my screen) going to be a color we see repeated throughout your home?

  73. Jessica says:

    I can’t wait to see the roll up appliance wall! The ladder, the gold railing on the shelves, gahhhhhh! It’s gonna be so beautiful, especially that pop of blue when the pantry is opened. Wondering if you’ve already chosen the lighting and counter stools??

  74. Ann says:

    Simply stunning! I am so excited to watch your progress!

  75. Donna says:

    Oh, my heart skipped a few beats when I saw the beverage station and pantry! The sconces, that library rail! The details are the reason to use a designer! I could never be so detailed myself! Ooh, Julia, this is gonna be a good one!

  76. Katy says:

    Oh….MY…..goodness!! Oh my gosh. I’m almost hyperventilating. I love pouring over drawings, I’m so glad you’re showing us. This is going to be insane. I can’t wait to see it come together. It’s going to be a while though right? Did I hear you say next year in your stories? Or is Christmas dinner still a possibility? Either way – it will be SO worth the wait. Wow, good choice going with Stoffer. There are people good at designing kitchens, like you. And then there are professionals who make AMAZING dream kitchens, like them. Good on you for realizing that and turning over the reins when you now have the budget to do so and plans to stay a good long while.

  77. Colleen says:

    I love this design so much, if I had it I’d maybe actually cook in the kitchen. ;)

  78. JL says:

    Okay, I’m seriously impressed. From the two dishwashers to the beverage station to the speed oven, the layout is smart and brimming with functionality. I love a kitchen that feels curated and more like a “living” space and I’m getting all of those vibes. I especially LOVE the mix of soapstone and marble surfaces, as well as the color palette. And I’m so excited for Chris to get that stove!

    At some point Julia, would love a post dedicated to the lighting of the kitchen; e.g. in cabinet lighting, under cabinet/task lighting, in drawer lighting, kick board lighting, etc. This is going to be so much fun to follow along! Fingers crossed you won’t have to deal with too many delays in getting all the products in.

  79. Lisa N says:

    Very exciting for you. The colors are lovely. Will you have the fridge in cabinetry? (Just saw you don’t work in the house and see it!)

    • Julia says:

      Yes! It will be paneled. Our current fridge we’re using came with the house

      • Reem says:

        Omg, you guys didn’t miss a thing. This gets me excited for our own kitchen design which has been on paper for almost a year now 😪 So many similarities to mine include the legs in the islands, and the stove alcove. Love everything!!!!

  80. Shannon says:

    Stunning!!! Can’t wait to see more. Congrats on a dream coming true!

  81. Zoe says:

    This is so exciting, I can’t wait to see how amazing it’s going to look!

  82. Jenny says:

    Wow! It looks amazing! I can’t wait to see all the finishes. What a dream kitchen!

  83. Pia says:

    So fun to see!!! I do love a good floor plan. Thanks for sharing! I think Chris will be happy working in this kitchen!
    In Sweden it would not be allowed to have a range without a sink on the same side of the kitchen. This is due to risk of spilling, for example, hot water over kids or dogs when turning around to pour water of potatoes or pasta. But then again, we do love our building rules and regulations over here. :-)

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We believe we should all love where we live.

We’re a couple of homebodies, working to uncover the home our home wants to be. And we’re so happy to have you here. 

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