Ranking all the Mrs. Meyer’s Scents

January 3, 2019

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This post is sponsored by Grove Collaborative. 

Everyone loves Mrs. Meyers–heck, I even saw it at a few Favorite Things parties over the holidays. We use the multi-surface spray daily and religiously for everything from cleaning our counters and high chair to cleaning bathrooms. And sometimes I just spray it in the air before company pops over. I works! It’s made with all the good stuff–plant derived ingredients, essential oils and none of the bad stuff–Parabens, Phthalates, glycol solvents, etc. But maybe the best and yet sometimes overwhelming, thing is ALL THE SCENTS IT COMES IN!

Right now, Grove Collaborative, our favorite site to get clean cleaning products (we’re obsessed with their wool dryer balls!), is offering all of our followers FREE Meyers hand soap, dish soap, multi-surface spray, a Grove cleaning caddy, Grove walnut scrubber sponge and a 60 day VIP trial when you sign up and spend $20 through this link here. That’s a lot of freebies and you get to choose whatever scent you want of the Mrs. Meyers. So, we took one for the team and did the nearly impossible task and ranked them.

These are the 13 scents available on–which is almost all of them. Here’s how they ranked according to us.

  1. Compassion Flower. Oh. my. gosh. This is off the charts good. Next level. It’s the perfect balance between floral and earthy–like a really good cologne, honestly. Right now they only sell it as a hand soap and its exclusive to Grove, but I’m crossing my fingers we can get a Multi-surface spray. Grove? Are you listening?
  2. Radish. I know, I know. It surprised even me. It’s just so fresh and good!
  3. Honeysuckle. This has been our go-to for awhile. It’s pretty sweet, but not overly.
  4. Basil. All of these top ones could be tied for first, to be honest. This doesn’t smell like basil you would find on your margherita pizza, but more like the basil you would find mixed with cucumbers and watermelon in a refreshing drink. It’s fresh with a hint of sweet.
  5. Lavendar. I was put in my place by this scent. I was expecting Great Grandma’s perfume and I got something sophisticated with not a hint of powder. It’s go-ood.
  6. Iowa Pine. I know this is a seasonal scent, but it deserves a permanent spot in the line-up. It’s the freshest pine scent mixed with mountain air in my book.
  7. Rosemary. This is such a light, pleasant scent it almost made the top 5. It really could be. It’s herbal, with a hint of pine and floral. It’s just so delicate.
  8. Orange Clove. It’s citrusy and spicy and this high on the list because Chris really likes it.
  9. Pumpkin. Some people think this good of a pumpkin scent (it’s so warm!) only belongs in a candle and now you’re telling me I can clean my counters with it!? Okay!
  10. Bluebell. This smell sends me back to being a child and watching my mom clean the floors with the back door open in the spring. It’s spring-y and floral but definitely a cleaning smell to me.
  11. Lemon Verbana. Speaking of cleaning smell. This is the ultimate to me. Like, it smells like a good cleaner. Which is great. But when there are cleaners that don’t smell like cleaners….like why would you?
  12. Peppermint. I just can’t think of an instance where I would want to clean with this scent. It’s not a bad scent but there are no surprises here. It’s pepperminty. Maybe if I owned a candy store, or a chocolate store! Yes! If I owned a chocolate store, this would be the scent I would use around the holidays.
  13. Geranium. Remember Great Grandma’s perfume? Yeah. Sorry. 

We did invite some family over to help us rank these so it wasn’t completely biased, but I thought it would be fun to have you vote for your favorite, too, so we could develop sort of an audience ranking with a higher number of people participating.

And since you are officially informed on all the scents you can choose from, you are ready to go claim your freebies from through this link right here. The freebies pictured above (+ the VIP trial)  are available to new customers only when you spend $20. Extra bonus: if you spend $39 or more on your first order, Grove will also gift you this ceramic stoneware tray! It’s one of their customer’s favorite items (it has over 150 reviews with 4.9 stars!) and it looks great by your sink for your new Mrs. Meyer’s products.

And if you’re already a Grove customer, like we are, you still get the free walnut scrubber sponges. Something for everyone! Off to go clean my whole house with Radish!

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What do you think?

  1. Joy Smith says:

    I don’t like the smell of lavender. Too strong. But the rose scent is perfect, and they don’t carry it. They only did it one season, so hear us out Mrs. Meyers!

  2. David Loewen says:

    Haven’t had a chance to sample the entire collection, but so far my favorite is the Orange Clove Multi-Surface Cleaner. Very homey in a good way – just makes you feel better. I know this is apples & oranges, but strangely enough the Apple Cider scent smells fairly similar to Orange Clove, only sweeter with obvious apple notes. So if you like one you might like the other. ~David in Oregon.

  3. Hailey says:

    I’m very new to Mrs. Meyers products, but have been wanting to try them for years! When I found a three pack of dish soap at Costco for $10 I swooped it up. It had the flavors Lavender, Basil, and Lemon Verbena.
    I was super excited for the Lavender because I usually love Lavender EVERYTHING! But to my surprise it was not at all what I was expecting. It’s SUPER Strong and very perfumy, Its not a bad smell, but it’s definitely not Lavender :(
    I used it to wash my dishes and felt like I could taste it in my whole house for hours!

    My sister asked if she could have one of them, I thought for sure she’d be all over the lemon verbena, because she LOVES lemon. But she wasn’t a fan at all! The only one she liked was the basil, which I was slightly sad about because I surprisingly agreed it was the best out of the three. :(
    I’d like to give Mrs. Meyers a chance, it cleaned my dishes very well (The Lavender) but now my silicone utensils smell like the dish soap, maybe I just need to use less of it, or water it down, IDK?

    I would love to try the Honeysuckle, Iowa Pine, and Orange Clove, but I’m worried they won’t smell the way I want them to and I’ll have even more cleaning product that I’m not sure I like or will use :(

    • Neil Hirte says:

      I was complaining to my wife and bet there would be a reddit or forum somewhere and you not only proved that, you absolutely nailed it I was laughing so hard cause it was exactly how I felt about the Lavender 🤢🤮

      Thanks for being awesome! Basil is also my favorite Ive tried.

  4. JC says:

    I think you have to spend $49 not $39 to get the ceramic tray. At least that’s what I saw

  5. Amanda says:

    I just recently received my first order and am obsessed with honeysuckle!

  6. Denise says:

    You didn’t rank them all, so mine is Apple Cider.

  7. Brooke says:

    I have come back to this blog almost every time I make an order on the grove. This list is extremely trustworthy considering scents are something that can’t be experienced through a computer. I trust Chris/Julia 100% when it comes to Mrs. Meyers. I went out on a limb and tried the radish scent last month and OMG. IT IS AMAZING! Thanks for being great at what you guys do!

  8. Lori McEvoy says:

    Grove has whole line of compassion flower now!

  9. JEWELZB says:

    You left off Peony. Such a wonderful but not overwhelming, floral scent. Basil & Lavender are my go- to top 2 however, Peony is GREAT for summer!

  10. CasaZ says:

    I just tried peony from Grove and it reminds me of another scent…anyone grow up in the 80s and recognize the scent? Like Gee Your Hair Smells Fantastic? It will drive me crazy until I remember it! Also loved the whole set and packaging from Grove. Happy I gave them a try.

  11. Mango Tango says:

    Something about these great smelling scents makes me want to clean more! So far I’ve tried lavender, lemon verbena and honeysuckle. Geranium, lilac and basil are on the way. Gave a gift set of products to a friend as a house warming gift.

  12. Patricia says:

    Whatever happened to Mrs. Meyer’s Clean Day hand soap. That is my favorite.

    • Special Monkey says:

      One of my favorite Meyer’s smells too! I just bought some at Food Hole. I had never tried Clean Day before. It reminds me of the White Rain shampoo smell.

  13. Syble says:

    Would love to try my friend uses it is she loves it

  14. Victoria Hay says:

    So, I just discovered Mrs. Myers, I havent even tried any products yet, just started look at thier items. What is your recommendation on products?

  15. Amy W. says:

    Parsley!! If you had done handsoaps, you would have known. It’s incredible and a crying shame it doesn’t come in more products. Rosemary is a close second. Baby Blossom is also fantastic. I was just using it for our infant, but have just switched all our laundry to it. I’m a MM fan girl, but Pumpkin is just plain awful. Like washing my hands with soup.

  16. Andrea says:

    We love the basil. Really like the orange though too it’s not a sharp tangy citrus – but a full body- yet not to thick where it makes your head full. Love it.

  17. Love the eucalyptus basil shower spray , works great and smells good

  18. ardyth says:

    What Happened to LILAC! this is MY FAVORITE.

  19. Allison says:

    I’ve wanted to try these products for a while now. I’ve seen them at cvs but they are almost always sold out of the cleaning sprays.

  20. Compassion Flower sounds lovely.

  21. Jenine Williams says:

    I love this product. It’s smells fresh and clean. It leaves no residue and the best things is no chemicals.

  22. Tina says:

    Love the lemon verdana my mother in law turned me onto it

  23. Deborah Cowles says:

    I havnt tried youre.products but i would love to.Ive read everyones comment and have seen nothing but positivity about.youre products. If you have samples.i would live to try them. Thanks Deborh.

  24. Susan Saucedo says:

    I love the Rosemary scent for my dishes, the lavender drying sheets. I also enjoy the Geranium scent buts it’s hard to find.

  25. Courtney Peeler says:

    Lavender has ALWAYS been my favorite. I get so many compliments on just the hand soap so I’d say that’s pretty solid ☺️

  26. Brittney says:

    Lemon is always clean, but they are all so good!

  27. Beth says:

    I love them all

  28. Joy says:

    You guys don’t have Apple Cider on this list.

  29. claudia says:

    I love the lavender scent

  30. Lucinda says:

    I love these products so much! They even got my teenage boys cleaning with them because they love the sell!!!!

  31. Linda says:

    I love the lavender scent it’s so refreshing to me

  32. Nancy says:

    I love Mrs. Meyer’s products. They make great gifts as well. Many flavors to choose and they makes the kitchen sparkle!

  33. Gail Ward says:

    It’s a tie between Peppermint and Iowa Pine. I have tried just about all the scents and these two are my favorites. I also like Basil, Honeysuckle, and Apple Cider.

  34. Leslie says:

    I while back before I had discovered Grove, I had bought a multipack of liquid soap in a variety of scents. The geranium ????????
    It would make any great grandma proud!! Lemon Verbena is my favorite so far, but I’m going to have to try radish!

    • Deb says:

      Love the Radish – which surprised me, but also love the Peony, Basil and Geranium…my top four. Now…if you’d make the orange without the clove, I would probably like that, too. We have the soaps in our bathrooms – and I am thrilled I can use the spray cleaners on our granite countertops, too.

      • Carol Hancock says:

        I love. The Lilac. I was given this scent because she knew how much I loved the scent

  35. Cecilia says:

    Love helping our invierment

  36. Krista says:

    I would like to find the mint Mrs. Meyers. It helps keep my asthma down. I can’t find it anywhere. Can you help me find it. I am willing to buy a case if available anywhere.


  37. Nicole says:

    Pumpkin needs to move to the bottom! We actually threw our hand soap out because we just couldn’t stand it! We’re almost through a bottle of geranium and my husband will be so “pumped” when we are…he hates it!

    • Alecia says:

      Agreed!! My boyfriend and I could only smell cat urine when we used the pumpkin scent. I don’t know how else to explain it. Needless to say, we gave away the surface cleaner and soap in pumpkin ????

  38. Nancy White says:

    Love the products. Change the scents with the seasons. Always smells so fresh.

  39. Sarah S says:

    I dont usually like floral but i love the geranium. Radish is also nice. And rhubarb.

    • Jacob L says:

      Sarah S, that is a perfect list and I’m not super floral scentric either. Any chance you live in western Washington and your free to grab a bite this week? :)

  40. Heather says:

    You have nailed this scent list! These are my favorites in order too. I am hoping for more compassion flower products too! I’m already a customer so no special for me but I love making my list each month and usually getting the free gift. Waiting for my latest order now.

  41. Liz says:

    Apple cider. That’s my favorite scent. Lol

  42. Pamela Jones says:

    I love the apple cider. Such a clean smell. Wish it was available all the time. When will it be available again? I plan on stocking up

  43. Pamela Jones says:

    I love the apple cider best.wish it was available all the time.. will know to stock up when available again

  44. Kerry Towers says:

    Love the Iowa Pine gives me such a warm outdoorsy feeling

  45. Sherry Smith says:

    I love this prep is product. I’m going to continue using, noire that I’ve had the chance to use our and i really enjoy it!

  46. Rosemary Deese says:

    I love the apple cider scent, but only got one bottle this past year. My next favorite is bluebell.

  47. Amber says:

    You’re missing my 2 faves, bu they are Spring limited edition… Peony and Mint (not Peppermint). The peony isn’t too floral, and maybe just a tad fruity. The mint isn’t too strong… more earthy. I LOVE them both. They should be Year-round!!

  48. Brittany says:

    Lavender. It’s spelled lavendEr.

  49. Yudiany says:

    The fresh clean smell in my bathroom and kitchen is fantastic!!!!

  50. Great and fun survey!!!!

  51. Carrie Schadewalt says:

    Ya’ll are missing apple cider, I would use that one all the time if I could. I stocked up back in Oct and Nov when I ordered from Grove…. then I got hooked on peppermint. But apple cider it still my #1!!!

  52. Kim Cunningham says:

    Love many of them, anxious to try rainwater

  53. Jocelyn says:

    Mum is my all time Mrs. Meyers favorite! Next in line, Iowa Pine. I’m obsessed!

  54. Penny Spearman says:

    I’m new to Grove, and just received my items. I love the new Rainwater! I’m anxious to try these you listed! Thank you!

  55. Michelle says:

    I agree with you, Jennifer. The Pumpkin Clove and Honeysuckle smell amazing. The seasonal Mint did not make the list but, is another one of my favorites.
    I chose the Honeysuckle and now I’m interested in trying the Compassion Flower.

  56. Amy Jenkins says:

    Where do I buy these?

  57. Kristen says:

    Rhubarb hands down.

  58. Jessica Rutherford says:

    This whole list is wrong. MUM is #1 and should be year-round!! ????

  59. Jennifer says:

    I had a hard choice picking between my 2 faves. I love Honeysuckle for my laundry. Then I adore the Orange Clove around Thanksgiving & Christmas time. I like the Lavendar but my husband said it smells it smells like blueberry pancakes, lol. Now I can’t get that out of my head. I hate the Pumpkin! Horrible and everyone in my house hated it. So mad I have almost new bottles of it.

    • Michelle says:

      I agree with you, Jennifer. The Pumpkin Clove and Honeysuckle smell amazing. The seasonal Mint did not make the list but, is another one of my favorites.
      I chose the Honeysuckle and now I’m interested in trying the Compassion Flower.

  60. Elizabeth Cross says:

    My vote is somewhat biased as I haven’t tried several of the listed scents but all in all Mrs Meyers’s products never disappoint

  61. Tara says:

    For the record, my favorite all time Mrs Meyers fragrance was CRANBERRY. I LOVE it.. I used to hoard it. They replaced it with peppermint (gross, just awful) so I have boycotted them ever since. The only product I buy from them is the fabric softener sheets in Lemon Verbena .

  62. Mary says:

    Rhubarb! Bring it back please. After that one it’s lemon.

  63. Amie says:

    No way how is Apple cider not on here. It is life changing good.

  64. Cathy says:

    I live this company and I’m a VIP member. Keep up the great work. Do you have anything coming out in Cherry Blossom or Rose scent?

    • Joy Smith says:

      I agree about the Rose scent. There are some very strange scents and lavender is one of them, sickening. But Rose is perfect! Mrs. Meyers what’s wrong with bringing it back? Is it hard to get the essential oil?

  65. I love all the scents and really haven’t found one to be a loser ????

  66. Heather says:

    Fun to see your thoughts on this! Not sure if I agree with this list at all, though. Geranium is actually one of my favorites! It just really depends on what your scent preferences are. I love floral scents, so peony and lilac are some of my very favorites as well. They are some of the few that are true-to-life scents. I feel like there should be different lists based on the type of product. For instance, I agree that I wouldn’t clean with the peppermint, but as a hand soap it is amazing. Also, geranium is LOVELY in the lotion. Also, many people have mentioned that the cleaning sprays are very strong. I agree on this point, and for this reason I usually buy the refill concentrate and dilute it to my preferences. In fact, if I buy a seasonal cleaner that is already in the spray bottle (not the concentrate) I dilute that as well. It tempers the smell and makes it go a lot further.

    My favorites are:
    For all around (as a cleaner scent, hand soap, dish soap, etc. I also think these are the most universally pleasing. Aren’t too floral or sweet)
    -Radish (so fresh enough to clean with, fragrant enough for a hand soap)
    -Iowa Pine (so fresh and fragrant. DOESN’T smell like PineSol!)
    -Mint (NOT peppermint. This is the spring limited edition scent)

    Just Cleaner
    -Lemon Verbena

    Hand Soaps
    -Mum (very perfumey)
    -Geranium (smells like roses)
    -Bluebell (just pretend it isn’t supposed to smell like bluebells, which don’t really smell anyways. It actually smells quite gingery which is invigorating)

    Pumpkin and apple cider are delightful candles, but it felt strange using them as a cleaning spray.

  67. Bette Waugh says:

    I actually have 3 and it would only let me choose one…I LOVE the lemon verbena, the radish and the basil!

    • Stacy Norman says:

      These are my 3 favorites! I chose radish (for everything), for lotion – basil for sure and cleaning
      -lemonn verbina!

  68. Raph says:

    Please please please spell lavender properly ????

  69. Kelly Rainey says:

    I like Peppermint because it iss not only good for focusing the mind but for opening up sinuses. It also helps ward off ants if your someone who has this problem in the spring and or summer.

  70. says:

    Love mrs Meyers cleaning formulas

  71. Sharon Terrell says:

    I like the Lavendar, but also like the Peppermint scent. Peppermnt oil has been known to ward away some insects, so I’m thinking that may help keep some buggers away from my clean home too!!

  72. Rose Crowe says:

    I love ALL Mrs. Meyers products! I especially love that they’re all natural, making them safe to use around my pets!

    Mrs. Meyers product are the ONLY cleaning products I use!!!

  73. Nicole says:

    Peony…hands down the BEST scent. Cannot wait for its return in February

  74. Kimberley says:

    Love the whole collection!

  75. Rachel says:

    Can’t wait to try your products! I’ve heard nothing but awesome comments!!

  76. bella says:

    I ordered a whole bunch of stuff through Grove after reading this post. Shipping was super quick but I am not happy with some Mrs. Meyer’s products. I used the post as my guide and got Basil handsoap (TERRIBLE scent! smells like a horrible strong perfume and I can’t get it off my hands and is giving me a headache) Radish all purpose spray (VERY strong scent. not pleasant) Lavender room spray (DOES NOT smell like lavender. Very sweet and perfumy) Lemon verbena dish soap had the best scent. Here’s my conclusion: Mrs. meyer’s scents are really off. They don’t smell like what one would expect. They are heavily perfumy and too strong. I think I shall stick with Williams-Sonoma’s soap products. Grove’s fabric softener wool balls are wonderful, though.

    • Alexandra says:

      Bella, I agree. I can only use the peppermint. The rest are far too perfume like. I use Williams-Sonoma as well.

  77. Lauren says:

    Rhubarb was the best!! Bring it back!

  78. Andrea says:

    That’s too funny! My girlfriends and I do a “my favorite things” gift exchange at Christmas and one of the items I gave them was a Mrs. Myers cleaning spray in Honeysuckle, although my favorite scent is Geranium. I’m glad I didn’t get them Geranium. ???? But I have these sprays all over the house. So fun!

    • Alice says:

      I love geranium! ????‍♀️ I guess I am the old lady, but I’d buy everything in that scentbif available. ????. I look forward to my first Grove order!

  79. Cindy Schuhmann says:

    I’d love to try these

  80. Jamie says:

    Apple Cider is my absolute favorite, peppermint is my runner up. I don’t care for the flowery scents at all. I hoard the apple cider when it comes out in the hopes that I will have enough for the year.

  81. I love their products.. I have breathing problems it’s almost impossible to use other cleaners that are harsh with chemicals and it throws me into attacks.. I seen the post one day and thought I’ll try it.. It was the best decision i made… i can clean all day without having a attack and my house smells so good of peppermint… thank you for making cleaning bearable for me again… your my company for life.

  82. Jesika Brown says:

    Hi! I just ordered my first shipment! Excited for sure but after finding this I’m almost sad I ordered the lemon verbena sent. (I’m more of a floral scent girl) I read it was refreshing on another site. I also chose the lavender bar for the master bathroom. Fingers crossed!

  83. Sarah says:

    I think the clear winner is Peony which was a limited edition scent from this summer. I bought many bottles of soap, dish soap, and spray cleaner to hoard it. I am a massive Mrs Meyers fan and I think peony is their best scent of all time.

  84. Karen says:

    Oh i love the lemon verbena! I also lije the risemary, haven’t trief the other scrnts.

  85. Jessica burris says:

    Love Mrs Meyers

  86. Betsy matthew says:

    I really want to try some of these!!!

  87. Peggy Votruba says:

    I first found out about Mrs. Meyer’s when I was in a bathroom in a store I once visited. The hand soap was devine….I’ve never smelled anything like it. It was Basil. My fav!! Then I found out about the cleaners and tried the Lemon Verbena, which I also like. I haven’t found a better Multi-Purpose cleaner anywhere!

  88. Jaime Hobbie says:

    Where’s rhubarb?! It was my favorite, and I’m sad they most likely discontinued it.

  89. Cindy Denault says:

    I wish the laundry products came in more scents. And I wish they came in ALL the laundry products. The scent I like doesn’t come in the washer sprinkles AND dryer sheets.

  90. Sonja Hunt says:

    I was surprised by radish… my go to are honesuckle and lemon verbana. The sponge will be nice to try as well.

  91. Beth L. Clark says:

    I love all the products I have used so far. & I have not tried all the different scents yet but it is an excellent cleaner.

  92. Bonny says:

    Lavender and Basil are my tops! The lavender surprised me as well. The most heavenly product of lavender is the scent booster. For linens? Cha-Ching!

  93. Karen says:

    Peony!!! I am obsessed. I buy all the bottles whenever they have it.

  94. Sarah says:

    Peony!!! I am obsessed. I buy all the bottles whenever they have it.

  95. Stephanie says:

    I just ordered lemon dish soap and radish hand soap. Haven’t received yet, but since I love my basil scent cleaner I am sure I’ll love the other products!

  96. Bryn says:

    Come on, people! Rhubarb!! So summery and lovely for kitchen hand washing!

  97. Judi says:

    Basil is so clean and refreshing! I love it!

  98. JG says:

    The scent name is literally spelled on the bottle.

  99. Lynn Trombly says:

    My absolute favorite is Iowa Pine. I need to stock up now before it goes away for the season!

  100. Lynn nelson says:

    Lemon verbena is such a clean fragrance and I love this product.

  101. Anna Herb says:

    I love this brand. Now having a baby I love to use it because it is not harsh and smells good.

  102. Amy says:

    I happen to LOVE geranium! It’s soft and floral – like roses to me. I like it as a bathroom hand soap only, can’t imagine using the all-purpose spray with this scent. My MIL loved the geranium so much she started buying it too!

  103. Kim says:

    I love this produce because I feel comfortable with my kids being able to use it.

  104. Angie says:

    My favorite was apple cider which wasn’t on the list but should have been, its scent is amazing.

  105. Wendy says:

    My favorite is the Rosemary scent! I just ordered a few more bottles of it as I love it!

  106. Jeanette Stout says:

    How do you get the free sponges. When I click the link it only takes me to my cart. :(

  107. KD says:

    I just bought and tried the radish and basil handsoap. I was VERY skeptical about the radish scent, but I LOVE the smell of it. I honestly can’t stand the scent of the basil hand soap though. Hope one of my kids like it, and I can stick it in their bathroom. That’s the only downside of trying new scents, now I’m stuck with 12 ounces of soap I don’t like.

  108. Suzanne says:

    I wanted to get excited about Lemon Verbena but it is a tad too much like citronella to me. Love basil!

  109. G says:

    Basil wins hands down! It’s the only scent that doesn’t smell like old lady perfume lol

  110. Karen F says:

    I always stock up on the Iowa Pine spray at Christmastime – I love it so much! I normally use Lemon Verbena the rest of the year, but I may have to try Peony and Bluebell per all the comments here! I had an Apple Cider hand soap in the fall (not MM) and I loved it, but my husband hated it :(

  111. Vivian Tabachik says:

    I always loved these products. It makes everthing smell so clean and fresh.

  112. April says:

    Basil is def my favorite but Parsley comes in at a close second. They are both light and non-offensive scents. I also like that they aren’t so overwhelming or stong that you get tired of them quickly. I tried Apple once and it smelled great, just like a crisp apple, but halfway through the bottle I was tired of smelling like apples every time I washed my hands, ya know? I love that you did this, now I have a few other scents I want to try out.

  113. Donna Jean says:

    Apple cider, orange clove, and apple are my favorites. I have a grove membership and ordered the apple cider and orange clove en masse so it’ll hopefully last me until they come back in season again! The apple (not apple cider) is only available in hand soap but has such a great crisp fresh scent to it.

  114. Renee says:

    I can see from the comments that I’m on the opposite team. I tried Mrs. Meyers a couple of years ago and I really wanted to like it, but I hated the fragrance. I think one I got was the Peony. It was more like PeeYou. I think I also got a lemon hand soap….again…..yucky. I was so disappointed because I really wanted to like it. :-(

    The next time I’m in Target I’ll look for the Compassion flower and see if I like it.

  115. Brittany says:

    PEONY for sure, it really is the best! Seasonal in the Springtime I think.

  116. Hannah B says:

    I have several favorite and there are some I haven’t tried. The ones I tried and like are Lavender, Geranium, Iowa Pine, Orange Clove, Honeysuckle, Radish, and Lemon Verbena. Peppermint is fair. Basil just smells plain and sweet to me as well as Bluebell. I don’t like Rosemary. Haven’t tried the fall scents like Pumpkin or the Compassion Flower. Heard a lot about the Pumpkin and Mum, though…

  117. Britt says:

    Hands down apple cider….. And so difficult to find but oh my!!!!

  118. Kaori says:

    Peppermint and Apple Cider! I think they’re both seasonal though – I found Peppermint at Fred Meyer last winter and got Apple Cider at Target! Green Apple is good too :)

    • Codie says:

      I agree! I stock up on peppermint and apple cider when they are available. Use them throughout the year. My husband likes basil…it’s okay but the small is a little strong (to me).

  119. TJ says:

    Okay, I’m going to be one of those people compelled to chime in with their favorite / disbelief at how low their favorite is in the voting! :) I have tried a bunch of these and BLUEBELL is my absolute favorite. It might be so low because it’s hard to find in store anywhere, I have to order off of Grove or Amazon. Many of the others are too strong for me. Bluebell has a lighter, more kitchen-y scent to it – which I like – I love using the dish liquid.

  120. Rebecca Maier says:

    My all time favorite is not listed: Peony it’s THE best Mrs. Meyer’s scent

  121. Julie S says:

    So I totally cracked up when you announced you would be ranking them because scent is so subjective!!!!! It’s just funny to imagine “THE” ranking :) I say this as a newb to Mrs. Myers (literally just bought their products last time I needed hand and dish soaps though I did sniff everything on the Target shelf) but an old hand at the world of perfume and essential oils, and someone very sensitive to scents. I got Rosemary dish soap which when I got it home out of the over perfumed soaps aisle smelled like the forest floor in autumn – vaguely rotting in a strangely pleasant way – and the Radish hand soap which smells like hot black pepper to me and clings to my hands WAY too long… I had to retire it and figure out other ways to dilute and use it up. The smells are interesting enough that I’ll go back to the brand again, but do wish they were half as strong!

  122. Hallie says:

    Peony!! I order a huge box full the hand soap and spray every spring!

  123. Erica says:

    Parsley is another great scent but it’s only for hand soap much to my chagrin. Also love apple cider and lilac!

  124. Lindsey Crawford-Reese says:

    I’ve used Mrs. Meyer’s Baby Blossom Sent for YEARS! It’s THE BEST sent in my opinion. They used to have it in all there products but now it’s only in the detergent. I got it to wash my delicates in instead of dreft now I do all of our laundry in it. If you have any influence PLEASE tell them to make a room spray and hand soap!!!

  125. Jen A says:

    Love this, and LOVE me some Mrs. Meyer’s…so much so that I have a mini-store in my pantry to shop from bc I worry they’ll discontinue a favorite (happened with Radish a few years back)! I use Radish or Mint (so good!) for dish soap and Rhubarb and Parsley are my hand soap faves…if you haven’t tried Parsley you should, reminds me of Radish!!!

  126. Meme222 says:

    Totally agree ~~ PEONY!!!

  127. Ashley says:

    My fave is Lilac! Sadly, it’s only available around Mother’s Day, so i stock up. During the year, I love the honeysuckle!

  128. Samantha says:

    Forgot the Apple Cider one!! Not to worry though, it smells like urine! Haha! ????

  129. Michelle says:

    The best one is not even on your list, PEONY!!! The washer crystals are amazing!!

  130. Sarah says:

    I’m obsessed with the orange clove one. Radish is my other favorite for soap and lemon for cleaning!

    I weirdly love how everyone likes/hates different scents. Ha!

  131. Melissa says:

    Such a fun post, but does anyone else think the pumpkin spice smells like curry powder?? My sister pointed it out and I couldn’t use it from then on! Are we crazy? However, we’ve been using peppermint all season and love it!

  132. Elizabeth says:

    Wait, what is a favorite things party???

    • Julia says:

      It’s so fun! Everyone brings their favorite thing (usually 2 or 3) and then shares about it with the group, you draw a name right there and those people get to go home with your favorite thing and you get 2 or 3 new things to try from other people. I love learning about new things that people swear by.

  133. Just ordered! I can’t wait for the goodies to come. I’m moving to a new house (my first!) soon and there isn’t a good store nearby by for these types of items, so Grove might just be the service I need.

  134. Sydney says:

    I’m pretty obsessed with the apple cider scent also! I’m surprised this didn’t make the cut!

  135. Megan says:

    The seasonal mum scent is my favorite!

    • Kari says:

      I’m not a huge watermelon smell fan, but I LOVE their watermelon foaming soap. I wish it’d come as a ‘regular’ hand soap. Season, I absolutely love mum!

    • Alix says:

      It is the BEST one!!!! The last two falls we’ve filled up a shopping cart with it to get through the rest of the year without it! This pretty much clinches it that I will never be a Grove customer if they don’t have mum!

    • Meg says:

      Mine too!!!!!

  136. Heather says:

    They need to bring back Rhubarb. I miss it. It smelled like a garden.

  137. kiki says:

    Yes to Radish! I have been converting friends and family for years to Radish in the hopes that one day Mrs. Meyer’s will offer it in a hand soap refill!

  138. Stephanie F says:

    My favorite is a scent I was also surprised by and it only comes in soap right now, but it’s RHUBARB! Try used to have a rhubarb surface-cleaner and I keep hoping they’ll bring it back!!

  139. Megan says:

    I totally stocked up on Iowa Pine. My kids will walk into the house and yell- Mom is cleaning- it smells like Iowa Pine. Even better bonus- My husband actively cleans because he likes the smell. If only the toilet cleaner came in Iowa Pine- Mrs. Meyers’ are you listening? :)

  140. Natalie says:

    I am definitely going to edit my grove order now to add in some of your top 5. I have to say though- I respectfully disagree on the pumpkin! It smells….. off to me. Just not a fan at all. I am a huge Iowa Pine fan as well though!

  141. Myra says:

    I have just been introduced to Mrs. Myes productso and Grove. Gave dome cleaners out for Christmas but have not used it yet myself but sure planning on it.

  142. Hannah says:

    Peony is my favorite!!

  143. Molly S says:

    Everyone raves about the lemon scent- so I ordered a bunch of their lemon stuff because I LOOOVE lemon scented things. Cue my utter surprise that I absolutely cannot STAND it. I don’t know what’s wrong with me! We have the JR Watkins lemon hand soap and it’s divine- that’s what I want my lemon cleaner to smell like! Instead I have to use the Mrs. Meyers stuff VERY sparingly because I just can’t get into their lemon scent. It’s overpowering and not at all citrus-y refreshing to me.

  144. Carrissa says:

    Yay! Just got mine. Thank you! :)

  145. Molly says:

    Love this! I have to admit though that sometimes whether or not I like the scent varies by product, and I can’t figure out why! I first tried Basil with their fabric softener, and LOVED it! So i tried ordering the Basil scented candle, and I can’t stand it. It smelled so off that I ran around checking my kitchen for a gas leak, and my husband asked if I had just sprayed for ants.

    I’ll have to try some of the new scents from the list though, a lot of them I haven’t tried!

  146. Alyssa says:

    I bought peppermint and pine before Christmas and I LOVE them (pine first, peppermint second). My husband can’t stand the peppermint – it smells just like a candy cane with a subtle pine undertone – just like Christmas ought to smell in my mind, but it’s clearly a divisive choice.

    I also enjoy basil year round and now can’t wait to try radish. Glad you ranked them!

  147. Rachel says:

    In the summer grove offered a watermelon scent hand soap and I stocked up. My all time favorite scent is apple cider and I buy enough of it in the fall to use almost year round. Those are my 2 favorite Mrs. Meyers scents ????

  148. Katie says:

    Perfect, I’ve always wanted to try Mrs Meyer’s! Sadly, Grove seems to be out of compassion flower so I’ll have to try it another time, but I can’t wait to try radish, basil, and honeysuckle. Thanks for the recommendation and deal!

  149. Haley says:

    I must be a grandma because I love the geranium… hahaha. To be fair, I love it in the candle scent geranium, but not in the cleaning products. I’m always surprised by which ones I like…. Like that radish scent sounds weird, but it’s so good!

  150. Anna says:

    Have you tried the Lilac one? I believe it was a limited edition, but oh man, I think that one’s my favorite so far!

  151. Lisa says:

    I LOVE the peppermint! To me it is so fresh and clean. And bonus- it contains real peppermint oil which is a spider deterrent! Win win!

  152. Meredith says:

    ha love this post! Very helpful, will definitely try some I wouldn’t have thought to try at all :)

  153. Bridey Church says:

    Missing from this is the seasonal Apple Cider. My teenage son ask for the hand soap all year long. It’s soooo good!!

  154. Kari says:

    You don’t have mum scent on here. It’s my favorite, but was a limited edition. I would buy it forever if they made it regularly. So good.

  155. Beth Ann says:

    I know you preface your post by saying “almost all of them” but the best one is missing – Peony! It is a seasonal scent that comes out late spring/summer.

    Also, fun fact, Mrs. Meyer is a real person, a grandmother living a modest life in a small town in Iowa. You can read more about her on the Mrs. Meyer’s website –

  156. Hannah says:

    Oh no! You’re missing Apple Cider which is the actual best (seasonal) scent! I’ll give Honeysuckle the nod but only under protest ;)

  157. I really need to try Grove! I use Meyer products but tend to buy them from Target.

  158. Sandra says:

    Lilac is forever my favourite even though it is seasonal I stock up!

  159. thelady says:

    Ok I am going to try Radish!! OMG I accidentally bought Peppermint at Christmas and it was so disgusting and terrible that I went back to Target that day and returned it! And the scents are so high quality that it lingered–I opened the windows!! LOL

  160. Toni says:

    My very favorite is the MINT! I ordered it last Spring from Grove.. I can’t believe it’s not a “full time” scent. It seems to be seasonal only at this time.. I sure hope it makes a comeback so I can stock up! :)

  161. Debbie says:

    I just wanted to clarify something. You mentioned that Mrs. Meyers uses essential oils, and while that may or may not be the case for some of the products, the scents are not natural. They are synthetic fragrances. I don’t understand it. Method does the same thing. Great ingredients otherwise, but then use toxic synthetic fragrances. As the mother to a chemically sensitive child, I wanted everyone to be aware that Mrs. Meyers is not a totally clean product.

    • Molly says:

      That surprised me too. When I first started using them I felt so relieved to know I was using something natural that I liked (I’d had a bad experience of cleaning a bathtub that I’d sprayed with scrubbing bubbles and feeling like I just couldn’t breathe after) – but I checked one of those apps that rates how safe things are to use and found that most of their products still show as at least mildly unclean because of the scents

    • Ashley says:

      It makes me so sad that they use artificial fragrance, its the reason we stopped using their products (OMG, I loved the radish scent so much).

    • Michelle says:

      Yes, This exactly. There are no regulations in this market so any company can call their product ‘clean’ but companies like Mrs Meyers who use mostly clean ingredients but then dump in artificial fragrance aren’t doing anyone favors. Fragrance is incredible toxic. Understand how to read labels on your cleaning products or using an app, or better yet make your own, if you value clean products.

    • Ashley says:

      I came here to say the same thing! We used to use the lavender counter spray religiously until I realized it kept making me cough/choke every time I sprayed it. I looked it up on the Think Dirty app and found it rated as a 5, with most of the scents going up to 8 out of 10 for toxicity! ???? Again, due to fragrance. I was so disappointed. I can’t speak for every Method product, but their lavender counter spray is actually only rated as a 2, so that’s what I switched to.
      I didn’t want to be a lone negative Nancy, so I’m glad there are others who care about this!

    • Becca says:

      Exactly! I want to like these but it is another form of green washing to say these are clean natural products when they are in fact still toxic.

  162. B Lord says:

    My real favorite is lilac. So good!

  163. susan says:

    What are you calling the multi-purpose spray? When I search for that I get lots of other things but nothing that says specifically multi-purpose spray.

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