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May 11, 2016

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A couple weeks ago, the Ainsley sectional from Interior Define was delivered, unboxed and put together in the basement family room by two men in shoe covers wearing white gloves. It felt really luxurious, but then, like nothing, compared to the way the actual sectional feels. We’ve been enjoying movie nights, letting the girls run around while we lounge and chat, working with our feet stretched out. We never want to get off this thing. It’s good. It’s so very good.

I talked about the decision process in this post, but now that it’s here, it’s easier to see how and why we wanted a sectional to look just like this. While Interior Define didn’t have the exact sectional we wanted listed, their site says, “All of our furniture is made-to-order, and you can customize nearly all of our pieces without significantly altering the price.” So, I thought it was worth seeing if they could make their Ainsley sectional into a U-shaped one with a chaise on either side and a big, casual bench cushion in the middle (there’s nothing like sitting on a cushion crack for an entire movie, am I right?). I even gave them the exact length we were shooting for (this sucker is 149″ long!), so it would sit right in front of the built-ins. They were able to check off everything on our wish list and THEN we were able to choose what upholstery we wanted–The Pebble Weave in Dove was the winner. It’s a nice warm gray with some variance–always a plus when kids are involved!–has a lot of texture to it and feels extremely soft.


A few other details we can’t stop gawking over? The piping around every part and the perfectly dense cushions. Speaking of cushions, the back cushions aren’t attached, so they can easily be fluffed or moved if you wanted and the bottom cushions are removable but velcro’d in place so they don’t slide around–nice touch. Some of you were wondering, how’s the scale? When we were looking at all of Interior Define’s options, we specifically went with a style with a long chaise because we’re a tall family. For reference, I’m 6’0″ and here I am awkwardly sprawling out.


The good news is, my in-laws who are average to short in stature, find the couch really comfortable, too. They said they liked how they didn’t feel they were sinking in or unable to get up.

Since all of the recessed lights are on dimmers, we nixed table lamps around the couch (although there is still accent lighting in other areas of the room) and decided to opt out of end tables, too, so we could maximize the seating space. The sofa comes equipped with really wide (nearly 10 inches!) armrests which are perfect for steadying a snack, drink, or book so the extra surface space and table would provide isn’t missed.





In short, we’re thrilled with it and couldn’t recommend it enough. While we’ve only had it for about a month now, so we’ll be sure to revisit it as time passes to keep you updated on how it wears.

Our big, 149″, double chaise sectional configuration retails for about $3500–an unheard of price for something that big and custom, but Interior Define has really beautiful custom sofas beginning at just $900, including white glove delivery, a 365 day return policy, and a dedicated service concierge. Today we’re giving away $1000 to Interior Define for our readers. To enter, check out my favorite Interior Define pieces here, register your email address here and leave a comment below with which one you’d choose! Take luck!

  • Giveaway open to continental US readers only
  • $1000 credit must be used toward a chair or sofa purchase
  • Entrants must register an email address here.
  • Giveaway ends Monday, May 16 2016
  • Giveaway winner will be randomly selected from the comment section
  • Credit must be used in a single purchase. Any returns will be refunded store credit minus any applicable restocking fee.
  • Credit must be used by September 1, 2016

PS. The easy tutorial for those engineer prints here! And all the sources for this room here!



Special thanks to Interior Define for sponsoring this post and giveaway and for making one heck of a sectional.

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  1. Shauna says:

    May I ask how your Interior Define sofa is holding up? I’m considering purchasing, but the reviews about saggy material on the cushions is making me have second thoughts. I know they sponsored your review and it was only a couple of weeks after receiving it, but how is it now after a few years?

  2. Lisa says:

    Hi there! Was just doing some sofa research and came across your blog post. Really curious to hear – how has it held up over the years?

  3. Joanna Simmons says:

    How is the sofa holding up after a few years?

  4. Lauri says:

    I love the pendants in these photos. Can you share the source?

  5. Courtney says:

    How long is each chaise on both sides of the sofa? What did you have to customize it to? Thanks!

    I’ve read reviews that say the cushions don’t flip which makes them look wrinkly. Has this been an issue for you?

    • Julia says:

      We’re super happy with the sofa. All the dimensions are on their site and you can even request the Chris Loves Julia configuration and they’ll do it for you easy!

  6. Min says:

    Did you have to call and request the bench middle seat and extra long chaise? I’m not seeing those options on the website. thanks!

  7. Jennifer says:

    My fave would be identical to yoUr sofa abov!!

  8. Jonathan says:

    Just moved into a new place and all my old furniture now seems tiny. Been looking at the Ainsley couch ( for a while, and now, having seen how good it looks in your place, am ready to get one myself! Thanks for the review.

  9. Abigail says:

    My husband and I have been eyeing this one for years: We’ve finally moved into a space large enough for it :)

  10. Carrie says:

    Ainsley and Jasper have me wide eyed!

  11. Nancy says:

    I’m looking seriously at Interior Define and most especially the Dove Pebble Weave fabric. How are you liking your sofa after a year? Is the fabric holding up?

  12. Stephanie says:

    How is the dog hair clean up with the pebble weave fabric? I am considering an interior define sectional and have a chocolate lab and white cat so color may not be the solution as much as fabric texture… Any advice?

  13. C says:

    How is your sectional holding up? I’m considering purchasing through them. Appreciate your honesty.

  14. MERRY says:

    Julia, would you mind giving an update on how the sectional is holding up? Are the seat cushions just as pleasant as they first were? The back cushions-are they still “plump-able”? Does the overhang of the seat cushions ever bother you-like you want to go over and pull them back, but obviously you can’t? Last inquiry-how has the fabric held up to dog, snacks, bodies, etc? Thank you so much for your input–I so want to pull the trigger and order our sectional but in a house that has 2 huge sofa-loving dogs and a few(ahem!)cats, I’m scared to plop down the money and have everything go south!

  15. Jordan says:

    Did you choose the 73″ or 83″ chaise lounges in your sectional?

  16. Kristin says:

    Love the Ainsley! Where is your wood ottoman from?

  17. Camille says:

    We’re sold on the Ainsley for our downstairs living space, too! Thanks for the recommendation!

  18. Meghan says:

    I love the Henry Sofa!

  19. Erin says:

    I, too, love the Ainsley sectional. We are looking for something similar for our basement space. Something we can all sit on as a family of 5. Something sleeping bags can be spread out on when there is a sleepover. Something able to hold up tot the kids. The only difficult decision to be made is color.

  20. Jessica A. says:

    I love the Henry sectional and Ainsley! But whatever couch you have in your basement would be PERFECT for our upstairs loft/playroom!!! Swoon.

  21. Patty Widlowski says:

    Shelter Slipcover Chair

  22. Julia says:


  23. Tanya S says:

    Anything in a deep color to go with my drab basement! Thanks!

  24. Maris says:

    Shelter Slipcovered ? Love it

  25. Tam says:

    The Caitlyn is dreamy!!

  26. Maris says:

    Shelter Slipcovered ?

  27. Sloane Simon says:

    Love the Russell! Would work so well in our big living room space!

  28. Austin says:

    Oh hi, Owens Sofa or Ainsley couch with chaise.

  29. Crystal says:

    Love the Ainsley sofa!

  30. Karla Maynor says:

    I like the gray

  31. Shereen says:

    I could sure use a sectional like this in our fixer upper 70’s home!!

  32. Katy Wilson says:

    Oh gosh am I too late to enter??? ???

  33. Elise says:

    “Lucy by the Everygirl” in Cinder is looking awfully dreamy.

  34. Melissa says:

    Too many great options to pick! Your insta post caught my eye though so Ainsley is my #1 draft pick!
    …now to dream about what color…. ?

  35. Cassidy O. says:

    I am obsessed with the Asher couch! I love the ash and coal color. Would love the chance to win this for my little family.

  36. Jessica W says:

    So hard to choose, each piece of furniture is amazing! The Owen’s Sofa would be perfect for my house

  37. Sarah says:

    Would love this for my little place!

  38. Mackenzie M says:

    I am loving the Lucy and the Ainsley couches! We seriously need a good new couch that doesn’t have baby and toddler stains all over it ha!

  39. Jamey says:

    Your basement is looking incredible. I love the Caitlin By The Every Girl!

  40. Mary Beth says:

    I love the Sloan sectional-

  41. Erica says:

    The Henry!

  42. Jessica says:

    Lucy in Oxford blue!

  43. Lacey says:

    Hands down, the Ainsley sectional. So classy and timeless!

  44. Teri says:

    The Henry: please, and thank you. Thanks for the giveaway! ( entered this on the wrong post, just FYI, and had to wait until today for your link to work!)

  45. Jenna Landry says:

    Uh, these are fantastic!

    I would go for the

    In blue, what a dream!

  46. Natasha S says:

    Would chose The Caitlin by The Everygirl

  47. Elisabeth says:

    I love yours. Love how the arms of the chaise sections go the full length of the chaise. Perfection!

  48. Mary Marshall says:

    I’d get the Caitlin chair for our new living room (We just bought our first house!!!) where I would surely spend countless hours reading (more like Pinterest-ing) and dreaming up house plans! —> I literally gasped when I saw this on the site!

  49. Sheri morrison says:

    Seriously I would take any of them, but since I have a big family I want the exact one you chose?

  50. Michelle L. says:

    This is amazing! I love this one! It would go so well in my master bedroom (which needs a little work, we just bought our first house!)! ? Thank you!

  51. Alexandra says:

    Would definitely choose the Ainsley–I love the classic, yet modern shape!

  52. Alexa says:

    I love the Caitlin Chair, I can see myself nestled into it and reading a book already!

  53. Kim says:

    I love how this room turned out! Would also love to add this sectional to my living room!

  54. Teran says:

    These are all so beautiful! I love how customizable they are at such a great price point!

  55. Becca O says:

    Oh my I’m smitten for the Sloan!!

  56. Jessica Cranney says:

    I actually really like the Ainsley. I also love the one in dark rich colors but…small children.

  57. Gina Henley says:

    Definitely the Ainsley sectional. I love how deep it is. It would be perfect for our family room.

  58. Becca & Blair says:

    Ainsley Corner in Dove or Stone. My home town is definetly lacking in the furniture department and something this beautiful and functional would be amazing for my little family! Love it.

  59. Jessica day says:

    Oh my gosh. I would die to have ANY & or all of it!! ;)

    But I’m thinking i definitely NEED this! ????

  60. Robin says:

    The Ainsley. All the way. It would be perfect in my home!!

  61. Amber says:

    Caitlin by the every girl. Love it in Lagoon. The dark grey with brass legs. Swoon!

  62. Emily says:

    I have long been in love with deep blue velvet couches and the Caitlin sofa is just a perfect example. It’s beautiful!

  63. Sara says:

    The Caitlin by the Everygirl is beautiful!

  64. Christy Olsen Field says:

    I want the Ainsley too! We are looking for a new house and I can’t wait to upgrade our couch.

  65. Amber says:

    LOL – how did *you* even choose? They’re all so gorgeous. Today I want the Asher sofa… Tomorrow? It could totally change. Le sigh. So beautiful.

  66. Amy Martinez says:

    I would love the Asher because we have a big family but small living room! Enough seats for all the kids!

  67. Amanda Swain says:

    Absolutely the Ainsley in EVERGREEN! So funky & rad, we’d love the fun addition!

  68. Susan Malatesta says:

    Oops, I didn’t know you had to respond on the blog, I accidentally responded on the Instagram post. I love the Walters in Dove or coal. We have been searching for a sectional for our awkward family room. We found a place similar to Interior Define here in Orange County, CA but the Walters is exactly what we are looking for. I totally trust Chris and Julia’s recommendations! Just ordered our mattress based on their reviews and suggestions!

  69. Megan says:

    My favorite is the Walters– everything looks incredibly comfy.

  70. Terryn Stagge says:

    Dreaming of the Ainsley sectional!

  71. Abby says:

    I would love the Ainsley!!

  72. lindsay dawson says:

    What a great giveaway!!! We are getting ready to welcome our 2nd baby boy and this would be great.

  73. Christina says:

    Caitlin by the Everygirl would look amazing in my master bedroom!

  74. Ashley says:

    The Ainsley is life changing!

  75. Anna says:

    I love the Ainsley and the Asher!

  76. lindsay says:

    I could just picture the caitlin in my home

  77. Julia Mehrmann says:

    Ohh I would definitely go for the Gray sofa in Quartz velvet! So luxe but perfect for lounging!!

  78. Chrissy says:

    I LOVE the Caitlin by the Everygirl. Would look great in our living room!

  79. Kenady Ghent says:

    I love the Owens and Ainsley!! My husband and I are newlyweds, and it would be so awesome to win and put the money toward our first nice couch!

    We love this one-

  80. Christy Jerz says:

    I heart Caitlin all the way! Thank you!

  81. Caroline Paranhos says:

    LOVE the Ainsley so much!! We are recently married and have been upgrading our house. SO MUCH TO DO!!!
    By the way, thank you so much for posting about the CO detectors. We looked at all our detectors at our home and found out that none were for CO! We ran to the store to buy some right away! Thank you for sharing and I am glad your family is safe!

    Lots of love,


  82. Sarah says:

    I’d love to have the Kelley Sleeper! It would replace our futon from college ?

  83. Betsy Conklin says:

    This is what my dreams are made of…

  84. Trisha Hebron says:

    Thank you for this contest! Wishing and hoping! :)

  85. Caitlin says:

    I personally love the Sloan in Cerulean Blue. They are all so dreamy

  86. Julie says:

    I literally have the Sloan sofa stored in my Interior Define shopping cart! My husband and I are doing some last minute home purchasing before our first baby arrives in October. This giveaway could be a huge weight lifted! :)

  87. Jen says:

    We have been stalking these couches since your first post. We would pick the Ainsley sectional as well, but in a darker gray. Glad you guys are okay, CD is a scary experience.

  88. Jennifer Kinnemeyer says:

    Please pick me!! We are in desperate need of a new sectional for our family of 5. I love this couch!

  89. Shannon says:

    I’m drooling over the Caitlin. All that velvety goodness!

  90. Emily Olson says:

    Dreaming of that Ainsley sectional! We have been looking for so long as we have a long narrow living room space with built-ins at one end that definitely requires a sectional but at a very specific size. But, like your post mentioned, a sectional that size comes at a steep price. The option to semi-customize would be perfect! Thanks for sharing about Interior Define; have gotten so many great ideas from your blog!

  91. Katie Sheehan says:

    Love so many! This would be great in my space Love their fabric selections.

  92. Beth Edfeldt says:

    I love this one but how would one actually decide??! They are all so beautiful!

  93. Alia Truex says:

    Love the owen & caitlin lines!

  94. Katy says:

    Entered! I’m in love with the Caitlin Chair in Sapphire Velvet!

    Also…unsure if you’re reading these (because a million entries) but there is some sort of ad on your site that is making the page unusable in mobile iOS. It (even if you kill scripts on the page) takes you to a page to “win an iphone” and it will not let you navigate back. I reloaded the page multiple times and finally had to give up and find a computer ;)

  95. Natalie R says:

    This one! And we are in such desperate need!

  96. Natalie Eisenberg says:

    Ainsley all day long! She’s just gorgeous.

  97. Jenny D says:

    We bought our current sectional used on Craigslist 9 years ago and sure could use an upgrade! I love the Ainsley because that size would go perfect in our living area. I really think your choice is perfection and would love the exact one in my home! Thank you for introducing me to interior define.

  98. Karen Bramhall says:

    The Rose in Everygirl is just perfect!

  99. Katie says:

    I would like 2 of these chairs for my living room!

  100. Maggie says:

    Love the Ainsley!

  101. Megan says:

    I would get the Ainsley as well. I’ve been loving following you for the past couple of years – I’m a fellow tall girl and comfortable furniture is so important!

  102. Jane kostelyk says:

    I NEED the Owens sofa!!!

  103. Cali says:

    My boyfriend and i just purchased our first home in new orleans and have completely gutted it. We are currently mid re-build (HVAC & plumbing what up!). I have been DREAMING of a sectional for our new living room, but alas have to spend all my money on workers, nails, sheet rock, etc…. you know the deal!!

    One day we will hopefully have a home half as cool as yours! But until then I will just be over here broke obsessing over faucets…. (I mean really, HOW do you choose?)

    I love yours, but I also really am digging the Caitlin by Everygirl. I think I would go with Ash or the Tin and then pillows galore

  104. Amy Lambeth says:

    I really like the Owens sofa!

  105. Katy Brownlee says:

    I’ve been eyeing the Rose sofa for a while, but now you’ve got me more interested in those shelter chairs for my family room!

  106. Jennifer says:

    Oh that Ainsley looks fabulous!

  107. Sarah B says:

    Sloan and Caitlin can move into my house any day!

  108. I have been obsessing over buying a sectional for 4 years-now that my kids are a little older, it’s time to get rid of the $300 pleather sofa/loveseat set from Craigslist. I saw your post about Interior Define and all of the reviews I’ve read are great. If I won, I would have this sectional custom made for our family room.

  109. Trey Thompson says:

    I love all of your stuff!!! This chair would be perfect in the boring, empty corner of my living room! Need!!!

  110. Bianca Copcutt says:

    Really loving the Caitlin by The Everygirl!!

  111. Kirsten says:

    I love the Sloan couch! So sleek and comfy looking!

  112. Nicole says:

    I love the Henry Sectional

  113. Megan says:

    I would choose the Ainsley with the right chaise. It would be perfect in my living room that I am working on. The lagoon color is perfect! This would be an amazing help!

  114. Kirsten says:

    I love the Sloan couch! So sleek and comfy looking.

  115. Chelsea says:

    Be still my Ainsley heart. That would be our winner. We just closed on our new house on Thursday, what a wonderful day dream to think about in such an unfriendly unpacking state. (:

  116. CTS says:

    So hard to choose! But I think I would have to go with the Caitlin!!

  117. Kathryn says:

    I love the rose by the every girl chair!!!

  118. Brooke says:

    Obsessed with the Sloan! Pick me, pick me!?

  119. Jill F says:

    I love the Gray! Would look great in our home.

  120. Carissa says: LOVE THEM ALL! But, “Caitlyn by the Every Girl” in Narwhal ??

  121. Lindsay Chunn says:

    I love the Ainsley as well!

  122. Olivia May says:

    I really like the walter! ? Would love this quality brand and service! How fun!

  123. Megan CC says:

    I like the Caitlyn by the every girl in cinder (I think that was the name?)

  124. Ashley Chapman says:

    That chair would look amazing in my bedroom and be the perfect fill for all the negative space we have!!!! Love, love, love it!!!

  125. Shannon M says:

    I’d get the Ainsley sofa too, it’s lovely. I can’t decide which color I’d get though!

  126. I love how simple it is and it has a chase!!

  127. Christina D says:

    They are all gorgeous! I was immediately drawn to the Henry though!

  128. Abby says:

    Caitlin by the every girl in sapphire velvet!

  129. Abby says:

    Caitlin by the every girl in sapphire valvet!

  130. I would choose the Henry or the Ainsley! They are all AMAZING THOUGH! Fingers crossed!!! This would be a dream come true!!

  131. Becca C. says:

    It would definitely have to be the Caitlin for sure!


    I would LOVE an Asher!! We have a used couch we got for $73 and I’m over it! It would be the best graduation present for me and so fun to have for our growing family! :)

  133. Tara Figi says:

    I’m digging the Sloan corner sectional in the linen pebble weave fabric and the oiled walnut legs. I’m already visualizing it taking the place of my mother in law’s hand me down couch from the early 1970’s that is an eye sore in our basement TV/video game/playroom. Love everything you guys have done in your basement. Also love your kitchen and was bummed our dated orange oak kitchen wasn’t the winner of your transformation makeover contest. Sad face. Oh well! Thanks for all the inspiration you give!

  134. Brittany says:


  135. I really can’t get enough of the CAITLIN BY THE EVERYGIRL! ?

  136. Katie says:

    Rose by Te Everygirl has my name written all over her. Maybe over two of her actually…

  137. Cynthia Walker-Kennedy says:

    I would choose the Russell for my Teens Playriom/Man Cave in Graphite and the Ainsely for our living room in Sky fabric. Both of these rooms need new couches desperately so either would be perfect!!

  138. Nicole says:

    The Lucy!!! ???

  139. Ashley says:

    I’d totally choose the Caitlin by the every girl. So cute!

  140. Jamie Ng Rose says:

    It would have to be Caitlyn by The Everygirl! (P.S. Love me these two Chicago companies!!) Thanks for this awesome giveaway!

  141. Jennifer Walters says:

    I want the Chris loves Julia sofa! The Ainsley ? Is gorgeous.

  142. Gessica says:

    We just bought our first house and our lovely new dog just ate our couch! We just love this couch and it would fit perfectly with what I’m picturing!!!

    Love your house, it’s def my go to for inspiration!

  143. Megan Rogers says: This one just looks so cozy to me!

  144. Sarah says:

    Really love the Sloan but the Ainsley is so beautiful too…

  145. Ashley says:

    I would love the Caitlyn chair!!

  146. Kristin says:

    There are so many great options! I like the Kelley sofa.

  147. Kristin says:

    Ainsley! ?

  148. Ashley says:

    I loveeee the everygirl line specifically the Caitlin. Thanks for introducing me to this great brand!!

  149. Julie says:
    Love it!!
    Our family room has my great grandmothers sofa…free, nice, but hideous. My daughter, that leaves for college in two years has always begged for a sectional. Winning would make BOTH our days!!

  150. Megan says:

    I’m in desperate need of a need and comfy couch (preferably a sectional). I would LOVE to have the Ainsley!

  151. Keri says:

    I’m digging Rose but with really like the sectional you chose and I’m thinking it would be a nice piece for our new basement addition!

  152. Natalee G says:

    The Sloan is sheer perfection!!!

  153. Carli says:

    Such an awesome giveaway! Love, love, love the Lucy by the Everygirl.

  154. Audra says:

    Thank you so much for bringing interior define into my life. Would love this sofa for our empty living room!!

  155. I need the Walters sectional in my life. Swoon ???

  156. Nicole says:

    Love them all but the beautiful Miss Sloan is really speaking to me ?

  157. Andrea F says:

    We are in desperate need of a new couch and the Ainsley is perfect!

  158. Julia says:

    I’m feeling nostalgic! This Rose by The Everygirl chair is the Citrine Mod Velvet reminds me of something my mother used to have when we were growing up!

  159. Nicole W says:

    I love your style and I think I would go with this one too

  160. Erin says:

    CAITLIN BY THE EVERYGIRL Chair is a dream! Those brass legs have me ?

  161. Jennie says:

    Sloan right sectional in storm pebble weave with tapered round walnut legs – been eyeing this sofa for a while as I daydream about the living room in our new house. Closing in 2 weeks!

  162. Kelly says:

    I REALLY love the Ainsley but this one is so modern that it catches my eye
    I have a hard time making decisions on couches, that’s why mine is a hand me down from my In-laws ?

  163. Jodie Hansen says:

    That Asher sofa in Heather grey is dreamy!!

  164. Jessica says:

    The Caitlin sofa is exactly what I’ve been looking for!

  165. Amy alday says:

    Oh, so hard to choose! We are needing a good chair and the Caitlin would be perfect!

  166. Andrea Partekel says:

    I love love the Ainsley. We are in desperate need of a new couch and this would fit perfect in our smaller living room! Love the way you have it set up– dreamy!

  167. Nicole McNicol says:

    Caitlin by thr every girl chair for sure! ?

  168. Becky says:

    I think I’d go for a pair of Ainsley accent chairs for our living room/library. They look nice, but also comfy for curling up with a book:)

  169. Amanda says:

    I love the Ainsley and the Caitlin!!

  170. Elizabeth says:

    Walters sectional chaise sofa?

  171. Amy TE says:

    I love the Caitlin chair. It would look perfect in the living room of the house we just bought!

  172. Aubrey says:

    Loving the shelter sleeper. As someone who has an itty bitty house and overnight guests at least once a month extra space is always welcome.
    But I’m eyeing that Caitlyn too!

  173. Clare says:

    I’m a first year teacher on the search for the perfect budget-friendly couch for my new apartment and the Rose by The Everygirl is singing to me :) Now if only I had that gorgeous brick wall in the picture to go with it!

  174. I think this is the first giveaway I have ever entered because we need a new sofa that bad! Love the simplicity of the GRAY sofa.

  175. Emiky says:

    Looks so cozy and I can just picture my little family all cuddled up watching tv ?

  176. Emily Bowman says:

    I would love a beautiful sleeper! We lost our guest bedroom to make our second child’s room, so it would be great to have a place for guests to sleep!

    Thanks for the giveaway!

  177. Alison says:

    The Caitlin is a dream! Love the interior define business model, and that it’s based in Chicago– the city that has my heart

  178. Katie Gold says:

    I adore the Caitlin chair. It’s the reading chair of my dreams!

  179. Kelly says:
    I think the Sloan is my favorite… But love so many that it is hard to decide. And technically any of these is better than none… Which is what we have!

  180. Merrilie says:

    The Henry because it’s gorgeous and because it’s the name of my oldest twin son :)

  181. Sarah says:

    I want the Owens chair! Two of them actually. Love!

  182. heather j says:

    The Rose has been on my wishlist for literally years! One day it’ll be mine, hopefully sooner than later! :)

  183. Laurel Libby says:

    Ooo, the Caitlin chair!!! That would look great in my living room!

  184. Jennifer says:

    I love the Henry sofa! It would be perfect in my living room!

  185. Victoria says:

    I’m obsessed with the Sloan sectional in grey. Love it

  186. madison Rademacher says:

    The Crawford corner sectional looks so cozy and great for lounging with friends! Really like the Mod Velvet in oxford Blue color.

  187. Melissa Miller says:

    I would love to get my hands on this bad boy:

    I love the look of the Owens in granite.

  188. Tiffany says:

    Absolutely love Lucy by the every girl!

  189. Alysce says:

    Great article, Julia! I have had my eyes on the Sloan in Graphite for months now! It’s the perfect shape and size for our living area in the farmhouse we just rebuilt?

  190. Kendra Nielson says:

    Ooh so amazing! I would love the Shelter Sleeper! We have such limited space, it would be so perfect! Guests would get to sleep on a comfy sleeper sofa instead of a air mattress. I’m all swoon eyes over your beautiful playroom!

  191. Trish Edwards says:

    I really love the Ainsley or the Walter! Love how yours looks!

  192. Anima says:

    I have eyed interior define sofas since I saw them sometime back on every girl. We are moving to a new home next month and this one , SLOAN makes most sense for our small living room.

  193. Sara says:

    Two of these babies:
    In ‘Oxford blue’ for our “stupid room” that id love to turn into a quiet reading room

  194. Danielle K says: this is the one! haha Fingers Crossed, eyes crossed and legs crossed. Lets see how I get stuff done.

  195. Johnna Anderson says:

    Love Lucy by the Everygirl! What a beautiful piece of furniture!

  196. Christina Marie Interiors says:

    Love the Caitlin by the Everygirl!

  197. Jenna says:


  198. Anjeliki says:

    Desperately need a new couch. We’re currently entertaining on a third-hand college apartment couch, which is trashed and embarrassing.

  199. REBECCA CLARKE says:

    I’m thinking of a switch up in our house. Making the dining room into the tv room and living room into the dining room. The sloan corner sectional would fit perfectly in the corner. I can imagine many comfy evenings watching our favorites tv shows. Thanks for the give away!

  200. Jen Aldridge says:

    Loving the Asher, would love to be able to add a chaise to one side as well. Modern and sleek, yet inviting and comfortable. Would be perfect in our living room.

  201. James Bambrick says:

    After moving this past weekend, I am eying several Interior Define pieces. However, if I had to pick one for my new place today, I would probably go with the Asher (in Heather or Lagoon), with a right facing chaise lounge: So many good choices, but I think that one fits best in my apartment and my budget.

  202. Katie says:

    The Walters would look great in my living room!

  203. Tiffany says:

    I love a comfortable but sleek leather chair! So Owens is for me.

  204. Nicole Parks says:

    How perfect, we are also working on new furniture and reno of our basement family room, and the couch has caused a divide. It’s so hard to find clean lines combined with comfort. I love the SLOAN (in Dove Pebble Weave) with Matte Black Square legs! I would probably get the chairs or a loveseat to match also :)

  205. Tavia Doyle says:

    The Henry would be perfect for our space- although the Ainsley makes a case for itself!

  206. abby says:

    ohh! living room or basement? ainsley is great! and the shelter sleeper sofa is perfect for extra guests!

  207. Dandy says:

    love the look of the Ainsley sectional

  208. Jen Ricks says:

    Wow! What a great giveaway! I’m really loving the Shelter Sleeper Sofa in Harbor, it’s clean lines are lovely, and it would also be a great solution to our lack of guest room in our new house! I’ve also heard nothing but good things about Interior Define’s quality, I’d love to put it to the test!

  209. Allison K says:

    The Owens in Coal Basketweave has been on my list for quite some time!

  210. Sarah says:

    I love them all! If I win, I will pick the Sloan.

  211. Victoria says:

    If I won, I would get the Caitlin!

  212. Natalie says:

    I like the Sloan!

  213. Tori says:

    I love Rose by the everygirl!

  214. Philip says:

    I also like the Ainsley.

  215. Bridget says:

    Love the Caitlin! It would be great for our new basement :) So many fabric choices!

  216. Lisa says:

    I have been dreaming about the Russell for a few years now but your post makes the Ainsley look pretty ideal!

  217. Heidi says:


  218. Amy C says:

    I’d love the Ainsley for our tv room!

  219. Lindsey says:

    Simply beautiful!

    I’m crushing on the Sloan. Love those lines!

  220. aubree bruhnding says:


  221. Paul Bruhnding says:


  222. Haley says:

    The CAITLIN BY THE EVERYGIRL is lovely, but so is the Rose.

  223. Lauren says:

    I love the Caitlin chair and at least a few of their sofas. Thanks for the giveaway!

  224. Ana souza says:

    I love SLOAN! So pretty!!

  225. Elizabeth Edam says:

    I have been dreaming about the Ainsley sectional for my loft.

  226. Esther says:

    I would love the Sloan corner sectional in Sapphire blue with walnut legs for the new house we’re moving into next month! *DREAM* I think I’ll check out Interior Define anyway, even if I don’t win. I swear I’m not just saying that! :D It sounds like such a good company!

  227. Amanda says:

    The Gray sofa looks so comfortable….and so much better than my trusty old Ikea couch!

  228. Shantel says:

    I love the Ainsley!! It would be perfect to replace our old hand me down couches.

  229. Katelyn says:

    I love the Owen sectional in dove grey with the black matte bar legs! It’s definitely what my living room has been missing! Thanks for the opportunity Julia and Chris!

  230. Karyssa says:

    The Owens Sofa is gorgeous! My husband and I are in the market for a new sofa for our own DIY home renovation – thanks for sharing!

  231. Christine says:

    The Russell… …looks like it might be perfect in our basement.

  232. Danielle says:

    I love both the Sloane and the Caitlin by the Everygirl styles.

  233. Heidi Hartman says:

    Loving the Sloan chair * 2 in the fog contrast stitch with oiled walnut legs!

  234. LisaMarie says:

    I love the Ainsley as well! We are moving in a month and we are in search of a great looking but comfortable couch for our new family room. We want it to look super nice but provide the comfort to sit as a family of 5 and watch a movie. Thank you for leading the way for me.

  235. Deanna says:

    I just found your site and love your ideas! You have led me to so many resources that I never knew existed and absolutely love….I’ve entered into a whole new world!!!!

    I really like the Caitlin chair…in oatmeal with the matte black sloan legs.

  236. Edith says:

    The Ainsely right facing chaise in Linen ooooh la la!

  237. Britni says:

    I need the Caitlin chair AND the Ainsley sofa :)

    p.s. I have dreams of renovating my kitchen to look just like yours!

  238. Edie M says:

    The Ainsley sofa would fit perfect into the new apartment I just moved into!

  239. Brit says:

    This one in the same fabric you chose! The gray dove color is perfect!

  240. Steve G says:

    The Ainsley sofa (can’t decide between 3 different swatches) would be perfect for our living room!

  241. Amanda says:

    Love the Ainsley in Cinder Textured Linen! :)

  242. Michelle says:

    I would like the Ainsley for our family room!

  243. Amy says:

    I like the Owens sofa and chair!

  244. Meredtih says:

    Henry for sure!

  245. Oh, so many beautiful options, but I really dig the bench fusion on the Caitlyn sofa!!!

  246. Carrie says:

    Love the Sloan in Dove Gray!

  247. Michelle says:

    I love the Ainsley. This would be perfect for my very first home!

  248. Miquel says:

    We are finishing our basement, too. I heart the Ainsley!

  249. Heather B. says:

    I like the Kelley sleeper. We need a new sleeper!

  250. Ted Su says:

    I like the Ainsley as well.

  251. Margo B says:

    They are all great looking, but this is my pick A statement in my living room, which I know I can’t splurge on right now. Your room makeover looks amazing

  252. Staci says:

    I would definitely get the Owens! It looks so heavenly.

  253. Rachel M says:

    The Ainsley looks like a great option for my family room. Thanks for hosting a great giveaway!

  254. Bernice Villanueva says:

    In love with Ainsley!

  255. Ryan Malone says:

    I think I’d go with the Sloan L sectional in leather. Thanks for sponsoring the giveaway!

  256. Jessica says:

    We have been in the market for a new couch for a while now. Really like the Sloan in Graphite with walnut legs.

  257. Lydia says:

    Love what you have done with the room! It’s very close to what I want to do for our bonus room.
    I think I would go for the Henry sectional.

  258. Angie says:

    Caitlin for sure.

  259. Lara says:

    Dreaming of thr Sloan for our new first house! That graphite color! Beautiful

  260. America Ririe says:
    I absolutely love your sectional, but I couldn’t stop drooling over this sofa… The color, the texture, it’s exquisite !!

  261. allison says:

    I think that shelter chair/ line is beautiful! I actually don’t need another sofa around here right now, but could really use a chair for our bedroom!

  262. EmH says:

    I’d get the Ainsley as well, but in a traditional sectional corner sofa. We’re in the market, and I love the lines!

  263. Briawna says:

    Um hi, I love this giveaway! Thank you so much you kind soul for sharing this beauty of a company with us all. I cant stop thinking about this couch it’s in my dreams and has been ever since our old (new) couch doesnt go so well with our new house and space. SMH so this is awesome and I just have all my fingers and toes crossed right now


    I have been looking for the perfect side chair to match the awesome leather sofa I recently purchased. I am huge fan of your site and love the new sectional! You always pair the perfect mix of modern and classic! I can only hope to incorporate some of these pieces into my home! Crossing my fingers for this one!! :)

  265. Sharon says:

    I would choose the Rose by The Everygirl in Flint. Beautiful design!

  266. Kristi Harman says:

    Your room looks fantastic!! I love the Ainsley sofa!

  267. Judy says:

    Walters in lodge leather

  268. Christine says:

    I LOVE the Ainsley sofa! It looks so comfortable!

  269. James says:

    I’m really digging the Russle model.

  270. Caeli says:

    The Caitlin by THE EVERYGIRL chair is just wonderful. That’s what I would pick…

  271. Lynda says:

    A sapphire velvet Caitlin sofa would be divine!

  272. Tina says:

    I would go with the Kelly or Ainsley! Love everything!!!

  273. Ashley Reichard says:

    I love the Harper! The shape and details are amazing:)

  274. Fernanda says:

    I love the LUCY BY THE EVERYGIRL in the Dove Pebble Weave fabric!

  275. Laura says:

    The Caitlin sofa is calling my name!

  276. Kristin says:

    Love love the Ainsley! Can’t beat a huge cozy couch the whole family can snuggle on together!

  277. Julia W. says:

    My goodness, the Owens sofa in Stone would just be delightful in our family room! Great giveaway and your basement looks so warm and cozy!

  278. Christina says:

    The Rose by the Everygirl! I’m in the market for a roll arm sofa.

  279. Sarah D says:

    Ainsley fabric sofa for sure!

  280. Lauren Miller says:

    AINSLEY all the way!

  281. Maria B says:

    Looks amazing!! Thanks for sharing :) I’m loving the Caitlyn By The Everygirl in Harbor ! It’s got a great shape

  282. Aneta says:

    After doing some fun on-line window shopping my personal favorite is the Owens. It would be perfect for our small space and I can imagine sitting on it with my three little ones, covered in blankets and reading books. (To be fair, most of our “reading” time is spent listening to the 3-year-old recite the book from memory because the baby is chewing on it and we can’t actually turn the page. Meanwhile, the 6-year-old just sits next to us holding her own book, periodically looking over with her eyebrows raised.) I can also see sitting on it in the evening with my husband and watching the sunset.

    As I write this it feels like it could be a sort of memory couch. Where down the road the kids say “Remember when we used to sit on that ___ couch and pinch each other while Mom read stories?” Or my husband “Remember when we used to sit on that ___ couch thinking that the baby stage would never end?” So even though my natural inclination is to go neutral so that I can use pillows for accent colors, I feel like the couch itself needs to be memorable. Maybe cerulean blue?

    Anyway, the basement transformation was fun to watch and your couch looks great! Thank you for the giveaway!

  283. Amanda S. says:

    Too many choices but I am leaning towards Lucy. So beautiful!

  284. Love the way your basement is coming out!! We are in desperate need of a sectional! We’ve had the same couches for 10 yrs!! I love the Sloan with a right arm in ash with natural wood legs.

  285. Devon says:

    I love this one:

    Thank you for the giveaway!

  286. Lauren Miranda says:

    Definitely the Ainsley sectional in the Graphite Basketweave fabric!

  287. Meagan D. says:

    I love the Owens sofa, it would be perfect in our office/future nursery!

  288. Heather says:

    We are in dire need of a new sectional that can fit our fam of 6! Love the shape and fabric of yours!

  289. Giordi Y. says:

    Caitlin chair. For sure.

  290. Marissa says:

    I would love this exact sofa! Can’t help it- I’m a copy cat and a sucker for a good nap couch!

  291. Tanya Thomas says:

    Love this cute little club chair! Caitlin by Everygirl!

  292. Deandra says:

    I really like the Owens sofa. Your finished space looks so fun!

  293. Brianne says:

    I would choose
    LUCY BY THE EVERYGIRL or else the Owens chair. Too many good options!! Thanks for this giveaway!


  294. L Wheeler says:

    I am loving the leather Crawford in lodge!

  295. Jon says:

    Awesome setup! That Ainsley custom piece looks super comfy. I’d have to go with the Ainsley accent chair!

  296. Sara Hicks says:

    It’s time to replace our 20 year old sectional that has survived my kids messy teenage years but has developed a hole in the springs. Somehow it seems I always end up sitting in that spot when watching movies as a family! It may go with my son to his first apartment if I can talk my husband into buying a new one. I’m torn between the Asher and the Ainsley. I like the mod look of the Asher but the Ainsley would probably be my first pick. Love that the clean lines of all of Interior Define’s furniture!

  297. Blanca says:

    I’d love a new couch for our living room. The one we currently have is getting a bit small for the family. I’d definitely customize this one with a lighter leather and some oiled walnut legs. Also your playroom is absolutely beautiful. Trying to convince the hubby we NEED that dog painting ?

  298. MARTHA ROARK says:

    This is the sofa I would pick:

    Really love ready your blog. I am embarrassed to say that I subscribed to you on Instagram so I can read your posts every day!

  299. Eileen says:

    Love the Ainsley you have and especially your configuration, but would probably pick the Caitlin for the taller arm rests.

  300. Ashley Herendeen says:

    Caitlin by the Everyday Girl! I love the feet on that chair!!

  301. Bernice says:

    I love all the sectionals, but my favorite is probably the Sloan!

  302. lydia says:

    without a doubt, it would Caitlin by The Everygirl in garnet velvet with brass legs. LOVE

  303. I LOVE the Henry in Granite! I live in a loft and this piece would be perfect to add a dramatic focal point to the room. All though I love how crisp and clean the Dove color looks in these photos. We’ve been talking about getting a new comfortable couch and this is the one, picking a color is the hardest part!

  304. Lyndsey says:

    I like the Caitlin by The Everygirl in Sapphire.

  305. Brittany says:

    I’d choose the Caitlyn by the Everygirl in Oxford Blue…looks so cozy!

  306. Annette says:

    This mid century look is so classy! Like Sinatra not Brady bunch! This website is added my list!

  307. I am crushing on the Caitlin by The Everygirl in Cinder! Our den remodel is underway and after the hardwoods and molding, this baby would be the center of attention as she should be!!!

  308. Lena says:

    Oh wow…Caitlyn by The Everygirl Sofa in Narwhal Mod Velvet! SO dreamy and beautiful!

  309. Nirvana hellofs says:

    I would choose the HENRY corner sectional in ASH color! Be perfect for my guest bedroom transformation to a family room inspired by all things chrislovesjulia! The most perfect blog ever?

  310. Yumi says:

    I’d love an Asher sofa in graphite for my living room!

  311. Jamie says:

    Ah I LOVE LOVE LOVE that sofa! I’m all about everything gray – that fabric is so lovely! I love this one in that same Dove pebble weave. It’s the perfect color! Great giveaway guys! :)

  312. Sherry says:

    I like the Ainsley with the double chaise, but for our basement I think I’d like flint.

  313. Robin says:

    I would pick the Ainsley!!

  314. Jennifer says:

    I love the “CAITLIN BY THE EVERYGIRL”accent chair! We just bought our first house, and our new master bedroom is begging for a cozy lounge chair! It would be perfect!

  315. Liz says:

    I have loved the Rose sofa ever since it came out! I’d get it in the Narwhal mod velvet with matte black legs. I’d also take a page from your book and customize the sofa to be longer.

  316. Sarah says:

    I really like everything they do, but the Caitlin is SO PRETTY!

  317. Chelsea Jo Calo says:

    I’d choose the Ainsley sectional as well. I love it’s comfy inviting look with still a touch of sophistication. Plus, it’s big enough to hold all of my babies– and that’s the real win here.

  318. Nicole says:

    I want a sectional just like yours!

  319. Lisa Leyboldt says:

    I would pick the Ainsley fabric corner sectional with left arm! In Dove as well.

  320. Erin says: Ainsley in whatever color and fabric is the most kid proof!

  321. Sarah says:

    Love the Caitlyn.

  322. Anna says:

    I love your new family room – it came together beautifully! You always have such great taste.

    I also love the sofa, and would LOVE the Sloan for my mother who desperately needs a new sectional, this giveaway would be wonderful to put towards it!

  323. Jennie says:

    Love the Russell!!

  324. Jordan says:

    What a brilliant concept, finally a cozy AND attractive sectional! Thanks for sharing! Loving the Sloan sectional with natural oak legs

  325. Brenda says:

    I have been looking for a new sofa for the past month. Love the Ainsley!

  326. Jennifer says:

    Love the Caitlyn!

  327. LD Birks says:

    Thanks for making readers aware of this furniture website. Your sofa looks nice and comfortable which is a must.

    We loved the look of the Henry Corner sectional.

  328. Angelie Elliott says:

    Lucy by the “everygirl”, but could be talked into sloan.

  329. Tess says:

    I’m thinking something similar to what you picked for our new family room addition.

  330. Luna Nemeth says:

    First of all, to only pick one is torture.m, but I think I would have to for with the Walters with the right chaise. I really like the sapphire fabric or some sort of tan.

  331. Juli says:

    I am loving the relaxed look of the Harper!

  332. Nans says:

    It would have to be 2 of the Caitlyn Everygirl chairs to go with my new sofa.

  333. Lauren B says:

    The Caitlin Chair. My parents have a really high quality reading chair they bought when I was just an infant- and it’s still going strong decades later. I’d love an amazing reading chair.

  334. Jess says:

    Just bought my husbands childhood home and starting a reno!!! A new comfy sectional would be the BEST.

  335. Crystal says:

    I would choose the Henry corner sectional in graphite so pretty

  336. Nico says:

    I like that Caitlin by Everygirl you recommended. Sweet feet!

  337. Annie Weiss says:

    I love both the Rose and the Caitlin by the everygirl. If I won, I’d choose the Caitlin because it comes in a sectional.

  338. Aysha Valkema says:

    Will comment for great design!

  339. Stephanie Piontkowski says:

    The Caitlin is for sure my fav. I would buy it immediately if I won the $1000!! Fingers crossed. We need a new sofa anyways! :)

  340. Aneeram says:

    I need a couple of those Owens sofas!

  341. Ashley says:

    The Walters sofa with chaise would be PERFECT in my living room. Fingers crossed. Thanks for a fabulous giveaway! (And I totally adore the guitars hung on the wall)

  342. We just moved from a starter home to a big family house last weekend and need a new bigger couch. Love the Henry best!

  343. Amanda says:

    What a great opportunity. You had me with this couch when I saw the long cushions. Because you are right-no one likes the crack! And we fight over it every time we watch a movie! Love the Ainsley and the color! Well done! Hoping to win!

  344. Maria Watson says:

    The Ainsley! Would be perfect in our family room ❤

  345. laura says:

    Loving that Shelter slipcover!

  346. Dantzelle Harper says:

    We move into our new house in 2 weeks!? I want to do pretty much everything you did for our media room and I love that you can customize your couch with interior define! Such a plus for us taller ones! :) So I would go with the Ainsley for our media room
    But I also love the Caitlyn and Lucy by the everygirl. Maybe I need all three! Media room, living room, and sitting room!

  347. Kelsey says:

    I’ve always loved the sloan… some day!

  348. Tanae says:

    I would love to have the Harper sofa in the dove color…I have an old red velvet sofa which has great lines but is needing to be replaced.

  349. Heather says:

    The Owen has my heart.

  350. Leann Norris says:

    I love Rose by The Everygirl! I’ve been drooling over roll arm sofas for years now & this one is gorgeous! Thanks for the giveaway!

  351. Yulia Medcalf says:

    Ainsley looks dreamy

  352. Stacy says:

    Honestly, I know winning is a long shot, but what a treat to daydream! I would use the Ainsley in my home because it’s perfect for snuggles with the kids watching movies. All in all, there are some really nice choices, burt the Ainsley has my heart!

  353. Kari says:

    Not to be the fun spoiler but you will probably want to make an over the arm (or back) table for your sofa. I say this as someone who now has lovely drink glass rings from condensation on mine. (I have a WE Walton sectional).

  354. Elise says:

    Your sectional is so dreamy! Love the Russell.

  355. Mary Kate says:

    The Caitlin chair, I think! After much consideration. :-)

  356. Jill says:

    I’m loving Caitlyn Everygirl sofa! Those brass legs!

  357. Julie says:

    For the great room, i have been eyeing the Gray:, and the Caitlyn By Every Girl sectional for the media room

  358. Love the Owens, although it’s so hard to choose! Great products and I’ve received great fabric swatches as well! Would love to have this for our family in our new home:

  359. Casi says:

    I would choose “Gray” in Robin’s egg. We just bought our first home and its three times the size of our current place. We are seriously lacking furniture! It’s a good thing minimalism is “in”!


  360. Emily Vetter says:

    I’m loving following the progress of the downstairs. You nailed it, as always!

    I’d choose the Caitlin chair, I’ve been looking for something that could complement our giant leather sofa without being dwarfed by it. The Caitlin in a light color would be perfect

    Fingers crossed!

  361. Megan says:

    Love the Sloan! Thanks CLJ!

  362. Tracy K says:

    UGH! So many to choose from. I need a sofa for the living room & a chair for the family room, but either way, I’m loving the Caitlin!!!

  363. Sllison says:

    I like the rose!

  364. Awesome, thank you for your detailed review! My husband and I are actually looking for a grey sectional for when we move in August. He’s very tall and loves the chaise style, and my must-have list includes big, thick arms and comfy cushions. The Russell ( might be what we’re looking for! I would get it in a darker grey because the light sofa we have now is showing a lot of wear.

  365. Jayme says:

    So many choices! Love the Sloan!

  366. Charleen says:

    I love the Ainsley as well…in midnight blue!!!!

  367. Jenna says:

    I’m crushing on the Sloan. We are mid (Ok beginning… just studs) attic master suite addition, and this would be perfect in our sitting area, which falls in the eaves…. ah, dreamy.

  368. Amanda says:

    I love this Sloan sectional!
    It would be perfect for our living room!

  369. Erin says:

    I am digging the Sloan.

  370. Izabela says:

    I am in love with Owens! For a small apartment like ours that one would be absolutely perfect!!!

  371. Liv says:

    I’d have to spend a few weeks deciding, so many great choices!!!

  372. Raechel says:

    Thanks for the giveaway! I’ve been eyeballing the Henry sectional for a while, so the 1k credit would be super helpful! ?

  373. Kim says:

    I love Kelley

  374. Lauren G says:

    Rose by Every Girl for the WIN

  375. Taryn says:

    I LOVE the Rose by Everygirl in ivory!
    Yours is beautiful as well.

  376. Megan Kidder says:

    The Sloan with joined cushions like yours!

  377. Meagan S says:

    If I won I would get this couch! And I’m about to move into my first apartment without roommates – living by myself and I need to buy my first couch! Winning this one would be amazing!

  378. Martha says:

    I’d love the Ainsley! We have a u-shaped sectional that is not great quality, and I would love to keep the configuration.

  379. Kelly says:

    I love the Ainsley and the Kelley sofas but also love how you customized it!

  380. Kat says:

    The Sloan with brass legs, my oh my!

  381. Angela Nix says:

    Love the Ainsley and would duplicate your configuration! Maybe different fabric.

  382. Heather says:

    I like the Sloan sofa.. A whole bunch!! ??

  383. Shannon mitton says:

    Caitlin by the Evergirl in a Charcol felt! Thanks for the chance!

  384. Neale says:

    Loving the Ainsley, but I’m definitely leaning toward the Walters!

  385. Caley says:

    The Caitlin!

  386. Leigh says:

    I love the Caitlin sectional! Would be perfect for my modern bungalow look!

  387. Michelia Whitaker says:

    This would make our living room look so good!

  388. Allison K. says:

    We’d probably choose the Lucy or Sloan with a slim raised leg on our hardwood floors. Our living room is pretty big so your shape is is probably spot in for what we want in our new house!
    P.S. We had a smaller sectional in our old house and found a C table was pretty handy if you need more spots for drinks and such. Check out the Siena C table in gold or the Avenue Black C table. They work out great for the person stuck in the middle who ends up holding thier drink during the whole movie!

  389. Amy says:

    You’ve sold me on the Ainsley sectional!

  390. Caitlyn says:

    The Caitlin accent chair is my favorite!

  391. Angela says:

    I love the Rose collection (especially the sofa!!):

  392. Courtney Schafer says:

    I would looove The Sloan for my new (tiny) city apartment!

  393. Kamber says:

    This is the couch I’ve been envisioning but haven’t found!! So excited! Love that you can customize so much of it without it being way out of budget!

  394. Stephanie says:

    I would totally copy you guys and go with the Ainsley! I love the straight lines and cozy vibe!

  395. Gill says:

    Thank you for introducing me to Interior Define and the Ainsley! The piping!! Can’t.stop.looking.

  396. Ro Osborn says:

    The playroom is looking really good. It’s crazy how far it has come since the trampoline. I’m really excited to see how your stairs turned out.
    My husband and I listened to the podcasts yesterday. We’re excited for more :)
    I really love the Owens and the Sloan. Hard time choosing just one!!

  397. Courtney Seo says:

    Hi Julia! Thanks for sharing such a great opportunity again! I love reading your blog. I have been religiously following you especially since we have just bought our first house! We are planning to live here for next 20+ years of our lives and so far it has been very exciting journey to renovate!

    I have definitely joined your giveaway! I had so much fun picking out my favorite from Interior Define. :)
    I picked OWENS with heather fabric and oiled walnut legs. Those are my dream!!!

    They look so warm yet so chic. :)
    Hope you are having great day! Thanks Julia!

  398. Gina says:

    Love the Ainsley!

  399. Jenny says:

    I would love the Sloan with brass legs!

  400. Kate says:

    I’ve already found four pieces that are on the MUST PURCHASE list.

  401. Michelle O says:

    Loving the Caitlin!

  402. Mel says:

    We’re in need of a smallish sleeper for our guest/office/music/everything room. The shelter sleeper would be perfect!

  403. Darlene Stevens says:

    I love the Ainsley?It looks so comfy and I love the wide arms. Can imagine how it would look in my room☺️

  404. Cory says:

    The Harper looks so big and comfy!

  405. Amanda Mclelan says:

    I’m so in love with the Ainsley. Hopefully it will fit in our new house. It is exactly what we have been looking for.

  406. Michelle White says:

    I’ve been drooling over the Caitlin from the moment I saw those brass legs!! Stunning!!

  407. Kelly spahn says:

    This one! I’ve been trying to find the perfect cozy chair and I would love this one.

  408. Anne says:

    I am digging the stems on the Owen couch.

  409. Carrie says:

    So fun! Fingers crossed. Maybe Sloan? But your is amazing…

  410. Rachael says:

    I really like Rose by The Everygirl in midnight blue.

  411. Sara says:

    The Owen would be perfect for my family room!

  412. Michelle Ha says:

    I love the Asher w/ right chaise!

  413. Angela WQ says:

    Love, love, love the legs on that Sloan. We need a big u shaped sectional just like yours. Excited by the possibilities!

  414. Danielle says:


  415. Kelli says:
    I think I’m in the minority but I like Walter.

  416. Alexandria says:

    I would definitely pick the Ainsley as well! Perfect family sectional with great kid friendly upholstery! What an awesome giveaway and gorgeous new family space you’ve created!

  417. Donelle Buratto says:

    I have been stalking the Sloan chaise for our house ever since you first posted about working with Interior Define. The Owens sofa is beautiful too. Thank you for the update!

  418. Gerrie Gilroy says:

    I would choose the Ainsley.

  419. Whitney says:

    I wanted the Rose when it came out, then the Harper, and now I am swooning overy the Caitlin.

  420. Kathryn Clark says:

    I would LOVE this for our new little home! Maybe just a tad bit smaller :)

  421. Claudia says:

    Seems like I’m late to the party. But, this one is my favorite.

  422. Amy says:

    I remember checking them out first when you mentioned you could customize for your needs! We just moved into a house where a normal anything DOES NOT fit in the front room with a door (or 2) or window or stairs (or BOTH!) on every wall. But I am really digging the alice chair, especially in the mustard to pop against our moody blue walls:

    (the instructions on interior define say you have to include a link, but I didn’t notice that up top, so i did it anyways…)

  423. Jennifer says:

    Ainsley for sure! It’s beautiful and perfect for our basement redo slated for the fall.

  424. Lydia says:

    Our family would love the GRAY! SO lovely!

  425. Tarah says:

    The playroom is looking great! I love the color of the sofa. The Caitlyn chair is beautiful and would be my pick from your favorites.

  426. Tammy Williamson says:

    Thanks for the opportunity to purchase this gorgeous piece!

  427. Jodi B says:

    Caitlin by the Everdaygirl. I love the look of the room and the engineered prints!

  428. Lisa says:

    Our newly remodeled basement could use a double chase Ainsley sectional such as yours for sure!

  429. Catherine says:

    Absolutely digging The Caitlin by the Everygirl. A perfect chair!

  430. ingrid says:

    Love all the options but particularly ADORE The Owens Sofa in Dove Pebble Weave and Brass Plated Cylindrical legs:

  431. Courtney Madden says:

    I can’t choose between the Caitlin in oxford blue and the Lucy in charcoal :D:D

  432. kerri says:

    LOVE the Owens sofa!

  433. Lynn Neidhardt says:

    And the winner is… the Ainsley sofa with chaise in Fog!! The entire selection of sofas are amazing. hanks so much for introducing us to this company. Can’t wait to share the website with friends.

  434. We’ve been looking for a sectional. This would be so great.

  435. Susan says:

    The ainsley all the way. it looks like it could actually fit our tall selves, the baby, and both dogs. whew.

  436. Beret says:

    Caitlin by the Everyday Girl is so cute!

  437. Crenghi says:

    FABRIC SOFA WITH RIGHT CHAISE I absolutely love it! !!

  438. Michelle A. says:

    Our sofa (from an unnamed Swedish flat-packing mecca) has seen better days! We would love the Ainsley soo much

  439. Ashley says:

    I love the Sloan or Henry!

  440. Kelsey G says:

    Sloan Sofa or Caitlin By The Everygirl – I want to turn my guest room into an office.

  441. Steff says:

    Whoa–I love that Caitlin chair!

  442. lindsey says:

    OBSESSED with the ainsley couch. Our current (besides being 10+ years old) has super high arms and it’s So uncomfortable!

  443. Cay Reis says:

    In the lower price range, I love the Owens and Rose chairs :)

  444. Leah says:

    Sloan! Love the modern style but still looks comfy!

  445. jennifer says:

    I would chose the ainsley as well. We also are a tall family and we would love to sink into that for some awesome movie nights. Room looks amazing by the way! Thumbs up

  446. corine says:

    “The Gray” would be perfect for our tv room. This is the best give away ever! alllll my fingers crossed! Thank you Interior Define and CLJ!!

  447. Melissa says:

    I love the idea of a the sleeper sofa, I have a small 2 bedroom house so having a pull out couch tha doesn’t look like one would be so nice when my family comes to visit.

  448. KIZZIE says:

    Too many choices to pick a fave! But my top choice would be ROSE BY THE EVERYGIRL in Sapphire.

  449. Manele says:

    I would go with the Ainsley sectional. I have the Ikea Kivik, which is similar, but I love the colors/fabrics available for the Ainsley.

  450. Lindy says:

    I really love the CAITLIN BY THE EVERYGIRL!!! I bet it would be amazing in a velvet color, it looks so comfy.

  451. Sam says:

    I love this! We’ve several steps behind in our basement renovation, but have the save issue you started with – huge space and not a huge couch. I really like the Sloan with tapered legs ( and would probably try to do the same sort of customization to get that double chaise!

  452. Honestly I would want the Ainsley and would customize it just as you have done so in your post.We have a basement as well and the glorious movie nights we could have with that piece would be amazing!

  453. Kylie says:

    We currently use an inherited decades old leather couch that is worn out and way too big for our apartment. I’d love this! We’d probably choose the gray or the Harper.

  454. Joanna V says:

    What an amazing giveaway!! I love the Ainsley corner sectional, perfect for a growing family like ours and for entertaining!

  455. Stephanie says:

    I would looove a Harper sofa! We just bought a new house and junked our old sofas…and now have nowhere to sit! This would make an amazing addition!

  456. Crista says:

    Definitely Caitlin By the Everygirl Chair, though the fabric choice would be tough. They are all fabulous!

  457. Jaclyn says:

    The Ainsley is our mutual favorite. If it was just me I’d pick the Caitlin :)

  458. Heather says:

    Love the ainsley – I think I would have to get it customized exactly how you have it. Love. Love. Love!

  459. Kristyna B. says:

    I have been lovin’ on Interior Define for awhile now and I’m dreaming about Netflix-ing on Sloan in Midnight Blue with Brass legs! ( ). Heart eyes! I’m currently enduring my boyfriend’s bachelor-pad-days couch (it’s PLEATHER! HELP!) and we are so ready for a new addition to our furniture fam. Thanks!

  460. Rebecca says:

    I would choose the Ainsley as well: except in Zinc with the pebble weave. And I love your configuration – it would be perfect for our space – though I might like the corner sectional too with a chaise added on the right side. Is that even doable? :D

    Thank you for doing a give-away. I am so excited even for the possibility of winning. Woot! ;D


  461. Christina Alexander says:

    I love the Russell!!! Perfect for my living room!

  462. Laurel says:

    I like the Lucy by The Everygirl! Super cute with clean lines!

  463. Kerri says:

    I would love a pair of Alice Chairs in Robin’s Egg!

  464. Bethany says:

    The Russell or Ainsley!

  465. Stephanie R says:

    I’d love love love a Walters in dove for our living room. Our recently expanded family of four has outgrown our love seat for cozy reading. Thanks for the chance to win!

  466. Jaimee Richards says:

    The AINSLEY in ASH!! Our current playroom/formal livingroom literally has NO furniture in it and with another little one on the way, and being so pregnant now it’s darn hard to sit on the floor for long period of time!! Could seriously use something sleek like this #familyroomswag #preggoproblems

  467. Sarah says:

    The Caitlin by The Everygirl in Ocean with brass Sloan L Legs would be so perfect in my living room!

  468. Jean Raper says:

    The Ainsley like yours!! Maybe in a darker color!!

  469. Tiffany says:

    I’d choose either the Kelley chaise sectional or the Rose by the Everygirl! Our little pup chewed up our couch the week it was delivered, only a month before our wedding :'( We flipped the cushions and covered up the ruined armrest with a throw blanket, but now that our little girl has outgrown the puppy phase, it would be amazing to get a replacement!

  470. Wendi says:

    One of my favs would be the CAITLIN BY THE EVERYGIRL chair in Ash. Also I realllly wish we had more space in our living room for a beautiful sectional like yours, I am in love!

  471. ErinY says: loooove the Caitlin by Everygirl! I would get it in turmeric with matte black legs!

  472. Maria Giron says:

    I love this sofa!! It would go beautifully in our living room!!! Love it in Oxford Blue or Sapphire!

  473. Giuliana says:

    Room looks fantastic!
    Have your Tuft & Needle bed now unto the sofa :). Dreaming of this one I’d customize it though, similar to your set up since we have the space.

    Thank you!

  474. Sarah says:

    Hard to choose, but a replica of your version of the Ainsley would probably be at the top of my list!

  475. Meaghan says:

    Love the Rose style. I’ve been eyeballing that particular style for a long time and would love the excuse to take the plunge ! Those engineered prints of Greta and Faye are so great too!

  476. elif says:

    I love this cute little sofa: in a bright fabric. Thanks!

  477. Kristi says:

    I am loving your new sectional. I love the U-shape, it looks absolutely comfortable. I’d not heard of Interior Define before but now I’m glad to see what a great product they can produce: I’m digging the Ainsley sofa and the Owens!

  478. Emma P. says:

    I would choose the Caitlyn By The Everygirl in Natural Heavy Cloth with Oiled Walnut Legs! It is a modern twist on traditional perfect for our new house :)

  479. Christine Kim says:

    Love the Ainsley! Would be wonderful to have in our new home :)

  480. Robin says:

    The Ainsley looks so comfy! If I just wanted a chair I like the Caitlin.

  481. Rupal says:

    Oh that sloan chair. So perfect for our living room. Thanks for the suggestions and the giveaway!

  482. Caraline says:

    I would love to replace the couch in our room with our baby grand and the Owen’s Sofa would be perfect in dove or ash with the matte black legs. Fingers crossed!!

  483. Megan says:

    Love the Lucky by Everygirl. Not sure how I found your blog but love your decorating taste. If seems very livable. With 3 boys and a dog , I need that!

  484. angie noteboom says:

    I’ve wanted a blue couch for years, so this one definitely caught my eye:

  485. Kerrisa Adams says:

    Rose from the everyday girl!
    It’s so elegant and would be such a nice peice in our new home!!
    Btw, you guys are really amazing at making homes so beautiful!!

  486. Erin says:

    I’m loving the Ainsley with one chaise! I really need a new sofa for our Den and this one would be just right!

  487. Lindsey says:

    Yes please! Any of them would be an upgrade to what we have now! LOVE the Ainsley!!

  488. Hailey says:

    I would pick the Owen’s sofa! In the Narwhal mod velvel fabric with brass plated legs. SO DREAMY!

  489. Nina Varni says:

    I absolutely love the Henry in Evergreen! Here it is:
    Thanks for the chance to win :)

  490. Fredi Schmutte says:

    I would likely pick the Sloan, even though it wasn’t one of Julia’s picks! We did check out the products in the Chicago showroom and they are actually even better than what you see on-line. Fabrics are terrific, rich and comfortable. Too much to pick from. We will be getting ready to order soon.

  491. Angela says:

    Caitlin by The Everygirl. I mean, those brass legs are just too good!!

  492. Collin Stamm says:

    The Rose sofa in natural would be perfect!

  493. Jana says:

    Love them all but especially the walters!

  494. Katie says:

    The Ainsley corner sectional in Dove grey! I have a smaller apartment but this would be perfect for entertaining allowing guests to spread out by still be close enough for conversation. This would work well with my Industrial Modular console from West Elm and the current décor in my living room. Myself (and my guests!) would that you!

  495. Nina M says:

    I really like the Henry. My husband is 6’4″, my 4 year old believes that laying down is the only way to couch and I just want a little spot in the corner where no one is going to kick my coffee cup out of my hand. Our current couch isn’t cutting it.

  496. Mara says:

    I NEED that Shelter slipcovers chair. Like stat!

  497. Caitlin says:

    I think I would go with Caitlin by The Everygirl with velvet fabric and oak tapered legs

  498. Jennifer G says:

    Wow you guys are amazing!! Best give away ever! Not sure if I’m suppose to choose from items on link …if so, I’d be so thrilled to order the Caitlyn by Everygirl in Saphire. If we could use gift toward anything I’d probably go with Ainsley Fabric Sofa w/ Right Chase in “Linen” Pebble Weave (tempted to add chase to left side also).
    Thank you!

  499. Robin Mauldin says:

    Hard choice,….can’t decide between the Henry and the Harper!

  500. Carly says:

    the ainsley is my favorite!

  501. Pamela Fajardo says:

    I love them all.
    But if I was to choose, I need to step out of my comfort zone- I would always look at others and how pretty they decorate with different color in furniture- and this one for me screams- choose me please. I hope I get it

  502. Monica Chicoine says:

    They are all awesome, but I really like this one

  503. Erin says:

    Crossing my fingers!
    My heart is set on Sloan

  504. Jessica Roberts says:

    I would pick the Ainsley with a left chaise!

  505. Laura says:

    Shelter Slipcover

  506. Jennifer says:

    Extra guest sleeping space is on my to do list, so the Kelley Sleeper in Ash would be my pick

  507. melanie says:

    The kelley

  508. Jamie L says:

    The Ainsley would also be my choice. Perfect for napping and lounging and a beauty to look at! Crossing my fingers!

  509. Sarah says:

    I would pick the Sloan Sectional! Great timing as we are remodeling our entire home and our current sofa is looking tired!

  510. Cara says:

    Your couch looks amazing! Actually, all of their couches look amazing.
    It’s hard to pick just one…but i will.

  511. Timsy says:

    Loving the Ainsley!! Moving into a new house and have been couch hunting… Your post couldn’t come at a better time!!

  512. Rachel says:

    Ainsley or Caitlin for sure!

  513. emmy says:

    we’re still surviving on a broken down, $150 craigslist steal, so i’d love an upgrade to a big sectional where i’m not being pushed off by two dogs and a 6’4″ boyfriend!

  514. Tracy says:

    I’d pick the Ainsley with two chaises so my hubby and I can both have the “good spot.” :P

  515. Sheree says:

    Owen’s sofa for sure!

  516. Mrs. D says:

    They’re all fabulous, but this one would fit perfect in our barren living room —

  517. Rebecca says:

    Tough decision! I *think* my fave is Harper. At least for the moment. LOL

  518. Teri says:

    So many great choices, but I still love your Ainsley. Fingers crossed since my family room is calling out for a larger sofa to accommodate the grandchildren! Thanks for the giveaway

  519. Leslie Garcia says:

    We have been looking for a new blue sofa for months and months for our little home in Nashville. This site has some wonderful pieces, but after spotting The Owens sofa in Ocean, I know this would pull our whole living room together! We have tons of plants and natural colors that will match it well.

  520. Paula Bryant says:

    I’m dreaming of the Harper!

  521. jen says:

    The Harper sofa is catching my eye–beautiful!! Your basement looks amazing…just gorgeous.

  522. Melissa Fudor says:

    You picked such a great sectional – looks super comfy! Love both you guys and the Everygirl so I’d have to choose the Rose sofa!

    Keep up the great work :)

  523. Molly Moir says:

    The Harper in Cerulean Blue ( Our couch is one of the centers of our home – our son is learning to walk, so we’re constantly leaning him up against it, the dogs love to snuggle with us on the couch, you can see the kitchen from the couch-so it is an obvious place to lounge and still be part of the heart of the home!

  524. Laura says:

    I would love the walters sofa!

  525. The Lucy! Do they do leather?

  526. Amy says:

    I love the Ainsley sectional as well! But we’d probably go with a brown tone instead of gray.

  527. Kelly S says:

    I’m in desperate need of a new living room couch. This would be perfect!

  528. Kathleen says:

    The Walters!

  529. Michelle says:

    I love the Caitlin! I’d choose her

  530. Sarah says:

    This sofa has a lot of personality. I like the Vista Blue color!

  531. April Zook says:

    I would choose the Shelter Slipcover chair…the perfect place to curl up and read a book in our bedroom!

  532. Amanda says:

    I have been looking for a sectional for our new home! They have so many great options! I think the Ainsley or Walters would work best for us!

  533. Patsy says:

    We are actually in need of a new sofa. I’ve looked at their website, they have some beautiful ones. BUT, I’d definitely choose a custom one very similar to yours. Thanks for the opportunity to make it very affordable!

  534. julie says:

    love the asher couch! perfect for our basement

  535. kelsey says:

    I would love the Caitlin by the EveryGirl for my Den, it looks so comfy.

  536. Kristina says: This is my favorite! Have you sat on it before? Looks super comfortable. We are putting together our living room in our newly built home and this would look awesome!!

  537. Sarah says:

    Help me do my homework! I listened to your podcast and immediately thought – I HATE our couches… but we can’t afford to replace them… yet. I would choose the Henley or the Kelley in Oxford Blue – perfection.

  538. Liz says:

    Oh MAN – you have no idea how much I need this right now. My husband has very few opinions about things, especially home related, but when he does he feels very very strongly. And one of those things is the sofa he will sit on. We used to have this vintage couch that I bought for $100 on craigslist. It had great lines and was an awesome yellow color, but it was not in the best shape. When we moved we sold that couch, and I tell you I have never heard the end of it. He loved that thing. No other couch will ever compare. It had really wide arms so he could set his laptop on it, it was firm so that you didn’t sink into it. In husband world it had the perfect proportions. I have been looking for a something that will fit his list of requirements for over a year and kicking myself that I didn’t just bring the vintage couch across the country. FINALLY I think I have found something that will work for him. I love that everything on here can be customized, so he can get exactly what he wants. PLEASE SAVE ME FROM THE HORRIBLE HAND ME DOWN SOFA WE ARE SITTING ON RIGHT NOW BECAUSE HE WON’T CHOOSE ANYTHING THAT ISN’T EXACTLY PERFECT!!!

    Fairly certain we would go with the Ainsley, but perhaps add legs for a little more height, and only one chaise. :-)

  539. I’d pick the Caitlin by The Everygirl accent chair, probably in a blue. That pop of color would be amazing!

  540. Britni says:

    We were just talking about adding a chair to our living room last night. The Caitlin by the Everygirl in Sailcloth would be absolutely perfect. The clean lines match the sectional we have now and I looooove the fabric!

  541. Nicola says:

    Loving that Owens sofa!

  542. Cindy says:

    So many to choose! I love them all. If I had to pick one for my current living room it would be the smaller version of the gray in a deep blue. Love your sectional. Happy movie watching.

  543. Simone says:

    Would love the Owens sofa!

  544. Lori says:

    Just got a new sofa darn it. But thought of something you might like. Try building some wood “U” shaped “sleeves” to go over your arm rests. It would make for a more sturdy place to rest a drink, snacks etc

  545. Maria says:

    Everything looks so comfy, but the Sloan pieces definitely caught my eye. Enjoy your new space!

  546. Theresa wahl says:

    I would like the Owens or Rose Accent chairs in a grey fabric – we need one in our front room for extra seating. I love how the Rose blends modern & traditional design. Thanks for the chance to win!

  547. Pamela says:

    I believe I would pick the 110″ “CAITLIN BY THE EVERYGIRL” chaise sofa in stone. With matte black legs. It’s lovely!

  548. Katherine says:

    The Ainsley just like your design would be perfect in my new home! I have never seen a sectional look so good. Love your taste Julia!

  549. Brittany W. says:

    I am crushing hard on the Rose! Especially in the Cerulean Blue canvas and the white oak legs.

  550. Augusta Talbot says:

    I love all of them! They have the perfect balance of traditional and modern and looks comfy too! I love this Caitlin chair! xx

  551. Alex says: the heather felt would look amazing in my house and we are in desperate need of a new couch around here!

  552. Amy Pitsor says:

    I LOVE the Gray!! I can’t do loose back cushions, my kids pull them off the couch multiple times a day, lol!

  553. David Song says:

    I would love to get the Sloan with right chaise in Charcoal basketweave! It would go perfectly with our other furniture, and I think it’s about time I got rid off our old leather couch that was passed on to us by my parents.

    Although the Ainsley looks really great too, and it would be good since the cats won’t go sneaking around under the couch!

  554. Thyda says:

    The Ainsley would look so good in our renovated family room. Love this site.

  555. esther stern says:

    Would so love to win a piece for our dining room!
    Love this one: with oiled walnut legs

  556. Candice says:

    Loving the Ainsley couch. It’s perfect!

  557. Lyn says:

    I think I would do Rose but with a single cushion

  558. From your picks I think I’d choose either the Ainsley or the Caitlin by the Everygirl chair. I’ve also had my eye on the Kelly with right chaise – so cozy!

    Thank you for posting this review, by the way. I was searching for a blogger review of Interior Define since the only other reviews I could find were on their website. Congrats on your gorgeous new sofa!

  559. Alison says:

    I love them all but this is probably my favorite

  560. Melissa says:

    Rose by The Everygirl is stunning and would be my pick!

  561. Aubrey says:

    Definitely the Caitlin, I’ve been swooning over it for sometime now.

  562. Suzette Murphy says:

    I’m loving the Ainsley Fabric sofa with the chaise on the left with the heavy cloth in natural. It looks structured and modern but still so cozy.

  563. Laura says:

    Oh the Caitlin makes me feel all swoon-y.

  564. Brooke rowe says:

    This would be perfect for our family room!

  565. Kristen says:

    We really need a new sofa for our living room and I think the Ainsley with just one chaise would fit perfectly! Though I love the Iwens and Russel too, so it would be hard to choose!

  566. Brittany M says:

    I love the Walters sofa in ash. It would be so hard to choose the options are endless! Seems like an awesome site.

  567. Linda Dang says:

    The Caitlin by the Everygirl so pretty!!

  568. Erin says:

    The Caitlin by Evergirl!

  569. Sarah N says:

    I would love the Caitlin everygirl chaise sectional in evergreen with walnut legs. Gorgeous!

  570. Kathie says:

    The owens chair in ocean!

  571. veronica says:

    Thanks for the awesome opportunity. The family room looks so happy and bright. Great job. I would not mind netflix binging on that cozy sectional.
    If I were to win I would get two Caitlin by The Everygirl in cinder :)

  572. Amy says:

    I love Rose by the Everygirl, so cozy & traditional but still has nice easy lines!

  573. Katy G says:

    I really like the Walters couch. They look so nice