Derek’s Maximalist Modern Industrial Loft

February 3, 2021

We believe we should all love where we live.

We’re a couple of homebodies, working to uncover the home our home wants to be. And we’re so happy to have you here. 




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Once we realized how differently each of our team members’ homes are, we thought it would be fun to share them! You can catch Victoria’s lake house here. Brooke’s apartment here. A peek into Andi’s kitchen here (we need to do a full tour of her first home soon!). And now, we bring you Derek’s loft! Enjoy!

Welcome to my industrial modern maximalist loft! My name is Derek Cooper and I’m the ProperTee Creative Director. 

When I accepted a position on the Chris Loves Julia team last summer, I knew it was time to start apartment hunting. Little did I know that I would stumble upon this hidden treasure of an apartment. Located in downtown Idaho Falls, this loft is directly above a Chinese restaurant (free whiffs of general tso chicken, yes please) and just a few blocks to the river walk (which hosts a weekly farmers market), I get plenty of downtown vibes, while still living in a relatively smaller town. It’s a win-win for me and my two puppies, Odin and Eames. 

Even though I’ve lived in a new apartment almost every year of my adult life, my style has remained relatively the same. Industrial modern with a hint of maximalism (okay, just load it all on, please!). Now that I live in a loft, I feel even more free to bring out the “industrial” side which has been a super fun change. I love black and mixing new with old and creating layers upon layers of coffee table books and decorative pieces. I also scour Facebook marketplace constantly for my next, one-of-a-kind piece. I’m not afraid to spend good money on things that I really love and know will be universal pieces that I can continue to use for years to come. 

Bookcase, Brass Boxes, Bike, Bike Holder, Mirror

Above is the entryway into my 950-square-foot space. From the moment you walk through the front door, you can start to see a lot of my favorite things on display and hopefully they tell you a bit about who I am as a person and my personality. My friends would describe me as a maximalist and a collector of things and lover of good aesthetics and good scents.

Rug, Flag, Headboard, Bed Frame, Duvet Cover, Shams, Throw Blanket, Nightstands, Sconces

My bedroom is hands down my favorite room. It’s an urban jungle of sorts that I can escape to when needed. It’s also the only room with windows (the only downside to this apartment) hence why a majority of the plants live in here as well. This awesome flag above my bed, serves as a daily reminder to live life for myself and not on other peoples terms. At the end of the day, I’m happiest when I’m 100% myself. 

Leather Lounge Chair, Side Table, Desk, Desk Chair, Terrarium, Disco Ball

Renovated lofts can come with some pretty interesting layouts and weird niches, so I decided to turn these niches into a “living wall” of sorts. With some simple pipe from Home Depot, I built the perfect rack for hanging plants and made this “empty space” have purpose. I also have a large ledge above the built-out closet that ended up being a perfect area for, wait for it, more plants. I’m a happy plant and puppy dad.  Also, I put a disco ball on the floor to bounce sparkles around the room. It makes me smile. 

Plant Shelves, Dresser, Black PlanterHexagon Pot

These modern shelves were the perfect way to turn the opposite wall into a “gallery wall” of sorts, but with house plants. Don’t worry, not all of these plants are real. Faux plants are sprinkled in to make the whole thing a little more low maintenance–especially up high. They really can look almost as real and can also save you from falling off a ladder and breaking your leg during weekly watering sessions. 

I’m from Oregon originally, so that flag hangs above the shelves in the walkway. I love open shelves like these so I can show off my collection of favorite books and decor pieces. The different sizes of “cubbies” on these shelves make it fun to fit different sized items in each one. I also used black zip ties to keep these two book shelves “connected” for a more level and seamless look. 

Stools, Pots & Pans, Knife Set, Magnetic Knife Holder, Blendtec, Rug, Trash Can, KeruigHand Soap, AeroGarden

I love this kitchen and all of its high-end appliances that I didn’t have to pay for. Ha! The kitchen has been a super inspiring space to cook and makes me feel like a “professional” chef surrounded by so much stainless steel. I warmed it up by layering in some beautiful cutting boards, small appliances and other black, wood and brass accents. 

The kitchen is open to the living room, where my real love for layers shines. 

I flood my house with candles and light them every night, and at this point, I pretty much have a monthly budget for candles. It’s my favorite way to give myself some much needed self-care on the daily. TJ Maxx, I’m literally your #1 candle customer.

Rug, Sofa, Throw PillowsAccent Chairs, Bench, End Table, CandleRattan Floor Lamp, Coffee Table, Frame TV, TV Stand, Lockers, Steer Head

This brick wall is begging to be turned into a gallery wall, right?, but until then, my frame tv and other large scale art hangs as a focal point. Also, lockers in an urban loft? Super cliche, I know, but it was the most practical and industrial way to add more storage into my small space.

As a maximalist, I maybe collect too many things, coffee table books being one of them. Before I had this beautiful coffee table, I would stack the top of my coffee table with books, and while I loved the look, it wasn’t functional. This coffee table gave me the same look but with a lot more free space on top. 

Thanks for visiting my loft. I hope you enjoyed the tour! Would love to answer any questions in the comments!

(Psst–My rooftop view is pretty rad. Check out the cutest smiley face up there.)



Entry: Bookcase, Brass Boxes, Bike, Bike Holder, Mirror

Bedroom: Rug, Flag, Headboard, Bed Frame, Duvet Cover, Shams, Throw Blanket, Nightstands, SconcesLeather Lounge Chair, Side Table, Desk, Desk Chair, Terrarium, Disco BallPlant Shelves, Dresser, Black PlanterHexagon Pot

Kitchen: Stools, Pots & Pans, Knife Set, Magnetic Knife Holder, Blendtec, Rug, Trash Can, KeruigHand Soap, AeroGarden

Living Room: Rug, Sofa, End Table, Throw Pillows, Rattan Floor Lamp, Coffee Table, Accent Chairs, Bench, Frame TV, TV Stand, Lockers, Steer Head

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What do you think?

  1. SJ says:


    Your space is so inspiring and beautiful. I could really see your personality shine through your space and through this interview.

  2. Amy Graham says:

    I LOVE YOUR STYLE!!!!! Also, I live in Idaho Falls too—and my husband is from your neck of the woods…well, across the river in Vancouver! :)
    I am not traditional in my home design tastes so I love to see awesome examples of other styles, especially since there doesn’t seem to be a ton of other styles in our small town Idaho area. So Yeah, absolutely loving your apartment!! Random question, Since you have faux plants mixed in with your real ones, have you ever accidentally watered one of your fake plants? Ha ha!

  3. Brooke says:

    I loveeee everything about this. Want to come over and hang with friends, watch Netflix and eat a charcuterie board. I can only imagine the time it took to nurture the space and find it’s true potential. Bravo!!

  4. Bobbi says:

    This is an incredible space. I love with the Portland flag. Would love to know the source! In the middle of a basement remodel and have the perfect spot for it!

  5. Lori says:

    Amazing! I am in love with every detail and how curated everything looks. Industrial modern maximalist = Major heart eyes! Pinning images now.

  6. Aimee says:

    I travel to Challis a few times a year for business. Will have to explore some of the cool spots in Idaho Falls next time.

  7. Jill says:

    Beautiful space, but…where are the puppies? We need puppy pics too!

  8. Sandra Pace says:

    This space is unbelievable!!! It took me a long time to finish this post since I had to admire every single detail. So much inspiration. Thank you for sharing and Bravo!!!

  9. Dawn says:

    Everything is gorgeous!

  10. Molly says:

    Holy cow!!! EVERYTHING about your loft is incredible!! You have amaaazing taste – and your home is so beautiful, so stylish & so inviting! Wow. Seriously, WOW. I love it!

  11. From someone who loves books & dogs says:

    Ok this is a GREAT loft & if I ever live in one, I’m completely copying you- furniture, plants, books & all !!!
    Curious to know what is the big, black, cabinet next to your dresser?
    Another closet? A large locker full of candle inventory? A gun safe? You didn’t link it, so I’m curious to know. Plus, have to know so my future loft looks like yours ; )
    Also I went to instagram to see your pups, Odin & Eames.
    What breeds are they?

  12. Mary Lou says:

    What a fantastic home. You have fantastic style, no wonder you got snatched up by the CLJ team!

  13. Lindsay says:

    Beautiful space! How long have you had your aerogarden? Would you recommend?

    • Thank you so much! I bought the AeroGarden around Christmas and it’s been so fun and super low maintenance and gives me all the fresh herbs I would ever want! Highley recommend!

  14. Franki Parde says:

    Lookin good!! franki

  15. Anne says:

    I love everything you have done in this loft, Derek!! The plants are displayed so creatively and are so well cared for. I hope we see more from you in the future.

  16. Carrie says:

    Warm Tobacco Pipe is my JAM! I seriously have to set a budget for those, myself. Otherwise, I’d buy them all!

  17. Ann Manning says:

    I think this loft space is absolute perfection and I’m obsessed with all the ways he has found to display his plants. Excellent idea to mix real with faux. Love it!

  18. Nerida says:

    This loft is so ridiculously cool – I love it. Derek can I come over and hang, and maybe flip through a few of your coffee table books?

  19. ES says:

    I never stop to comment but this is easily my favorite loft design, decor, everything that I have ever seen. EVER. You should be so proud of this stunning home you’ve created. It tells your story and showcases your personality and is inspiring in its execution. I have to bookmark this forever. Kudos!!

  20. Charity says:

    Such a beautiful and creative space! I keep zooming in to see all the details. It’s perfection! I’m pinning your photos to further swoon upon. But also, I’d love a list of all the coffee table books you have, to see which ones I haven’t come across yet. Great style!!

  21. Susan says:

    Love the industrial modern vibes with a touch of mid century. I have the same B&W pillows and I’m a fan of pretty much everything – and amazed by your green thumbs, too. But my favorite part is definitely your comment about the disco ball – that it makes you smile! We have a few unique things in our home (like a giant glass fish that the cats reach their heads in to get cat toys). The little things that bring a smile are the best! And the smiley face on the roof :).

  22. Christy says:

    Well this is finished beautifully! So sleek and tidy. I managed to find the one thing you didn’t link…. the floor mirror. Can you please provide a source for it?

  23. Rhian says:

    Gorgeous loft full of personality love it! Feel like it smells good too!

  24. Amanda McNutt says:

    What an amazing apartment! Thanks for sharing. Lots of inspo in this place.

  25. patricia says:

    Yes! Who knew Idaho Falls could be so cool?

  26. Katie says:

    Love this space so much! Thanks for sharing Derek! That living wall is genius. I’m just sad Odin and Eames didn’t model for you.

  27. Ali says:

    So impressed with this urban loft! Love the aesthetics of this cool home! Such an inspiring design – so many amazing details! Now I am left wanting to see a photo tour of downtown and the farmers market that sounds wonderful to have all that so close!

  28. Chelsea says:

    Taking it at all in! Back to examine and draw inspiration again! Love your style!

  29. Anna says:

    Wow! This space is so well done!!!

  30. Noreen says:

    Stunning! Tons of inspo here!

  31. Kim says:

    YES! I love this series and seeing the different member’s homes/style! Keep this coming! This is so inspiring, Derek! Are you missing the PNW? :) Thank you for sharing!

  32. Teri says:

    I need a “vote up” button for all these comments!. This is really a terrific space, so well done! Thanks for sharing.

  33. Dianne says:

    You are a perfect fit for Chris Loves Julia’s team!

    I savored every photo and each item you so carefully and lovingly placed.

    Beautiful. Inspiring. Thought provoking. Joyful. Cohesive.

    A wonderful place for you to call home; thank you for allowing us to have a view of how you live.

  34. Amanda says:

    This is stunning. I’m assuming the candle on the coffee table under the cloche is from TJmaxx? I wish I could find that exact one – I love it.

  35. Wendy says:

    Derek this space is amazing!! I’m so glad you were able to share it on CLJ. The plant hanging space you created is inspirational and I’m already thinking where I could put one! Loved seeing your MCM style mixed with industrial. My son’s name is Eames and I was hoping we’d catch a glimpse of those cute pups you spoke of.

    • Thank you so much! The plant rack is my favorite thing about the space! Check out my Instagram @derekcooper.jpg to see a few photos of my puppies! How lucky is your son to have such a great name!

  36. M says:

    I love this space! I’m not really asking but how old are you? I imagine you are in your twenties and I am just so impressed with the style you’ve honed and the beautiful things you’ve collected in your short adult life! Well done!

  37. Jamie says:

    Are you kidding me with this space??? I love it!

  38. Marilyn Griffin says:

    I love your loft…and that it’s in Idaho!! Looks more like LA. Good job. Btw…do your mom and dad happen to be from la Grande?

    • Thank you so much!! Yes! I was born in La Grande!

      • Marilyn Wyatt Griffin says:

        I grew up in la grande too..with your mom… I was good friends with your uncle Doug! We worked together and he’d drive me to college. So many fun memories. Your grandma Cooper was of my favorite women ever! I remember her in overalls building houses! In the 70s!!

  39. Carly says:

    Maximalist but it doesn’t look cluttered. I love the industrial vibe.

  40. Meagan says:

    It was so nice to see another design style with the same CLJ quality. Thanks! I’d be very interested in a detailed houseplant post from Derek!

  41. Lisa Callaghan says:

    So different and fun! LOVE IT!!! Thanks for sharing!

  42. Ashley G says:

    Picking chin up off the floor now….aaaaaamazing! We need more Derek please!

  43. Karla says:

    I love this space! Did you make your metal hanging plant stands yourself? Thank you for sharing!

    • Yes! I made them out of pipe from Home Depot. Super simple DIY. You can customize the size to fit any space and they will cut and thread the pipes for free at any home depot as well!

  44. Jen says:

    Gah. I just love it.

  45. Lbpv says:

    Great space!

  46. Lynn says:

    Your home is FANTASTIC! You are very talented, Derek. Would love to see more interior design from you…

  47. Kate says:

    Wow. This is stunning!!!! More from Derek please.

  48. Chelsey L. says:

    I love this so much! It looks so cool, yet inviting! Nicely done. I think we’re kindred spirits with a love of plants, puppies and scented candles, lol :)

  49. Amy says:

    Living wall with cast iron pipe is genius. Great job.

  50. Sherri Johnston says:

    This is exactly my style! I love everything!

  51. Rachelle France says:

    This is one of my favorite spaces I have ever seen! I love it! So so so good.

  52. Sara says:

    Super cute place!! LOVE!!

  53. Kait says:

    Derek, I am loving your eclectic, yet very tied together style. I have a two part question for you. Is your couch called the “Ashton” and if so, what are your thoughts on it? Do you think it’s durable enough for a family? Thank you!

    • Thank you!! Yes, it’s the Ashton in Vintage Black Leather. The quality is outstanding, but I feel like the legs on the sofa aren’t the most durable, but at half the price of similar sofas, it’s worth working with.

  54. Mel says:

    oh my gosh. I LOVE it. I’m a suburban Mom who uses alot of muted pinks and greens. But somewhere inside of the me there is a 28 year old single dude that is like yup, this is exactly what I would do. Those plant walls are incredible. Just incredible. The ‘I am not a role model’ tapestry is cracking me up.

    • Kate says:

      This comment came straight from my heart. My first style instinct is “eclectic English country house,” but I lovey love love this look, too. It just requires more self control than I possess. Ha.

      • That sounds like a fun style! I really think you could mix both styles and make it work! It would be very unique!

      • Abby says:

        Random question: what is the purpose of the glass domes over the candles? Is it for layering and design or is it functional (maybe so you could opt out of smelling one all the time?)? Genuinely curious! I like the look.

    • Yup, you hit the nail on the head haha. Bachelor pad for sure! Thank you so much!!

  55. Sarah says:

    No questions, just really love this space and how it is decorated!! What a great place to come home to at the end of the day.

  56. Alyssa V says:

    I loved this post! Thanks for sharing!

  57. Wanda says:

    The cutest space! I love what you did, the black, the plants, and somehow, even with a lack of windows and so much out, you manage to have the space look bright and uncluttered.

  58. Amy G says:

    Giving me life. I love everything about this tour, especially your wit and humor. BTW, I’m the second biggest candle shopper at TJ Max. Feeling blessed to have stumbled upon such lovely inspiration today. Thank you for sharing!!!

  59. Devyn says:

    This space is amazing Derek! It’s a beautiful study in how to have cool curated collections of stuff and display it. Thanks for the tour! Also, I may need a disco ball now!

  60. Liz says:

    Absolutely stunning! What an eye for detail and overall layout! Your plants are so swoon-worthy!!!

  61. Michelle says:

    Beautiful space, Derek! Love how you’ve embraced the maximalism :-) Do you see yourself staying in this apt for a while? You mentioned moving almost every year — hopefully you can relax into this space and see how it transforms over time!

    • Oh yes, I will be staying in this apartment for a while. Unless a better loft becomes available haha. It’s been great seeing how much it’s already transformed in just 6 months! :)

  62. Nicole R. says:

    I love this loft! I purchased my first home almost three years ago and I really thought the decor was going to be modern country kinda look (my daughter gave me the cutest galvanized wall hanging). Three years later I’m living in an modern, slightly industrial home I absolutely love. The only maybe country thing is the little sign my daughter gave me.

  63. Shelli says:

    Stunning loft!

  64. Suzi says:

    I love this space and am jealous of your green thumb. Wondering how you hung a Frame TV on a brick wall! We got one last summer and had to do some fancy wall-work to hang ours on an exterior concrete block wall (but with sheetrock on top of it inside).

    • The frame tv on the brick wall was a challenge but overall not too bad. I used a special drill bit for stone/brick and used anchors and then bolted the mount in. I didn’t do as many bolts as the mount came with, but it seems to be holding up fine haha.

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We believe we should all love where we live.

We’re a couple of homebodies, working to uncover the home our home wants to be. And we’re so happy to have you here. 

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