A Paint Color Match to Ikea Bodbyn Off-White Cabinet!

March 20, 2015

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Update: See the finished laundry room, with the Ikea cabinets in place right here!

Oh Ikea, just when we had you all figured out, you go and change everything! The previous AKRUM line of cabinets, bloggers everywhere had pretty much pin-pointed exact color matches which is essential if you plan on adding any trim, like crown molding. This year, Ikea completely updated all of their cabinets, did away with the old AKRUM line and introduced a new set of cabinets called the SEKTION line. (Here’s a great write up about it.) You saw in our last post, we picked up their Bodbyn off-white cabinets for our laundry room and I wasted no time trying to get an exact color match for us and for you, too.


There are a few concerns that there are no bright white cabinet options anymore. When we were there, the whitest option I saw had a completely flat (read: super modern) front–so that’s an option. Everything else seemed more of a creamy white, including these Bodbyn cabinets. The good news is, after hours of squinting, leaving no paint brand un-turned, I found a nearly exact match to Ikea’s Bodbyn off-white cabinets so you can see for yourself how it would look in your space:


Soft Wool (24-1B) from Valspar for Ace is it! Benjamin Moore’s Cloud White was very close, but just a smidge too light.



This swatch against the cabinets pretty much disappears. Winner winner! I know many of you said you were far from an Ikea, but were curious how the color would look in your space–pick up this swatch to give you an idea. The only difference is paint swatches don’t have any sheen to them while Ikea’s cabinets have a semi-gloss sheen so light bounces and reflects off of them. Hope this helps your curious minds. Onward to the laundry room project!

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  1. Matt says:

    I tried it with Ben Moore Advance, I find it lacking some reflective colour and looks too grey. I’m going to try to see if they can work the colour to be similar to Pink Damask OC-72

  2. Emily says:

    Benjamin Moore’s Moonlight White OC-125 in a semi-gloss finish was a perfect match. Thanks E.B. for the recommendation!

  3. E.B. says:

    Thank you for this post! I tried the Valpar but it was a little bit yellow in my kitchen. I stumbled upon Benjamin Moore’s Moonlight White OC-125 in pearl finish, and it’s amazing how close a match it is to the latest white IKEA Bodbyn cabinets. I highly recommend it for anyone who wants their cabinets to blend into the walls.

  4. Bailey says:

    Thank you so so much for doing this!!!!

  5. Olaf says:

    It would be helpful to provide the color components so that I can have it mixed! That brand here is not available and no cannot ask the companies to mix a paint based on that name.


  6. Bruce Elliott says:

    Went to Lowes this evening and the paint department employee pulled this up on the computer. What a perfect match. Thanks for research.

  7. Kathy says:

    Hi –
    I have the Bodbyn off white cabinets but the caulking needs touch up. Any suggestions about caulking brand and color?

  8. Caitlin says:

    For what it’s worth, I had custom doors made for Ikea cabinets but used Ikea’s off white trim and paneling (the Bodbyn white) and the cabinet door maker suggested Benjamin Moore’s Moonlight White as a match to Ikea’s Bodbyn white. Cabinet doors and trim are in, and in my kitchen, looks like a match!

  9. Pat Davies says:

    Help! I simply can’t get an accurate color match to the latest batch of bodbyn white cabinets. The soft wool color did not match (too light). Two local stores have tried to match it, but so far it’s not solved.

    I wish ikea would post their paint codes! Does anyone have any advice?

  10. Rachael says:

    Hi I have installed ikea off white bodbyn cabinets
    I cannot get the Valspa soft wool colour in Canada but can pop to the USA to buy
    What finish should I buy?

  11. Marco Luo says:


    Here is a complete list of Ikea NCS color codes. The one in the article corresponds to Ädel White:
    FRONT NAMES Thickness Lacquer/surface NCS number Gloss
    Abstrakt Black 19 mm ABS/modyfied Acrylic S 9000-N 88
    Abstrakt Red 19 mm ABS/ PMMA/Acrylic S 3060-R 88
    Abstrakt white 19 mm Pet/foil S 0500-N 88
    Abstrakt grey 19 mm Pet/foil S-7500-N 88
    Abstrakt yellow/white 19 mm Pet/PP 0804-Y50R 88
    RUBRIK/Abstrakt green 19 mm Pet/melamine 3060-G70Y 88
    Sofielund 19 mm PP/PP 3060-G70Y 88
    Årsta 20,5 mm Pet/PP S0300-N 5
    Applåd Orange 16 mm Acrylic/PUR S 2070-Y70R 30
    Applåd Black 16 mm Acrylic/PUR S9000-N 30
    Applåd Beige 16 mm Polyester S 3010-Y20R 35
    Applåd Light pink 16 mm Acrylic/PUR S0907-R10B 30
    Applåd New White 16 mm Polyester 0500-N 40
    Applåd White 16 mm Polyester S 0502-Y05R 55
    Applåd blue/grey 16 mm Acrylic S 2010-B 25
    Applåd New yel 16 mm Acrylic/PUR S 0570-Y 30
    Askerum ash 19 mm Acrylic S 2010-Y10R 10
    Askome 17 mm Acrylic S 0510-Y20R 10
    Avsikt 20 mm Aluminium/Glass
    Bäckebo 20 mm Acrylic Beech 5
    Duverum 19 mm Polyester S 2005-Y10R 25
    Duvbo 19 mm Polyester S 2005-Y30R 25
    Fagerum/Land 18 mm Acrylic S 3020-Y20R 10
    Hallarum 17 mm Acrylic S 3050-Y50R 10
    Kalsebo 18,5 mm Acrylic S 3030-Y30R 10
    Linjär 20 mm ABS/modyfied Acrylic S 4050-R80B 88
    Lidingö 19 mm Polyester S 0502-Y05R 55
    Liljestad 18 mm Polyrethane S 8010-Y50R1 15
    Härlig 16 mm Melamin foil S 0500-N 15
    Nexus NN Birch 18,5 mm Acrylic S 1515-Y30R 10
    Nexus birch 16,5 mm Acrylic S 1010-Y60R 25
    Nexus Blackbrown 18,5 mm Acrylic S 8505-Y20R 15
    Nexus Yellow-B 16,5mm Acrylic S 4040-Y30R 10
    Nexus Brown 16,5 mm Acrylic S7010-Y50R 10
    Ramsjö Black-brown 19,5mm Acrylic S8505-B80G 10
    Ramsjö White 19,5mm Acrylic S1002-Y50R 10
    Rubrik black 19,4 mm Glass 4 mm. S 9000-N 95
    Rubrik green 19,4 mm Glass 4 mm. S 7020-G30Y 95
    Rubrik Blue-Grey 19,4 mm Glass 4 mm. S8005-R80B 95
    Rubrik Turquise 19,4 mm Glass 4 mm. S4020-B30G 95

    Rubrik white 19,4 mm Glass 4 mm. S 1000-N 95
    Solär white 20 mm Pet foil S 0300-N 15
    Solär beech 19 mm Acrylic Beech 10
    Ståt White 16/19 mm Polyester S 0502-Y05R 55
    Ståt Yellow 16/19 mm Polyester S 0510-Y10R 25
    Sörbo Grey 18 mm Melamine/Birch S 7500-N 14
    Tidaholm 18 mm Polyurethane S 4020-Y40R 10
    Ulriksdal 18 mm Polyurethane S 4020-Y40R 10
    Ädel yel-white 20 mm Pet foil S 0505-Y10R 10
    Ädel M-brown 18,5 mm Acrylic S 5040-Y50R 10
    Ädel New natur 18.5 Acrylic S 1515-Y30R 10
    Ädel Natur 18,5 mm Acrylic S 1010-Y80R 10
    Ädel white 18 mm Pet foil S 0502-Y05R 15
    Ärlig/white 16 mm Melamin foil S 0402-G55Y 10
    Ärlig/beech 16 mm Melamin foil 10

  12. Here is the recipe I was looking for, thank you very much for sharing.

  13. Chris says:

    What color floors and wall paint color did you guys using the off white cabinets use? We’re really bummed the bodbyn doesn’t come in pure white, as we wanted to do gray walls and I don’t think the off-white looks quite as good. Looking at KraftMaid, the cabinets would be almost twice as much.

  14. Erin says:

    The soft wool is no longer a color match. Best bet is take a cabinet door to the paint store and get it color matched. Learned this the hard way:)

  15. lykid says:

    I always love white color

  16. Ann says:

    I just painted my DIY trim this color to match the bodbyn off-white doors, and to my surprise the doors are yellowish in comparison! At least I’m not the only one having this issue. We just installed our kitchen two weeks ago… Now I’m worried that the few doors on back order won’t match what has already been installed.

  17. Fran says:

    My off white Bodbyn cabinets have gone off white to yellow! Help no idea what happened. Bummed!

  18. Tammy Haddix says:

    You can find Soft Wool at your local Ace hardware store. Their numbers are different than Lowes.

  19. tracee says:

    Any suggestions so for the filler pieces? We have odd angles in our kitchen and have a filler piece in the middle of our kitchen. We can’t get the filler just right and the sides that touch the cabinets look terrible. Any suggestions for filling the seams?

  20. Eileen says:

    Thanks for the match. I am looking to get a couple fronts made hopefully replicating the bodbyn fronts exactly and will need to paint…I hope the semi gloss will match the other fronts. I need a 21″ cabinet with drawer fronts and for some reason Ikea dropped the ball and only sell that cabinet with a door and internal drawers…no fronts! Luckily this cabinet is on the other side of the stove and not directly next to the other cabinets, so very slight differences will be harder to notice.

  21. The Bodbyn Gray is an exact match to Benjamin Moore’s “Cinder”

  22. This is a great article. I picked up pretty much every paper sample including Valspar trying to get a match for Ikea Gryntas and didn’t succeed, Luckily I had a spare drawer front so was able to get it paint matched – more info here

  23. Very nice choice. I love it.

  24. Seeing all of those paint samples makes me cringe! It’s such a daunting task to select a color.

    When we did our Ikea kitchen last summer, I just took a door to SW and they literally color matched the paint to the actually door. We used it to paint a few custom things we did (such as a shoe box in the mud room) and it worked great!

  25. mason says:

    About the new line of cabinets at IKEA . . . . I want to replicate your faudenza – how do I go about it? Which cabinets should I use now? Iam a real newbie to all of this DIY – it may seem a silly question, but what would you recommend?

  26. Danielle says:

    I’m almost finished with my kitchen remodel and used the new SEKTION cabinetry with Bodbyn doors. I could not find a color match that truly matched (after about 20 mini sample pots) and finally my mom suggested to just have it color matched at Home Depot (I think most paint stores do this, but they’re closest to my house). um. duh!! It’s free and it’s the exact match… just bring a cabinet or drawer panel in and they scan it and voila, exact color match ready for you. I got it in the semi gloss finish and it’s been great for touch ups and matching our trim color, etc. Good luck!

    • Julia says:

      That works, too!

    • Macy says:

      I thought the exact same thing – why not just take it in to the paint store to have it color matched? I’ve done this several times at Ace and always get a perfect match.

      • Julia says:

        A lot of people, like us, live hours away from an Ikea and it is nice to see what color the cabinets are before making the long trip.

      • Danielle says:

        oh my, I never thought of that! I take for granted how close we live to Ikea. Kudos to you for actually being able to match it :)

    • Emily says:

      Danielle, what was the name of the Behr color you used? Our builder gets a substantial discount on Behr, so that is what we will be going with. TIA!

  27. Cara says:

    Awesome. Thanks so much. Looks like I’m heading to pick up a swatch of soft wool before preschool pick-up!!

    • Lisa says:

      I also live far from shopping areas. I was at a Lowe’s and tried to pick up a sample of Soft Wool which is now defunct. Thankfully a very kind Valspar Rep was there at the time. After some research, he was told by Valspar to use the following formula for one half pint: BS:A, 8916- 0.25, 8988-1 I now have my sample and will be able to see if Bodbyn works for me! Hope this helps. (BS refers to Base A, and the 4-digit numbers are Lowe’s reference numbers to the paint dyes used in the paint). This mix will produce Soft Wool which is no longer in Lowe’s computer system.

    • Jan says:

      Does anyone know which Farrow & Ball paint matches IKEA?

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We believe we should all love where we live.

We’re a couple of homebodies, working to uncover the home our home wants to be. And we’re so happy to have you here. 

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