Casual Friday: A Big Music Room Update, Budget “Vintage” Frames, Failure, Books and More!

October 23, 2020

We believe we should all love where we live.

We’re a couple of homebodies, working to uncover the home our home wants to be. And we’re so happy to have you here. 




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If you are subscribed to our Love Letter, then last night you saw a sneak peek at some updates in the music room! Months ago, I ordered two of these boucle chairs for the basement (to sit opposite the sectional) and we got an email about 6 weeks later stating that due to Covid, they were backordered indefinitely. And then this week they came! Twice!! It was a generous mistake by the good people at Lulu and Georgia, and they graciously let us keep the bonus chairs.

I wasn’t planning on four of these chairs in the music room, but now that they’re in here — we’re loving them! I went through a little mental battle making sure that we actually want 4 chairs in here and not just doing this because we happen to now have 4 chairs. But after 48 hours, I concluded that it was fate!
Our whole family has been hanging out in here all week! As soon as I moved the little concrete coffee table (that has lived outside for at least 2 years and works just as perfectly indoors) we played a round of cards with the girls. I had a place to set my mug while Chris strummed the guitar and Polly launched herself in an internal spin on one of the chairs next to me.

I moved a large round mirror, that was hanging across from the pantry previously, to the wall in between the two arches and it reflects the wall of guitars so beautifully–it’s like we can enjoy it twice now! I put our record player temporarily in a cabinet just out of view until we tackle the built-ins we have planned for this room on the right wall (not seen).

Overall, this room feels like a hug now. It’s intimate and cozy and functions and plays and I definitely love the way the cream chairs soften up the whole room.

Paint Color: Fading Twilight by Benjamin Moore, Swivel Chairs (in stock here, alternate here), Throw Blanket, Coffee Table (old, West Elm), Vase, Candle, Sconces, Piano Chair, Mirror, Rug

Art: Portland, Charcoal House, Landscapeframe, Trees, FoxFacesframe


Other fun things this week! 

• Over the last month, I have ordered and devoured two coffee table books I HAVE to recommend. A Tale of Interiors by Pierce & Ward and Still: The Slow Home by Natalie Walton. They are beautiful and inspiring inside and out.

• I ordered this floor lamp for Polly’s room (I think floor lamps or wall sconces in little kids’ rooms are just the safest bet!) and oops, I actually want one in every room now.

• My new daily mug.

Redefining “failure”

• I have a stack of prints and art and plenty of walls, but what’s stopping me from getting it on the walls is ALWAYS the lack of frames. I rounded up a few quick ship, budget-friendly, vintage-inspired frames right here! I just got two of these and they are STUNNING in person.

Hope you all have a happy weekend! We’re finalizing our family costume!


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What do you think?

  1. Jonelle Riboni says:

    You always make great design look effortless! I have been thinking about chairs in the same fabric, but I keep wondering if they’ll be a nightmare to keep clean with animals that shed lots of long hair? Can you let us know if pet hair comes off of them pretty easily?

  2. DD says:

    I’d love to see a pix from the front hall into the music room now. Or from the LR.

  3. Christina K. says:

    I have this 4 chair set up/ seating in the round in a room near my dining room.When I had decided to go for it, everyone said,” NOOO, it’ll look like a hotel lobby!” When it was all put together they all denied ever having said it.Hahaha! We use this room all the time.It seems to be the place that we go when we need everyone to have no distractions.We have made decisions about colleges, kids have gotten lectures????, and we have had quiet over a warm cup of hot chocolate there.Its a special kind of furniture arrangement.

  4. Gwendovere says:

    Oh. My. Gosh! Such a stunning room. Those chairs are meant to be there, as is the mirror. A creative space to inspire musicians and audiences alike. I have an interior music room as well and filled the space with a baby grand, gallery wall, two chairs and a love seat, but this just makes me want to re do it all. 20 foot ceiling though makes me reluctant to paint. So inspiring!

  5. Valerie says:

    Wowza, those chairs are meant to be in that room. I didn’t think the music room could get any cooler, but it just did.

  6. Martha says:

    Looks good! But I thought you weren’t fond of boucle in the dining room chairs, so why did you choose that fabric again?

  7. Ashley says:

    This is just perfect! I did wonder, you can’t tell in the pictures – how much room is there to walk through to the dining room? Lovely, lovely space!

  8. Monae says:

    I love this setup-it’s just so inviting and cozy especially pared with the paint color. I have a question-I was thinking of doing this in a room in our house but was wondering about how much space I would need. How far apart do you have the chairs placed from each other and from the coffee table? I want to make sure that there’s enough room for people to walk and not have it too squished, but also still feel intimate. Thanks so much!

  9. JL says:

    Oh, Julia! This layout works beautifully. It feels more defined. With three entrances to this smaller space, it felt more like a pass-through. This set-up in the center of this room creates sort of a “roundabout”. Now, those softly textured chairs invite you to linger…savor a cup of tea or enjoy a good book (at least in our minds anyway!). I hope you keep it like this. Perhaps, there are no accidents :-).

    Two questions – what happened to the little white bench that sat at the piano? And did you say you had little black shades for the sconces?

  10. Elaine says:

    All I can think about with “4 chair room” is “4 chord song.” It’s not a bad combo. But that’s where my brain went!

  11. Cynthia from Montreal, Canada says:

    I echo the “Happy accident” comments from others. They bring just the right touch of lightness and coziness o the room.
    And whether you chose to keep them there or repurpose them somewhere else at some point, they are work keeping in my opinion.

  12. Michelle says:

    I don’t know how you do it! I didn’t think I could love any of your rooms more than I love your dining room…HOWEVER…..this is my new favorite! It’s gorgeous! Well done fate!

  13. Anna Gordon says:

    What a happy accident! Is it tempting to go for five now? :- ) Beautiful fabric too especially against the wall color.

  14. Jessica V says:

    Love it! We have a 4 chair set up and it is the best for family card games!

  15. Mel says:

    Love this! Curious how the walk ways are with the furniture in there- i feel like that room is a passthrough room to the family room and dining area. does the new set up affect that at all? also so curious what the plan is for built ins- feels like that will be so cool/make it feel like a libarary/music room.

  16. Jo says:

    How comfy are those chairs? The reviews were mixed!

  17. Daisy says:

    this looks sooo good with four chairs! also kind of want to see this room decorated for winter holidays ?!

  18. Christina says:

    Me again…I keep coming back to the music room. It is SO COZY. I love me some ginormous windows as I could be an earth worshipper if I weren’t Catholic. However, this interior, windowless room with the rich, deep colors and the brass and those chairs in a cozy/perfect setup…making music and memories as a family. Dang. It really is perfection. Right now with Fall in full swing and winter quickly approaching, that would be my favorite room in your home. Obviously the wall color is staying come spring and summer, but I do look forward to what little ditties you will add/change to keep the warmth and coziness, but make it fit more with the warmer seasons. Or maybe not b/c maybe that isn’t necessary? I am just LOVING this room!

  19. Christina says:

    What a happy accident! I LOVE four chairs with a table as you have these. I’m not certain I love the fabric on the chairs…seeing that all over and not sold on it. I’m slow to change so once it is officially dated as 2020, I am sure I will love the fabric as well. But for now, I could just stare at your set up! You really do inspire me with the vision you have!

  20. Sheena says:

    This is my favorite room in your home! So chic, but warm and cozy.

  21. Kyle 0. says:

    It looks beautiful! The chairs look so cozy. I am also always on the hunt for frames, and have been having both a lot of fun and luck at Goodwill and swap meets, finding great vintage-looking picture frames and even some ugly artwork in pretty frames that I just remove the print from (if it has a back you can remove).

  22. Pam says:

    I love how the chairs lighten up the room! Looks great! Where is the Eames chair living now?

  23. Lisa says:

    I think the room is cozier than ever! It sounds like your family is enjoying it. I wouldn’t change it! It sounds like it’s working for you honestly! xx

  24. Callie Granderson says:

    I LOVE 4 chair rooms!!! This is perfect! Happy accident.

  25. Angela says:

    This room is just so perfect. Love that little tambourine placed on the books ready to play.

  26. Kelly says:

    Ummmmmmm…. those chairs are PERFECT in there. If your whole family is using them and loving them then, yes, it’s the right choice, even if it wasn’t what you first envisioned. I wouldn’t overthink it- just enjoy it!

  27. Heather says:

    Wow! I never would have thought it could look so good! When I saw the sneak peek, I was leery but you did it again and showed me thinking outside the box is so important! It totally does feel like a hug! Well done.

  28. Danna says:

    What a happy accident! Couldn’t love that more!

  29. Katy says:

    WOWWWWW!!! What a happy and lucky accident! Those four chairs are what this room needed all along. What a feat for the eyes. I love how the light color contrasts with the warm walls. I love how cozy it feels. I absolutely love the styling of the space and how layered it feels. It couldn’t be more perfect! This might be my favorite reveal of all time and it’s just some chairs that made all the difference. Who knew?!

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We believe we should all love where we live.

We’re a couple of homebodies, working to uncover the home our home wants to be. And we’re so happy to have you here. 

HI! We're Chris + Julia

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