Testing 15 Brass Cabinet Knobs to Find The Best!

April 17, 2023

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I’ve been dying to do this test for quite some time now! Out of my own curiosity sure, but also to give some answers to all of the home renovators and DIYers out there wondering, “Which brass cabinet knob is the best?” I’ll tell you right now that while on this hunt to find the best, we realized that there are too many good options to choose just one. In a sea of knobs, there are multitudes of differences when it comes to shape, style, sizes, price points, and more! So when you find yourself selecting hardware for your cabinetry, furniture, or whatever, here’s a side-by-side comparison of 15 brass cabinet knobs.

The lineup of brass cabinet knobs

Shop Brass Knobs

1. Amerock Polished Brass $3
2. Antique Brass Cabinet Knob $21 (set of 4)
3. Round Knob $30 (set of 6)
4. Brushed Brass Knob $12 (set of 2)
5. Antique Brass Knobs $19 (set of 10)
6. Mushroom Knob $4
7. Mirror Polish Knobs $12 (set of 4)
8. Amerock Burnished Brass $2
9. Allison Mushroom Knob $3
10. Cotswold Bun Knob $41
11. Tiazza Antique Bronze $16 (set of 4)
12. Baldwin Ball Knob $13
13. Vernon Mushroom Knob $14
14. Hassalo Cabinet Knob $32
15. Ball Cabinet Knob $20

One of my biggest design tips when it comes to stretching a renovation budget is to save money on your cabinetry and splurge on the hardware. Gorgeous hardware can make your “self-painted,” or IKEA cabinets look like a million bucks. The good news is that we found some really stunning hardware that aren’t much of a splurge at all.

To break it down even more, we categorized them all by likeness. Let’s take a closer look. It’s worth noting that we were shocked at the substantial weight of all of these.

Ball Cabinet Knobs

I’m pretty partial to a ball-shaped knob–a sphere, if you will. I love how it looks and feels, and it’s typically my go-to knob shape.

From left to right

1. Ball Cabinet Knob $20, 1.25″

This is my go-to cabinet knob. It’s solid unlacquered brass, and it’s the perfect size, shape, and brass finish. We used it in both the study and our last bathroom, and I’m certain we’ll use it again because it remains to be a classic. My only critique is that it’s frequently sold out, which leads me to my second favorite ball-shaped knob.

2. Baldwin Ball Knob $13, 1″

When the rejuvenation knob is sold out, I use my second favorite round knob, which is what we used in our closet renovation. They’re made of solid brass, just slightly smaller and a slightly “greener” tone. Still stunning and a great option.

3. Round Knob $30 (set of 6), 1″

This price is nearly too good to be true! I might actually prefer the more pinkish undertones of this round knob to the second one. It’s made of zinc and plated in brass, which I guess explains the fair price, but you wouldn’t know just from holding it.

Aged Brass Cabinet Knobs

There are definitely good and bad examples of aged brass knobs. In our kitchen, I really embraced aged brass hardware, which was the perfect way to add some vintage-like style to a more modern space. I would say that if you like a touch of vintage, you can’t go wrong with any of these (all spherical) options!

1. Cotswold Bun Knob $55, 1.5″

We used these in our kitchen, and these knobs are the biggest cabinetry splurge we’ve made (like ever). And while they might be the prettiest cabinetry of all time, I’m slightly embarrassed at the price. It’s also the biggest brass knob we tested and is made of solid, burnished brass. Oh, and it’s the only knob that comes with a separate, intricate backplate. This is my way of justifying the price, haha but feel free to keep scrolling if it’s beyond what you’re willing to send.

2. Antique Brass Cabinet Knob $21 (set of 4), 1.125″

Also stunning but at a much more affordable price! I couldn’t stop picking up this knob in shock at the weight, the finish, and the price!

3. Antique Brass Knobs $19 (set of 10), 1″

A stunning option; I can really see myself using this if I were to swap out hardware on a dresser because of the smaller size.

Mushroom-Shaped Brass Cabinet Knobs

As I said before, I typically love a ball-shaped knob, but the mushroom shape tends to be more budget-friendly, and they’re more delicate and dainty in character.

1. Vernon Mushroom Knob $14, 1.25″

This is the exact knob we used in our office kitchen, and as I was looking at this side-by-side comparison, I was looking at option 2, wondering why I didn’t go with the rimmed edge?? I remembered it was because I wanted it to match perfectly with the rejuvenation pulls we used, and also, the side profile is really darling. I would say out of all of these knobs, this one has a nearly flat face, whereas all the others are more dome-shaped.

2. Mushroom Knob $4, 1.25″

Had I known this would match in color almost perfectly with the pulls, I maybe would have used this cute knob with the rimmed edge. Although it’s not necessarily a bad thing, this knob is made of zinc and plated in brass. All that means is that, with time, the brass could fade, revealing the darker zinc below. Still so cute.

3. Allison Mushroom Knob $3, 1.25″

Knobs 3 and 4 are identical. There is an ever-so-subtle color difference, but the shape and everything are the exact same.

4. Amerock Polished Brass $3, 1.25″

Explain how this price is even possible!

5. Mirror Polish Knobs $12 (set of 4), 1″

I love how cute and miniature this one is! Again with the smaller size, this would be so darling on furniture.

Miscellaneous Brass Cabinet Knobs

Of course, there’s a miscellaneous category, and some are better than others.

1. Tiazza Antique Bronze $16 (set of 4), 1″

This knob is more of a miss for me. I was hoping it would pass as a really good aged brass option, but it’s bronze-like and looks more artificially scraped up, rather than truly aged. The shape is cute!

2. Hassalo Cabinet Knob $32, 1.2″

We used these hex knobs in Greta’s bathroom, and my take on geometric hardware is to use it sparingly. I love how it adds some whimsy in there and compliments the hex tile flooring we used, but I would be careful using it in an entire kitchen.

3. Amerock Burnished Brass $2, 1.25″

I would really love this mushroom-shaped, burnished brass option if it didn’t have such a glossy finish to it. I feel like the glossiness takes away from the charm and character.

4. Brushed Brass Knob $12 (set of 2), 1.125″

I’ve seen a lot of people use and love this option, but I guess it just comes down to personal preferences because I just don’t like brushed metals. It feels incredibly substantial in weight, and it’s solid brass, so I say if brushed is your jam, this could be the knob for you!

If you’re hunting for the perfect brass cabinet knob, go ahead and decide which shape and style you want, and pick your price point because there’s a good option for everybody! What should we test next?

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  1. Here is a side-by-side look of 15 different brass cabinet knobs for your perusal the next time you need to choose hardware for your cabinets, furniture, or whatever. This was a fascinating read for me. These types of articles are not only informative, but also entertaining and instructive. You should also visit, which has some excellent advice.

  2. Tracy Acker says:

    This was great! Especially since I’m in the process of updating my kitchen hardware.
    Could you recommend Hall way ceiling light fixtures??! Because next on my list 😊

  3. Amanda says:

    Love all of the insight! Would love a comparison of brass pulls to complement this post!

  4. Kala Smith says:

    Oh this is so so helpful!!! Can you please do a bar pull and cup pull brass test next?! Ooo and a brass latch test!!

  5. Lori Hansen says:

    I know SH is a huge splurge, but would you use them again in your kitchen? I absolutely love how they look in your kitchen. We will be starting our renovation soon. Also the above cabinet lighting.
    Thank you!!

    • I would use them over and over again. Especially since our kitchen is so central to our house and can be seen RIGHT when you walk in. I knew we needed to go all out. They ADD SO MUCH!

  6. Linda says:

    Wow. Love that you did this comparison! Do all these knobs come with complimentary pulls?!

    • Mix and match pulls is really about getting the same finish! Since each brand has a slightly different color when it comes to their brasses, especially, I’d recommend choosing a pull from the same brand!

  7. Saba says:

    Please do a showdown of the brass cabinet pulls too.

  8. kim weigand says:

    I know you miss that bathroom and closet, so dreamy!!

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We believe we should all love where we live.

We’re a couple of homebodies, working to uncover the home our home wants to be. And we’re so happy to have you here. 

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