Appliance Update in the Kitchen!

February 1, 2022

We believe we should all love where we live.

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For years Chris has dreamed of cooking on his very own 60″ range. When we were planning our dream kitchen we knew it wouldn’t be complete without one. Some of you might remember that years ago, we did a kitchen renovation and put two 30-in ranges side-by-side because a full 60″ wasn’t in the budget. It worked amazingly well and was such a fun budget-friendly solution.

Sept 2015

Our Kitchen Today

Counter Stools | Pendants | Sconces | Faucet | SinkDrawer Pulls | Knobs

Comparing these feels so surreal! In our kitchen today, we decided to go with Wolf/Sub-zero brand appliances (except our pebble ice maker is Scottsman).  We started our research on which appliances we wanted to go with while still living and planning for a kitchen renovation in Idaho. And got overwhelming feedback to go with Wolf/Sub-zero. Of course, every brand has its fans and foes, but Wolf had a dependable reputation. We ordered the appliances 6-7 months ago and the day the range arrived, Chris parked himself in the kitchen and just beamed at his new range for hours. Watching it get installed, while planning his first meal undoubtedly (it was burgers–Faye’s request btw).

Something you might know about the Wolf range is that the knobs are usually a signature red. We opted top pay extra for the gold bezels. The oven is also gas, rather than a dual fuel (which would consist of a gas cooktop and electric oven). When we were initially comparing ranges the dual was going to take an additional 6 months to arrive. No sense in waiting that long, plus the brass bezels were only available with the gas oven which was something that we thought would be so pretty in our kitchen.

Our two 30-in ranges were actually gas ovens so this isn’t new territory for Chris. Baking can come with a bit of a learning curve, but Wolf has already proven themselves to be reliable, and so far, Chris has no complaints about the oven or cooktops!

While shopping, there were different cooktop layouts to choose from. Chris knew he wanted a grill (char broiler) and he went back and forth between the griddle and the french top for the other section. Ultimately deciding that the griddle would get more use. All of this along with 6 burners which is plenty! Chris has already been making full use of his new workspace, and I’m just so happy to see his kitchen dreams come true.

Range hood insert

The big exhaust also got installed inside of the big plaster range hood, which was the recommended insert to be paired with the Wolf range. They installed a trunk line that pulls air from the outside so when the fan kicks in it doesn’t create a vacuum affect in the house, making all the doors close. With 1200 CFM, it should be a very powerful exhaust, connected to the garage and out the back of the house. But! After 2 too many fire alarms getting set off, we think something might not be installed correctly. It’s very noisy (so you think it would have a powerful suction), but it’s leaving our kitchen smoky. We let our contractor know and he thinks something with the install wasn’t done correctly so he’s on it and we’ll keep you posted.

Remaining Appliances

As for the remaining appliances, here’s their estimated arrival dates. So hold your breath…or maybe don’t. It could be awhile. Haha!

Dishwashers – March 7th
Speed oven (microwave) – February 22nd
Freezer – May 25th
Fridge – June 24th
Fridge drawer (drink station fridge) – June 24th

I’m definitely looking forward to the dishwashers arriving, 7 months of hand washing dishes is a little exhausting, even though our large sink has definitely made it better. As for the other appliances–we’re holding steady with our old fridge still slightly in front of the kitchen windows and dreaming of the day when it isn’t. But, really, the range arriving before everything else feels like the best case scenario. <3

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What do you think?

  1. Veronica Gonzales says:

    Where will your new fridge go? Can you possibly do a 360? It’s hard to picture your kitchen.

  2. Lucy Doane says:

    I too have the Wolf dual fuel range. Mine is the 48”, but customized to the 8 gas burner and gold bezels but red knobs. . Let me tell you, I have had many high end gas stoves before. In my opinion, the Wolf is the absolute best. I love it if I ever move or build again, I will get the 60 inch Wolf if I have room. But, I am very happy with the 48 inch. Wolf is an excellent brand.

  3. Christine Cachia says:

    Would not have waited that long for the dishwasher. Should have considered Signature Appliance Suite. Spectacular and available

  4. Jennifer Dowd says:

    Congratulations! We love our 60” range as well! What diameter knobs did you install? The link is not working on any of your posts for the knobs. Thank you!

  5. Dawn says:

    Owner of a Wolf induction range and I’m not sure I’ll ever buy another brand. Seriously good performance. I saw the other comment about induction vs gas and while (having had gas before) I can confirm induction outperforms it, there is an aesthetic about a gas range that will never be beat. Your kitchen is gorgeous!

  6. Joni Yost says:

    I have a 36” Wolf range that I absolutely love! However, when I used the self cleaning mode a few weeks ago, it tripped something and wouldn’t heat up. The repairman who came this morning said I should never use that because the oven gets to 1000 degrees. He said to fill a pan with water, squeeze a whole lemon in it, and heat oven 400 degrees for an hour! Added benefit….it smells great!
    Just thought I’d pass that on!

    • Oh man, we learned this lesson in our last house! Ugh. It wasn’t a wolf, but we did the same thing with the self cleaning feature and it stopped working and we had to get a new part. After some googling, apparently, it’s a big no no with nearly every range.

  7. Laura Bonino says:

    I’m a chef. Our thing you need to remember is that a hood is a fancy chimney. It needs to be primed with warm air before you begin cooking to get the draw started. A cold snap will make this worse. In restaurants we turn all the burners and griddles, etc to get the area warm enough to send war air up the hood. There still might be a construction problem, too but this is worth checking out before exposing venting.

  8. suzanne says:

    Am sure you will block this comment, but you used duel instead of dual throughout this post. I am surprised this spelling error got past your Team of 8-10 people!

  9. Suzanne says:

    I love your kitchen so much! With your appliance timeline, I’m feeling fortunate that we only waited 30 days for the Wolf and seven months for the SubZero! All worth it! Enjoy that kitchen!

  10. Mara says:

    The range is stunning! Knowing how much Chris cooks, please update us on the best way to clean the slatted grates in the vent hood. I soak them in the sink with dishwasher detergent but end up slicing my hands open on the edges of the stainless steel trying to scrub them. They do a great job catching all of the grease for cooking, I’m just stumped on the best way to actually remove the grease from the grates!

    • Diane says:

      I have the same vent hood- and I hate it. It came with the house and I loved how it looked, but cleaning it is an absolute nightmare. I also have to soak it in the sink with detergent but it’s impossible to get inbetween the grooves to really clean it thoroughly. I think it’s down to appearance vs functionality :(

  11. Inga says:

    I am so happy for Chris getting his dream kitchen! Fun fact: There was a family in Germany who did a cooking / preparing marathon for Christmas.They had all windows closed because it was super cold that day. At midnight the mother woke up and was feeling weak and found the whole family unconscious. They could rescue themselves, but the firefighters still wanted to find out what had happened. Turned out, the range hood which was on for hours while cooking had sucked all the oxygen out! But it was a much smaller house than yours, so don’t worry!

  12. Debbie says:

    Did you install a make-up air system with that powerful exhaust fan?

  13. Corrin says:

    Where will the drink station refrigerator go? In the island ? The dishwasher and refrigerator fronts be stainless steel or match cabinetry?

    • The drink station fridges are drawers that will go right next to the ice maker. All the of the appliances (with the exception of the range and speed oven) are panel ready

  14. Lisa says:

    What I love is the hidden niches on either side of the hood. Thinking how much neater it would be if I didn’t have my oils and seasonings out on the counter everyday. Such a good idea!

  15. CB says:

    Can I ask why you didn’t consider an induction range– especially given the environmental and personal health (indoor air quality) effects of gas? I used to think gas was the ONLY option for best cooking performance, but have since been educated that induction is better in all ways (performance, accuracy, indoor air quality, environmental sustainability). I assume the major luxury appliance manufacturers are moving in this direction?

  16. Sandra says:

    I also have a Wolf range and would like to replace the red knobs. Would you please have a source for replacement knobs?
    Thank you!

  17. Monika says:

    This all looks amazing. It’s so exciting to see this all come together!

    What kind of dishwashers did you get? We are in the market and a little stuck!

  18. Shannon says:

    What brand speed oven did you get? We’re waiting on a Sharp (ordered in June) and have been told there are no arrival dates in the horizon. 😩

  19. Our last house had a gas oven and I LOOOOOOOVED it. Our current one is dual fuel (it was here when we moved in), and I’m not loving it as much.

  20. Tonja says:

    We had a similar sounding problem with our vent and it turned out that that the flap that opened to the outside was stuck shut. I hope your fix is equally easy.

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We believe we should all love where we live.

We’re a couple of homebodies, working to uncover the home our home wants to be. And we’re so happy to have you here. 

HI! We're Chris + Julia

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