7 Small Home Updates We Did over the Holiday!

January 4, 2022

We believe we should all love where we live.

We’re a couple of homebodies, working to uncover the home our home wants to be. And we’re so happy to have you here. 




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And we’re back! Happy New Year and hope you had a happy holiday season! We spent some much needed time with family, relaxing, playing games, and doing puzzles. It was our first year in our home and it was very therapeutic to take the time off and spend it making new memories with old traditions. I love coming into the new year with fresh eyes and excitement about sharing again. And this year, more than any other previously, I feel EXCITED about our home and what’s coming. We’ll share our annual projects list tomorrow, but before we get to that, I wanted to catch you up on a few  leisurely things we did or added around the house over the break–which is my favorite way to spend a vacation. Just puttering about. Hanging art, rearranging furniture, zhushing, and making plans are just a few of my favorite things.

Here’s a few things we did around the house, while we were on break:

1. Moved the black, arched cabinet up to the bonus room

Arch Cabinet | Floor Lamp | Side Table | Sconce | Sofa | Throw Pillow | Basket | F&B Stiffkey Blue

This cabinet was so heavy and stressful to move but I’m so happy to see it up here!  Since we moved in, it has been in the dining room housing our every day dishes because we didn’t have any cabinets. But now that we do, I knew it needed a new home. Chris and his brother managed to move it from the dining room (using this shoulder dolly!), up to the bonus room nestled where the Christmas tree once was. Not gonna lie–the tree is sorely missed in this room. This corner needed something and I always love using what I have on hand FIRST. I think it will eventually go in our home office, but for now I love the collected look of it in the corner. I filled it with extra blankets and books and even a basket to fill with toys that inevitably spill out from the playroom.

2. Hung art in the kitchen

Art Light | Brass Frames | Hillside | Lakeside

I shared this a bit in my stories, but we hung the art that was in our Modern Cottage bedroom, into the kitchen area. The frames are gorgeous and substantial, and the art is from Juniper Print Shop, printed super easily at Walgreens actually! The picture light we had hard-wired and there’s a matching one on the kitchen hutch on the opposite side of the room.

3. Hung some family photos

We used the same frames and family photos from Framebridge, that we had hanging in the hallway in our last house! We even saved the gallery hanging template just for this reason! I love having this little peekaboo moment of family memories from the living room. As you can see, one frame in the gallery didn’t fit due to the thermostat and light switch, but once we get our new thermostat, I’ll probably squeeze a small frame in.

4. Rolled out a vintage rug in the kitchen, plus unpacked our new flatware set

I’m truly obsessed with the vintage rug we rolled out in the kitchen. I’ve had this planned since the start of this renovation, and it feels like a little puzzle piece coming into play. Peep the new flatware Chris and I gifted ourselves for Christmas. We were at Williams Sonoma and tested out the weight of a bunch of different options and fell for this classic set that has some really beautiful curves. We ended up ordering the set that came with matching steak knives as soon as we got home. They filled our gorgeous silverware drawers before Christmas arrived.

5. Set up Polly’s new tent

Rug | Wallpaper | Hamper | Rabbit | Tent

Polly asked for a tent for Christmas and I couldn’t pass up the William Morris x Dockatot one. It fit her storybook room so well!, The pattern and tassels is stunning, and the way that she nestles inside, on the cushion, with a book or some toys is so precious! She has spent countless hours in it over the break–even falling asleep inside one night.

6. Hung Faye’s new canopy

Rug | Bed | Rabbit Table Lamp | Sheets | Canopy

As a little girl, there were few things I wanted more than a canopy bed. The idea of cocooning myself into this cove of a bed felt so royal and quaint at the same time. The little girl in me is so happy, but not as happy as Faye is, which makes me even happier. She asked for a bed canopy for her new room, and this gingham addition has her beaming. But, between you and me, the canopy is smaller than I imagined, but it could be a little dwarfed by her queen size bed and super tall ceilings. Faye’s room is getting some love this year and I’m excited to make this canopy the star.

7. Rearranged the entry a few times

Mirror | Buffet Lamps | Bowl | Vase | Stems

The extra long media cabinet from restoration hardware (that was in our old basement) found its way to the entry, with another 17′ vintage rug. A too-small mirror that’s hung too high and buffet lamps that are just right. A lot of our money is going to large renovations right now, so I’m having fun re-imagining furniture pieces we had in new places and it’s really fun and invigorating.

Sometimes it works and sometimes it allows me to make a list of pieces to look out for (note: larger mirror needed for the entry). I’ve never felt this way after only living in a home for 6 months. I feel so at home here. And so excited about the possibilities. And so anxious to continue making it ours. Can’t wait to share what we’ll be tackling this year tomorrow!

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  1. Kristen says:

    Did you see the way Sarah Sherman Samuel hung her daughter’s canopy? It was also on a queen sized bed but she off set it a little and it worked!

  2. Gabby T says:

    I made a comment on the related IG post yesterday but mine like a few others weren’t acknowledged so I’m hoping this might be a better place for open dialogue. The tipi in Polly’s bedroom is appropriative of Indigenous culture. I know they are extremely popular in children’s decor. But that does not make it okay. You have a huge influence and following and I think this could be a great opportunity to learn and teach your audience about the harm of using indigenous culture in this way. It’s important we are respectful in every aspect of our lives including home decor. I know this and you’ve taught me to be better in this aspect too. Like when you educated about the harm of using the term Master Bedroom and opted to begin saying Main Bedroom instead. I would really appreciate if you could do your own research and address this topic.

    • Thank you for your sensitivity and concern over this matter. We did some research on tepees vs. tents a couple of years ago when we purchased a play tent for our older daughter, Greta. We’ve made conscious efforts to educate ourselves and our daughters about Indigenous culture. This tent wasN’T branded or marketed as a tepee, and it’s certainly not regarded as one in our house.

      • Gabby T says:

        Thanks for the response and understanding. I think you’ve pointed out a great flaw in the design industry. The shape of this is by definition a tipi. The wooden poles and smoke flap opening at the top are unique and originate directly from Indigenous culture. The design world has stripped all ownership, cultural significance, and indigenous identity and have truly stolen the possession of this part of Indigenous identity. Meredith also makes a great point that if you didn’t buy this from an Indigenous maker, you are not supporting the cultural resilience of Indigenous peoples. For these two reasons and more, this is why this is appropriation. We (as white people of privilege) are all learning together and open dialogue is the least we can do to educate ourselves!

      • Jamie says:

        It seems no matter what people do or say these days is deemed unappropriate or insensitive to someone. Take the thing in context, of what it is.. that being a decorative tent in a child’s bedroom.

    • meredith says:

      Wanted to add another layer to the dialogue here too – something I’ve learned a lot about thanks to Jasmine Bradshaw and her podcast First Name Basis – and that is a big part of cultural appropriation has to do with profit. Although the intent is to create a cozy place space, the impact is that a play tent has been made to look like a teepee and none of the profit goes to Indigenous people. Thinking about cultural appropriation in this way has been really helpful for me.

  3. Lori says:

    Can I ask where Faye’s blanket is from? The cream one with the blank print? I’m loving all of these updates and I cannot wait to see what you have in store for 2022!

  4. Marissa C says:

    I’m curious how Faye’s bed has been holding up? We bought a King size for our master and the footboard broke almost immediately. I was able to get a replacement, but I’ve heard the same from a few other people online as well.

  5. Kimberly C. Bush says:

    Hi Julia,
    Everything looks so calm and cozy. You are creating a beautiful home and the results are showing so well. Enjoy and continued best wishes.

  6. Kotti Rocha says:

    Happy New Year! I loved this post! I’m so glad you’re feeling more settled everyday. You mentioned printing the Juniper Prints at Walgreens!? Can you share a little more if the process? What size did you get to feel more secure about the quality of the print? Thank you!

  7. Shante says:

    I freaking love this post! Yes!!!
    Now for the questions, lol. Can you share the size of the frame you used and the size of the print. I only want to purchase once. Lol.
    Also I would love to know the distance between your island and your range. I am in the process of doing a kitchen renovation and on one side I only have about 36inches of clearance.
    Also how are you feeling? Better I pray!
    Thanks Julia and blessings for the NewYear!

  8. JL says:

    Happy New Year Julia! I love how you talk about this home and that you’re feeling settled. I think the layout of this house is perfect (and whether you’re coming down the front or back stairs, you basically land in the kitchen!). If I may suggest, for Faye’s canopy, consider sewing on an extra length of fabric at the bottom, so that it reaches the floor. Either the same check print or matching one of the solid colors at the top would work. Can’t wait to see what you do with her walls!

  9. Pat jacoby says:

    Love following you. Great ideas and design sensibility. On the canopy- I wonder if you spread it out so the bed frame is in it- if that might make it feel better. Seems like it’s too intrusive to the bed the way your photo shows it. Just a thought. Pat Jacoby

    • Pia says:

      Yes! The frame needs to be in it. Agree. But the canopy is just too short in my opinion. It needs length. I think an additional of one and half to two meters of fabric to the bottom of it would do the trick. Fairy lights and pompoms doesn’t hurt either :-)

  10. Molly says:

    Happy New Year!! SO thrilled to hear you’re feeling so at home! It all looks like such a warm, comfy, cozy, beautiful space & I want to come right over;) xoxo

  11. kim weigand says:

    Love!! Happy New Year!!

  12. Meghan says:

    Best post I’ve read in the new year thus far! Showing us that smaller changes can have a large impact is so encouraging! Thank you for the inspiration!

  13. Heather Wilds says:

    This post made me so happy. It was nice to hear/see that sometimes you have to make do for budget reasons just like the rest of us and I so appreciated you saying that the mirror isn’t quite right but it will do for now. Thank you Chris and Julia!!

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We believe we should all love where we live.

We’re a couple of homebodies, working to uncover the home our home wants to be. And we’re so happy to have you here. 

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