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28 Gifts under $25: What I Would Bring to a Favorite Things Party!

December 9, 2021

We believe we should all love where we live.

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Has anybody ever been to a favorite things party? They’re so fun and I love the concept. It’s such a great way to share your favorite things, but also learn about other peoples’ favorite things! Here’s how it works:

Everybody brings 3 of the SAME gift (you could also do 2, just depending on how many gifts you want everyone to go home with!). It’s helpful to have a price limit on the gifts–under $25 is pretty common (hence the round-up). You can wrap 2 of the gifts, but leave at least one in a gift bag because you’re going to do a little show and share with the group! Before that though, everyone puts their name on a piece of paper in a bowl, 3 times (for the 3 gifts you’re giving).

Now you just take turns going around in the circle, sharing what you brought and explain why it’s one your favorite thing. Then you draw 3 names to gift your favorite things to! So easy, and everybody goes home with 3 things that could become their new favorite and a lot of new good ideas, too!

I thought it would be fun to share some favorite things that would make great gifts! I’m honestly LOVE all of these things, plus they’re all under $25! Can somebody host a favorite things party and invite me, please?

1. Colorblock Gloves $12 How cute are these mittens? I love that they can be converted from fingerless to covered and the colors feel so festive!

2. Box Cutter $18 Is it weird that one of my favorite things is a box opener? I use this every single day, multiple times a day. So much–that we now own multiple. It’s honestly life changing, and very safe to use. I’ve gifted this many times.

3. Wood Serve Board $25 Chris makes up a charcuterie board of snacks all the time. But even if you aren’t into cured meats and cheeses, they are just as beautiful serving up anything and as decor in a kitchen! This is an essential piece of hosting, and honestly, self-care.

4. Red Aspen Mascara $23 You won’t believe how good this mascara is until you try it! And tell all your friends about it because friends share all their beauty secrets.

5. John Derian Wrapping Paper + Gift Tags $18 One of my best friends gifted me this beautiful book filled with unique wrapping paper sheets and gift tags. It was such a beautiful and practical gift I can’t wait to use this season!

6. OAUI Leave-in Conditioner $25 I use this once a week, and it detangles my fine hair so easily and leaves it feeling feel so silky-soft and shiny to boot.

7. Hoops Earrings $26 I have a few of these “Live in” hoops and these ones are definitely the best bang for your buck! I never take them out.

8. Cozy Socks $4 I get a lot of questions about what socks I like to wear with boots and THESE ARE THEM!! They are so incredibly soft and look so cute poking out.

9. Measuring Cups $20 One of my favorite things to do is to elevate the every day things in our home and these measuring cups are so great for that!  They’re functional and beautiful and useful and I would totally leave these out on a shelf as a decor tbh.

10. Nutcracker Ornaments $25 You know what I love more than a nutcracker ornament? Five nutcracker ornaments!

11. Wood Pedestal $25 I love using wooden pedestals so much that I wrote a whole post about why it’s an essential decor item. You’re welcome. I love setting hand-soaps or candles on mine.

12. Hand Soap $23 This hand-soap specifically rated in our top ten favorites when we tested 30 hand soaps, for pretty packaging, and scent. It’s a shoe-in type of gift.

13. Acrylic Scissors $22 I was gifted a nice pair of scissors two years ago and I cherish them. These work SO well and they are stunning.

14. Bronzing Face Mist $25 I use this self-tanning face mist a couple mornings a week. A couple spritzes and it builds the perfect warm glow. Click here to get the rest of my skincare routine.

15. Ice Roller $23 If you haven’t used an ice roller on your face, you’re missing out. It’s the best for puffy eyes and face, migraines, or just some nice cool facial therapy.

16. Wristbands $10 Okay, this is my best life hack. If you hate the feeling of water running down your arms while you’re washing your face–Snap on a couple of wristbands, and voila! No more drip.

17. Velvet Ribbon $22 I’ve been using this ribbon as Holiday decor around the house like a mad-woman. The prettiest rust color, and there’s 11 yards of it!

18. Maybelline Lip Crayon $9 This ink crayon lipstick has been my staple lately. It’s moisturizing, stays on all day, and the “Lead the Way” color looks perfect on everyone.

19. Exit: The Game $15 The ultimate at-home, escape game experience! We’ve invited friends over and played several of these and every one has provided a memorable night. So fun!

20. Ceramic Vase $25 A good vase is something you can never have too many of. This one is such a great size, and would make any stems look stunning and work on its own on a shelf, too.

21. Nylon Hair Ties $8 These are my favorite nylon hair elastics. They don’t leave a kink in your hair, plus they’re so soft and and won’t tug at all.

22. Lip Mask $22 An essential part of my nighttime routine. Waking up in the morning with hydrated and nourished lips is a gift I want to receive every night.

23. Electric Candle Lighter $25 Have you tried these? Although there’s nothing like striking up a match, this electric candle lighter is so easy to use, is rechargeable, and a lot prettier than those larger lighters!

24. Glue-on Nails $13 You can always find me wearing these nails. They’re so affordable, so easy to apply, and the current pair I’m wearing has been going strong for 3 weeks now! Incredible.

25. Microfiber Turban $21 I cannot believe how much quicker my hair dries when I use this hair turban. It’s microfiber and soaks up all the water out of my hair and is so much gentler and lighter than a normal towel.

26. Candlesticks $25 I’ve been sharing these candlesticks holders over and over again, because they’re just that good. Classy, and the perfect set of 3.

27. Beanie $19 This taupe beanie is so stylish and comfortable!

28. Gold Vintage-Inspired Frame $22 Having a vintage-style frame laying around, ready for art is the kind of gift that I want to be given. Would be so cute to add a print, too!

Favorite Things Gift Ideas


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  1. Miranda says:

    I 100% prefer a favorite things party over white elephant and this post is full of great gift ideas!
    We do one variation on how gifts are chosen. Everyone picks a number between 1 and however many people are there and they pick one gift in that order, so sort of like a white elephant except no stealing or trading. We have everyone pick a number 3 times so that each round has a different order and I like that because it allows people to pick the gift they’re interested in but instead of doing say 1 – 30 if you have 10 people in your group where someone may not get a chance to pick a gift until # 27, you’re always able to pick a gift each round.

  2. Sara says:

    I love this list and I was actually needing ideas – you read my mind! Thank you! I would add these as such a fun gift for ANYONE! I’ve given them for graduation, Christmas, Just Because, loss of a loved one, birthday’s you name it. Who doesn’t love to see rainbows in a room (I have them in a bedroom and a front bathroom). Brings a smile to my face every time. Merry Christmas!

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We believe we should all love where we live.

We’re a couple of homebodies, working to uncover the home our home wants to be. And we’re so happy to have you here. 

HI! We're Chris + Julia

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