Winterthur Carpet, FTW.

March 2, 2012

We believe we should all love where we live.

We’re a couple of homebodies, working to uncover the home our home wants to be. And we’re so happy to have you here. 




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You may (or may not) remember what our old carpet looked like in the family room.  It wasn’t very memorable.  Standard oatmeal color.  A much higher pile than we would have chosen for ourselves:

The carpet made us uneasy.  When we moved into this home last year it was very dirty. We had to wear shoes in the house for a long time. Even after I washed the laminate wood floors several times, the bottoms of our feet were still black.  It took a solid two weeks of scrubbing the floor daily before they looked clean and  we felt our feet were safe to walk around bare.  Carpet is a different story.  I can’t wash carpet every day.  Sure, I vacuumed a lot but there’s always the looming feeling that someone else’s dogs were romping around in this room.  And kids.  And who knows what else could be laying in the fibers of this high pile carpet.  So, not only did we want to change the carpet–we felt we needed to.  When we ripped up the old carpet, we found a whole lot of sand underneath:

Why so much dirt?!  Gross. Gross. Gross. We yanked it up and cleared all the debris and yesterday, we got brand new carpet and a new luxe pad.  At least that is what we paid for. I mentioned here that while Chris had final say on the couch, I chose the carpet.  Chris was insistent on getting the nicest carpet pad available.  The 10# Healthier Choice Eco Memory Foam Carpet pad.  It was luxe and expensive, but he wanted to make sure this family room was as comfortable as possible–so we splurged.

And then as I was looking through pictures to write this post, I noticed we didn’t get the 10# pad we paid double for.  We got an 8# pad:

While I am so happy I over-document everything and caught this–I wish I would have caught it before the carpet was installed over top of it.  We aren’t sure what we are going to do.  I’ve been on the phone with customer service the better part of this morning.  We’ll keep you posted.  As for the rest of the process, it was fairly smooth and we love the outcome.  Our new carpet–we love it.  

It’s the same carpet we got in Greta’s room last year, Martha Stewart’s line at Home Depot.  The pattern is the Winterthur pattern.  Simple diamond texture in a deep color called “Brook Trout.”

It plays nice with the paint color (also Martha…go figure), but we can’t wait to get tall, simple baseboards like the ones we installed in our guest room to define the two even more.  And I’ll definitely be breaking out the paint again this weekend to touch up all the spots that got scratch during the process.

While the underside of the carpet is rough enough to scratch lots of paint of our walls, the top of the carpet is beyond soft.  After it was in, I thought for sure Chris was gonna nap right there:

I was set on Martha’s Winterthur line almost imediately, although I did gather a few other samples to consider.  The carpet has a lifetime stain and soil warranty, a 20-year texture retention warranty, and a
20-year abrasive wear warranty.  So it is as practical as beautiful in my opinion.  Deciding on a color took a little more thought.  We have the second color from the left on top in Greta’s room.  “Potter’s Clay.”  But we wanted something significantly darker for this room.  We quickly ruled out all of them except Brook Trout (which we ended up going with) and Wild Turkey (second from the right on the top):

Both had a great balance between brown and gray, but in the end, Wild Turkey was too close to our previous carpet color and not as moody as we were looking for.  Brook Trout won.  And we both agree it was the best choice for the space.  I would say Greta (no clue what happened to her hair or pants) agrees, too:

What can I say–the girl gets excited about carpet.  The carpet was a big chunk of our budget, but worth every penny.  This receipt shows the 10 # pad:

A cool grand is no joke for carpeting one room, and unfortunately we had to pay for quite a bit of extra due to the odd layout of the room.  But due to the error on their part with the pad, I have a feeling this number might go down.  We still are not sure what is going to happen.  Are they going to come back and remove the carpet and put the 10# in?  The renovation is continuing and we wouldn’t be happy to have to wait around another week or two waiting for installers.  Are they going to give us our money back and we just live with the 8#??  I don’t know.  Right now we are just rejoicing in the progress of the room, loving our new carpet, and counting our lucky stars we noticed the mistake.  
 Whew.  SO much better, right?  (And yes–this post was hard to shoot while avoiding all shots of the window on purpose. wink.)  

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  1. Allison says:

    I just ran across this carpet at Home Depot and love it!! we are redoing all our bedroom carpets. However, the samples do NOT feel soft at all. I did a quick google search on Reviews for this carpet and your Blog come up. I read that yall thought it was really super soft. Do you think its just the samples? Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.

  2. kim says:

    Is the Brook Trout more of a gray or brown? It’s hard to tell from the pictures…looks gray but is very nice. Love the pattern!

  3. vacre says:

    Interesting about the carpet/pad mistake. We ordered a Martha Stewart carpet ourselves a few weeks ago from home depot. Our measurements were 13.7 x 15 and the total dollar amount was more than yours! And, it was supposed to be a free installation but they measured wrong. Miraculously, their overage exactly equaled tge “free” insallation cost. Needless to say, we no longer trused them and did not take the carpet! Loved it tho!

  4. chelsea alexander says:

    Okay, now it’s been TWO years since you installed it. Still loving it? We’ve pretty much decided we’re going to put it in all of our upstairs, but I’ve been looking for reviews. Your blog and Bower Power Blog are the best documented ones I’ve seen and give honest reviews. Thanks!

    P.S. I was so curious whatever came of the carpet pad sitch that I’ve been searching your archives for ‘carpet’ and ‘carpet pad’ to see if you got a price adjustment or refund (which I probably would have requested).

    • Julia says:


      We’ve since moved from the house but the carpet was in great condition still. We might even install it here in our new house. And your right, I never did give an update on the carpet pad! I contacted Home Depot, thankfully I had photos, and they offered to come out and tear up the carpet and replace the pad with the right stuff or give us a full refund for the carpet pad. We opted for the full refund of the carpet pad since we were already moving on to building our bookshelves. It worked out great and the 8 pound pad they put down worked fine.

  5. Anonymous says:

    Here we are a year later – how are the carpets wearing? We are thinking about installing this. Any words of wisdom? TIA!
    Micheline & Peter

  6. Lesley Raymond says:

    Love your blog! And yeah – that carpet does look way better :)

    I started my own blog yesterday & linked you so wanted to let you know. http://byporchlight.blogspot.com

  7. Rebecca says:

    I really like the subtle pattern in the carpet. I’m looking forward to seeing the rest of the transformation!

  8. Love the new carpet! It looks awesome! Total bummer about the pad though! Makes me wonder if they got ours right on Wednesday… lol. I hope you can at least get your money back!

  9. sarah says:

    so nice. i’ve never seen anything like that, but it may be a winner for me when we replace carpet down the road.

  10. The carpet is beautiful! Martha does a great job with those details (and I LOVE her paint colors, too!).

  11. Such a great idea of what we can do with all the extra we have!

  12. Julia F says:

    i like the carpet you picked! we aren’t carpet people, but if i had to pick one I like yours–it looks easy to clean

  13. I love the carpet! My husband and I are thinking about having a custom area rug made with this carpet (not sure of the colour yet) for our basement so I’m happy to hear that you’re loving it!

  14. Sarah Graupner says:

    Love it. I know you can’t clean wash carpet but I love the RUG doctor machine. Totally worth renting if you move into a new house and have no idea what the carpet has been through. I usually do it to my carpet once a year since it makes it feel like new (especially with a dog around).

    Can’t wait for the big reveal

  15. Never even heard of the Rug doctor. It sounds like it is something definitely worth looking into. Thanks for the recommendation, Sarah.

  16. Not having a typical Mormon style house is the best compliment I could receive. !! Hahahaha. I got a few comments from you yesterday. I don’t even know how you commented where you commented–maybe since you were using your phone? Just know I did receive them and I was so so grateful for them. They made my day. We really do think that you guys are so cool and so fun and dinner in May sounds great. I know you’ll be busy with a family reunion (right??) but let’s see if we can swing it!

  17. HUGE pain. When we figure out what we want out of the deal, I hope we get it too. Thanks, Lex!

  18. meaganbriggs3 says:

    Sexy paint. Sexy carpet.

    Gasp! The window reveal better be next!!

  19. We hope to have a “Sexy” window reveal for you in no time. ;)

  20. Thanks, Lani. We would highly recommend this patterned carpet. It really sets the space apart and adds something special.

  21. Lani says:

    Oh I love it! I love the pattern…something I will definitely consider for the future! The room looks like its really coming together! Great job!

  22. Tiffanycardon says:

    Ok, so did you read both of our comments? We thought we deleted the first one, and so Creed seriously spent forever writing the second one cause we were trying to delete the blog we wrote it from (Long story). All you need to know was that Creed was honeslty blown away from your blog! He is still talking about it. I can hear him now, “Tiffany, she just doesn’t have the ‘typical Mormon’ girl style house. Everyone would love the way she designs stuff.'”hahah And I agree. It was sweet. Anyways, sorry for basically leaving the same comment 3 TIMES! Why do I feel like we are the best of friends? Because we have hardly ever seen each other! You’re awesome! Dinner is a must. Please tell Chris to make his finest!hahah You’re in Utah, right? We’ll be done there in May

  23. E: says:

    Good for you for catching the mistake! My MIL has always told me (emphatically) that you always have to watch workers closely because nobody knows the details as well or cares about them as much as you do. Hope you’re satisfied with the final outcome. Looks great!

  24. Good for you for catching the mistake! My MIL has always told me (emphatically) that you always have to watch workers closely because nobody knows the details as well or cares about them as much as you do. Hope you’re satisfied with the final outcome. Looks great!

  25. I love the pattern, too! I think that type of pile is much easier to clean should something spill. I’m glad you caught the price! Let’s hope you get exactly what you want out of that deal! What a pain!!!

  26. E: says:

    Good for you for catching the mistake! My MIL has always told me (emphatically) that you always have to watch workers closely because nobody knows the details as well or cares about them as much as you do. Hope you’re satisfied with the final outcome. Looks great!

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We believe we should all love where we live.

We’re a couple of homebodies, working to uncover the home our home wants to be. And we’re so happy to have you here. 

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