The Easiest Way to Paint a Crib + Giveaway!!

December 6, 2013

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We weren’t planning on starting the nursery until after the new year, but here we are–painting the crib. I feel excited and sad at the same time. Especially when I watch old videos of Greta jumping around in her crib, like this one from 19 months:<

Oh squeeze that girl!!! So, about the crib–it’s so special to me because it was hers. I feel so sappy about so many of her things now as we have started prepping for another girl. And part of me doesn’t want to change a thing about the crib, but the bigger part of me that can only see gnaw marks all over knew that something needed to be done. Greta chewed her crib up and we had no clue about crib chew guards until it was too late. You can kind of see the pristine condition of the crib in its “before” state and the chewed up after below.
But, in case you need further proof, here’s what we were working with:
So, I swallowed my sentimental pride and got to work. Wagner sent us their newest paint sprayer, the Flexio 590 to try and we thought this was the perfect project to put it to the test. We have been around the paint sprayer block, and haven’t been thrilled with the options out there. Every one clogged or had so much overspray or didn’t seem worth the clean-up. As we shared on Instagram–this one was an entirely different story. We were surprised. Really, really pleasantly surprised. Cribs are kind of notoriously a pain-in-the-butt to paint. There are so many angles and crevices and prep, but our process went smoothly and pretty quick and turned out beautifully. Here’s what we used:
Maybe the most intimidating part about painting a crib is the idea of sanding everything down–so many edges! We skipped the sanding and picked up this TSP no-rinse substitute. It promises to prep previous painted, wallpapered, glossy, fresh, etc. surfaces for a new coat of paint or finishing without sanding. We followed the instructions on the back and just diluted it in some warm water and then washed the whole crib down with the mixture and then followed up with a towel to dry it off. No rinsing needed–on to painting!
When we painted our kitchen base cabinets navy blue in our last house, we used Benjamin Moore’s Aura line and really, really loved the finish and durability–not to mention the fact it was low-voc and had a good primer built in. We decided to use it again for the crib and went with “Simply White” in a satin finish.
One thing that we struggled with using other paint sprayers is the thinning required so it wouldn’t clog. And even when we felt like we thinned it more than enough eyeballing it, it still sometimes clogged. The Flexio590 boasts that no thinning is required for most paints, but comes with a handy thinning tool that measures exactly how much to thin if it is required (10% usually). Aura paint shouldn’t be watered down, and it probably didn’t need to be thinned with the Flexio, but since we were working in the garage in colder temperatures, we thinned the paint 10% according to the handy guide using Floetrol. Floetrol is great for helping paint in really hot or colder temperatures, helps eliminate brushstrokes when using a brush, and is great for thinning paint in a sprayer, too. It basically slows down drying times a little bit.
When it came time to actually use the sprayer, we used the detail attachment since we were working with so many small slats and were so impressed with how exact it was with hardly any overspray. There are several settings that adjust the power, from something with a lot of detail like a picket fence (or, hey! a crib!) to an entire house. We stuck between 1 and 3 throughout the whole project.
Worked like a charm.
We did 3-4 coats letting each dry in between over the course of two days. During the waiting periods, we just used painters tape to attach saran wrap to the front of the paint sprayer nozzle and it still never skipped a beat.
The finish is smooth and satiny. We really couldn’t be happier with the crib and the paint sprayer. We’re believers again. This one is good.
After we tried out the paint sprayer, fell in love and felt confident in recommending it, we heard that so many of you love the Flexio590 as well, or were pining for one for Christmas–we contacted Wagner to see if we could get one more to giveaway. Surprise! They said yee-esssss!!! You can enter to win the Flexio590 using the Rafflecopter widget below.
Happy Weekend. Any projects on your end?

a Rafflecopter giveaway

This post was sponsored by Wagner. In addition to compensation, we were sent the Flexio590, but were not obligated to write a positive review or post regarding it. 

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  1. Randy says:

    I hope nobody actually tried this.

    I came across this blog post a while ago as I’ve been experimenting with my Flexio 890 that has exactly the same spray gun–I previously commented on the dozens of tests and poor results. I revisited this post to see what paint had been used and I picked some up. For kicks, I just tried exactly what they describe here, despite my skepticism, since I had already tried scores of other mixes plus what they describe here is contrary to anything Wagner suggests. More specifically:

    1) Benjamin Moore Aura is a pretty thick paint and 10% Floetrol described will not thin it sufficiently for the Flexio detail spray gun. I tried 2 oz. Floetrol in the 20 oz. Flexio paint cup and it was far too thick to spray. It was splattery as I expected. The 890 that I have has a more powerful turbine than the 590 described but it still couldn’t properly atomize the paint into a spray.
    2) Per the Flexio manual and speaking to Wagner support, paint MUST be thinned for the detail gun. Two problems: First, Floetrol isn’t a thinner, it only changes the viscosity of paint, extends drying time, and helps paint to level out from brush strokes or roller texture (and theoretically any spray texture). It can keep your sprayer’s tip from clogging and aid in sprayer clean up (it does). For spraying, Floetrol is primarily targeted to airless sprayers that handle nearly all paints with no trouble, but it doesn’t thin the paint enough for this particular gun. The second problem is that C&J correctly say that Aura can’t be thinned with water. So, this mix really isn’t a good option for the Flexio. (It brushes well, however.) Also, Aura’s directions specifically mention using an airless sprayer.
    3) Since they mention their spray gun setting, I tried several settings with the spray gun and none worked (since this paint mixture is too thick). Wagner suggests using higher air flow with thicker paints (typical for all sprayers, like high water pressure through a nozzle turns water to mist), but that is not what is described in the post. They say they used lower settings according to the 590’s dial suggestions. Either way, no setting on my Flexio sprayed this mix well, it’s just too thick. Rough splattery textures were the results, only the size of the splatters changed.
    4) I spoke with Wagner support and they confirmed everything I mentioned here regarding thinning, Floetrol,and air flow settings as well as everything that I had tried in my unsuccessful attempts at getting furniture quality finishes. They could offer no further suggestions beyond what I had tried.
    5) Do bear in mind this is a sponsored blog. They are compensated and get these products for free from manufacturers. It’s stated in the fine print, and they say they aren’t obligated to post positive reviews, but it’s worth being street smart and being skeptical up front. That’s why I tried this myself before you do. You can make up your own mind.

    So I really don’t know what is happening in this blog. I have the same spray gun and paint mix and it doesn’t work (I knew it wouldn’t when I saw how thick Aura is and that you can’t thin it). At least Aura brushes well, so I can get on with painting my trim pieces and finish my project while my Flexio goes back in the box.

  2. Randy says:

    How in the world did you get that finish, especially with only 10% Floetrol? I’ve spent the last two days spraying dozens of scrap trim pieces with my Flexio 890 and am getting terrible results. I’ve tried every setting and various thinning ratios. I just tried Floetrol and it was the worst yet, like spraying glue. I really, really want to know how you did this.

  3. Ella Myers says:

    this looks like an awesome tool for painting. I may have to invest in this product. I paint almost every other day but with hand painting, as I create my art work that I sell. I am about to tackle a bigger painting project though and paint my concrete patio area a with a stenciled stone look that requires spraying it on and this item sure beats using spray cans. great review, thanks about alerting us to this companys products

  4. […] Wagner Flexio 590: I’ve sung its praises before when we painted our crib and cabinets and I will again and again. We’ve tried several other paint sprayers with […]

  5. […] in trying out another one of their paint sprayers. Since we used (and loved!) their Flexio 590 when we painted Faye’s crib a year ago, we were definitely on board and thought this would be the perfect project to give their power […]

  6. Nicole says:

    How has the paint held up with out sanding? I just was wondering because I am about to repaint my crib because of all the teething of my two kids.

  7. Thomas BARBOSA says:

    Nice style

  8. Meagan says:

    I have been looking for a good paint sprayer and have even looked at a couple Wagner models, but hadn’t seen the Flexio before. Now I’ve got to really check it out! So glad to hear it got a rave review.

  9. Meagan says:

    I have been looking for a good paint sprayer and have even looked at a couple Wagner models, but hadn’t seen the Flexio before. Now I’ve got to really check it out! So glad to hear it got a rave review.

  10. Alex Auger says:

    This would make life so much easier!

  11. Melinda says:

    I would love to get my hands on one of these bad boys!

  12. Catie Fry says:

    We could definitely use a tool such as this. It’d be quite handy. :)

  13. monica says:

    We just bought a turn of the century home that desperately needs some paint (and a kitchen and some bathrooms … you know, little things!). This paint gun would make at least a few of the projects a breeze!

  14. Steph says:

    just bought a new place- this would be a huge help!

  15. Jessie says:

    I can’t believe that is the same crib!!! Looks amazing. I would totally do the same thing to our crib if I got my hands on this sprayer!

  16. Mama says:

    Would LOVE to win this ! Have been BEGGING my Husband to paint our kitchen cabinets but he is too scared… if we won this he would have no reason not to!!!

  17. Felicita says:

    Wow, I can’t believe the spayer worked so well! We’ve thought about being a sprayer to keep at home for big projects but everyone always told us that they are awful. The crib looks like new! Great job!

  18. Katie S says:

    We used a professional grade sprayer to spray our entire house, but it was such a pain! We still have so many projects to finish too. Trim, cabinets in a bonus room, thrift store furniture finds, exterior doors, etc. The projects never end! But man, this sprayer looks amazing! Plus, I’m loving your no-sand tip. Would be ever so grateful to win!

  19. chian97 says:

    I would love to win this. I have so many projects around the house that could use a good painting.

  20. We just moved into a house that is in TERRIBLE need of a good paint job. I keep telling my husband a paint gun would be so much easier than those dang rollers. Here’s to hoping I win!

  21. KATIE says:

    you make it look so easy, i’m trying to get the nerve to paint my kitchen cabinets. This sprayer would help tremendously.

  22. Can’t wait until we get to see your new bundle of pink in that crib!

  23. The Smiths says:

    This would be so nice to have! The crib looks great btw!

  24. I have wanted a paint sprayer for so long! I would love to try this one!

  25. k-rae says:

    My hubby would loooooove one of these!

  26. Would love this sprayer to paint my kitchen cabinets!

  27. I’ve never used a paint sprayer, but have many projects in mind for which I could use it.

  28. Maggie says:

    Thanks for the chance to win, I really want a sprayer!!

  29. Stephanie says:

    This would be great for painting some Craiglist furniture I have laying around!

  30. Wow! The crib looks brand new – great paint job!

  31. Great giveaway, and the crib looks awesome!

  32. Sara says:

    I need to repaint my kitchen cabinets and this would give me some needed motivation.

  33. I wish we’d had a paint sprayer when we painted our crib. It would have been so much easier and turned out so much better!

  34. brat says:

    This would be a perfect addition to our home. We are expecting Baby #2 (a boy this time!!) and would love to paint our daughter’s crib railing that used as a chew toy during teething. :)

  35. Fantastic transformation!

  36. Tara says:

    Would love to win this!!

  37. Tanya says:

    I would love this!

  38. kimi says:

    My husband painted our daughters crib by hand. That is a lot of hours he will never get back! Good man he is!

  39. Ok I am so so jealous. We’ve been painting our crib by hand (also in preparation for our second little girl) and it has been days and were still not finished. I need to get my hands on one of these.

  40. Would love one of these!! Thanks so much for the opportunity :)

  41. It looks brand new!!!

  42. It looks brand new!!!

  43. It looks brand new!!!

  44. Kara says:

    Looks great! Yes please.

  45. Wow, I would love one of those!

  46. LJ says:

    it looks like an entirely new crib!

  47. It looks like a new crib! Love it.

  48. Angel says:

    Great job! the crib look brand new.

  49. The crib looks great. I’ve had issues with clogging in the past using sprayers so I will have to check this one out.

  50. Great job on the crib. Sprayer did a great job too.

  51. Jenna says:

    Love the ‘new’ crib! It looks awesome!

  52. Kristy says:

    it looks great!!!!

  53. Betsy says:

    It looks amazing! Painting cribs can be such a chore! I have been researching sprayers quite a bit but haven’t been overly impressed with anything I’ve seen…until now! I would love to give it a try with all my DIY projects!

  54. Rebekah says:

    The sprayer (and you!) did an awesome job! The crib looks brand new! I’m now dreaming of what the Flexio590 would do for all the really bad, cheap wood trim and doors in our 1970’s home! It would be life changing, no doubt!

  55. Whoo hoo paint sprayers!

  56. I will have to look into that sprayer. We have a different brand, and though it was way better than brushing it is still a pain at times with the clogging and clean ups!

  57. Laura Orr says:

    The crib looks great! Can’t wait to see the rest of the nursery!!

  58. Kandace says:

    OMG. I NEED a paint sprayer!! I am going to undertake a kitchen and FOUR bathrooms of cabinets before too long and have already started on every.single.door. in this house with a roller and brush. Its taking forever!!! Thanks for the awesome giveaway and congratulations again on your little buddle!! Here’s to a healthy and happy pregnancy!

  59. Andrea says:

    Another girl! How exciting!
    I love cribs in brown, natural colors, but this white crib looks beautiful!

  60. Kamee says:

    I love all of your projects! We have a long to do list as we are expecting too and want to tie up those loose ends before he/she arrives. This would be really great for our kitchen cabinets.

  61. Heather C says:

    Would love to have one to spray all our interior doors :)

  62. I would love to get this for Xmas and finish my garage!

  63. Happy for you! looks fabulous!

  64. Urban Wife says:

    Wow, the crib looks awesome now! I can’t believe how easy a paint sprayer makes it.

  65. Steph says:

    Look Great!! Thanks!!

  66. Gemma says:

    So glad to hear this great review! I’ve been trying to figure out which sprayer to buy for a while now. This one looks awesome!

  67. Danielle says:

    Crib looks lovely! Been thinking about a sprayer since we’re replacing all our trim soon…may have to check this one out.

  68. I can’t believe how good it looks! Take that Greta the Beaver ;p

  69. looks amazing! I’ve been looking for a good sprayer. thanks!

  70. Jenn says:

    The crib turned out beautifully! I assume that type of paint is completely wipeable?

  71. Brittney says:

    I’ve been in the market for a spray gun and have heard great things about this one. Thanks for the post! Hope I win.

  72. Debra Lee says:

    I would love to do some cabinets!

  73. Darija says:

    Looks so good. I’ve wanted a sprayer for a long time but always felt intimidated by them. Would love to win!!

  74. Corine says:

    Preston is dying to paint our crib. It just sounds like a mess to me, but this just might have me convinced!! It turned out so beautiful!

  75. Kim says:

    Looks great! Just curious, did it clean up well? We’re considering the Graco Truecoat Plus II, but this is a much better deal. Have you tried a Graco sprayer before? Just wondering if we should go with the Flexio since you had such a good experience with it.

    • Another commenter mentioned that one, too! We haven’t tried that particular one out so I can’t say yay or nay, but I will say the cleanup for this one was a cinch. We spent a lot of time cleaning a LOT of parts of a different sprayer and could barely put it back together. One, we actually ended up throwing away (!!!) because the cleanup just wasn’t worth it. This one, the front part disconnects very easily (no need to clean the back) and disassembles into 5 easy parts and even comes with a little brush. It took less than 10 minutes.

  76. I have SO much furniture to paint for our new house….my 2nd daughters dresser, a nightstand, a bed, and my dads childhood dresser for starters! This would make my day.

  77. Cindy says:

    I could use this sprayer: my doors need help!!

  78. I need one!! Ya’ll did an awesome job!

  79. Missy says:

    Spray spray away!

  80. Christa P says:

    Looks great, can’t wait to see the finished nursery!

  81. Unknown says:

    Looks great! Awesome giveaway.

  82. doreenbrit says:

    We’re in escrow on a house that NEEDS a new paint job. I would love a sprayer that doesn’t clog. Been there, done that!

  83. Amber Ross says:

    About to paint a whole house.. Would love the sprayer!!

  84. Kala says:

    I love how smooth the finish looks!

  85. Rachel says:

    This looks fantastic! Good work. I’ve wondered about painting a crib – how do you make sure that it’ll be ok if the new baby chews on it as much as Greta did? Is there any chance she could gnaw off some of the paint?

    • There’s always that chance, I guess. I don’t even want to think about how much stain and wood Greta ingested. Hahaha! But, we are on the hunt for some chew guards this time around.

  86. I have been looking for a sprayer for so long, that would be a great xmas gift for myself!

  87. Unknown says:

    I have been in the market for a paint sprayer, and this one looks great!!! Thanks so much Chris and Julia!! :)

  88. Your crib looks fantastic and congratulations on your little girl to be. I am a new follower to your blog. I would love a chance to win the sprayer. I tried another brand and completely failed!

  89. Liz says:

    I want a sprayer to paint our dinning room set. Cain back chairs are no fun!

  90. Sam F says:

    Definitely looking into this sprayer. I’ve been wanting to paint my coffee table and end tables for awhile and this looks like it would make it so much more enjoyable.

  91. ebrandel says:

    Ohhhh my gosh! I would so love to win this! I just bought two dressers for my new baby’s room (due February 6th!) and they need to be redone and this would give me so many more options than spray paint!

  92. Elena Vo says:

    Would love to use this for our son’s crib that needs painting!

  93. Daynes says:

    Can’t wait to see what you have in store for the nursery!

  94. Love it! We love our FLEXiO, too!

  95. Keny says:

    Beautiful result!

  96. Jena says:

    I want one of these so bad!

  97. sunandfun says:

    I want this! Need to paint my old closet doors – they have lots of slats and are impossible to do with a paintbrush.


  98. qs777 says:

    Would love to give this to my husband as we decided not to give each other anything this year to save money. Your crib looks great – so smooth!

  99. Erika Duke says:

    This would make my life so much easier!! Love this!

  100. Ikea has nice clear rail guards but not sure if they only fit Ikea crib rails..
    Looks great!

  101. Pam M says:

    Looks great! I would have never thought to paint a crib.

  102. We have been struggling with our sprayer. We could get so many projects finished if it would just work :)

  103. emily says:

    Can’t wait to see what the rest of the nursery plans are! My brother would be soooooooooo happy if I won this sprayer (and I would be happy to give him projects to use it on!). Congrats, y’all. The crib looks great.

  104. Oh, I think I could come up with a lot of uses for a sprayer!

  105. Your crib looks awesome! I’ve wanted a paint sprayer for so long and this one seems like just the ticket.

  106. Your crib looks awesome! I’ve wanted a paint sprayer for so long and this one seems like just the ticket.

  107. Tracy says:

    I need to repaint our crib too! Here’s hoping I win this to do it with!

  108. Oh, I’d love one of these! We have a little one on the way too, and our crib looks much like what yours “before” the paint job.

  109. Kate says:

    A paint sprayer would be perfect for so many projects!

  110. Tabitha says:

    We just bought a new house so this would be perfect!

  111. lili88 says:

    Beautiful job….it looks like new!!! I want a paint sprayer now…dreaming of all the projects I could accomplish

  112. Haley says:

    Nice! It looks brand new!

  113. I would love to get a paint sprayer! I have so many things that I could paint, but I HATE painting with a brush/roller. Pick me! :)

  114. Ally says:

    I have been craving a paint sprayer for so long now, working on a baby nursery too! Thanks for testing this product & giving an honest review, it’s much appreciated!

  115. Trilby says:

    Ohhhh – this is very near the top of my DIY Must-Haves list! I’m so glad to hear your great review – and the detail I liked the most was the picket fence-to-house exterior dial. Crossing my fingers on this giveaway!

  116. I’ve always wondered about paint sprayers – like they could make my life so easy but I am sooo not into clean-up. Glad to know you didn’t have to clean between sprays!

  117. That sprayer looks amazing! I’ve been wanting one forever, so this would make a wonderful Christmas present! :o)

  118. macy dawn says:

    Awesome! I love seeing detailed reviews like this. We’ve been trying to compare paint sprayers to use for our kitchen cabinets. This one looks great!

  119. I’ve been wanting a sprayer forever! What an awesome giveaway!

  120. Love to try a sprayer! Also fyi, I looooove your blog! Very genuine, and the dual blogging with food/home approach makes yoir blog one of my top 3 favorite reads!

  121. ajt says:

    Looks great! Sprayers have always seemed to be a big hassle to me, but this one seems totally easy!

  122. usgrahams says:

    We’re hoping to be in need of a crib makeover soon and this would seriously be perfect!! We know the frustration of paint sprayers all too well…thought we found the one and after a months use it’s dead. Bummer!

  123. Gina says:

    Our paint sprayer isn’t so friendly. I love the outcome. You can’t even tell where she chewed.

  124. Gina says:

    Our paint sprayer isn’t so friendly. I love the outcome. You can’t even tell where she chewed.

  125. Woohoo! Great giveaway!

  126. We really want to paint our kitchen cabinets and I’d love a sprayer to get the job done! The crib turned out great!

  127. Nicole says:

    That finish looks amazing!!

  128. Laura says:

    Love it! The crib looks great. The sprayer is now on my Christmas wish list :)

  129. Erin says:

    Looks fantastic! Can’t wait to see what you do with the rest of the nursery!

  130. I would love to win this! So many projects around the house, I need one of these ASAP!

  131. This would make my husband so happy. And me, because I could make him paint things!

  132. Dawn says:

    We have an old, gigantic bulky paint sprayer. It is a bear to clean so would love something small and compact.

  133. Vaea says:

    I would love to win one of these! So many projects i could use it for. First off, finish painting all of our indoor door.
    The crib looks fantastic!

  134. Elaine says:

    Awesome! Looks fantastic! Thanks for the great info on the sprayer too. This one is by far the most endorsed I’ve seen.

  135. Lana S says:

    I would love to win one of these! So many projects, need one of these badly!

  136. Jenna S says:

    I would love to win this! It would come in handy so much for some upcoming projects on our list!!

  137. Crystal says:

    Wow I can’t believe the finish you were able to achieve on all the slats. I have spent weeks painting 6 x back chairs that have a million small edges and I am so over it! What I wouldn’t do for a paint sprayer to finish the job……sigh

  138. K-Krew says:

    What an amazing transformation! Thanks for the review. It’s hard to know what you’re getting into until you buy one.

  139. Rebecca says:

    I just painted some furniture with lots of detail on the legs and this would have come in handy…thanks for the review, and congrats on the new baby!

  140. I’ve been using my dad’s sprayer (which works reallllllly well) but I’d love one of my own! This one sounds amazing

  141. Love this, need this!!

  142. I have been wanting to do several projects with refinishing some funiture, and I think I have finally found what tool I need to get it done! :) Thanks for sharing!

  143. I have been wanting to do several projects with refinishing some funiture, and I think I have finally found what tool I need to get it done! :) Thanks for sharing!

  144. I have been wanting to do several projects with refinishing some funiture, and I think I have finally found what tool I need to get it done! :) Thanks for sharing!

  145. Kathy says:

    Oooh I wanted a paint sprayer now! This would probably be great for all the wonky grooves in our old paneled den walls!

  146. So cute! Thanks for the giveaway and congratulations on your new baby girl on the way!! :)

  147. Dee says:

    I would love to win this one ! Thanks for the giveaway !

  148. Laura says:

    I really hope I win this one!!! Your crib looks so good :)

  149. I usually follow your blog through my feedly app, but since I popped over here for the giveaway I just wanted to say that your photo on the sidebar is really cute! Also, we still have 80% of our house to paint, so this sprayer would come in handy ;-)

  150. Emily says:

    I can’t even imagine how easy so many home projects would be/have been if I had a sprayer! It seems life changing.

  151. I would love to win! The crib looks awesome!

  152. Liz K says:

    Looks beautiful! I love a crisp white crib!

  153. Kelly says:

    My father in law is building our crib and I was hesitant to do a white paint finish for durability reasons- but this gives me hope that it might be worth it!

  154. kelsey says:

    wow, i’ve always wanted a sprayer but have been daunted by the thinning and over-spray and all that could potentially be a pain in the fanny, but this sprayer sounds perfect!

  155. Kates says:

    I just pinned this so I could remember the TSP for when we go and paint our house trim!!!! I totally think a paint sprayer would help on the doors too!

  156. Tara says:

    This would be the perfect gift!! We really need to paint our shutters. Thanks for the positive review on this sprayer.

  157. Tricia says:

    You guys, I NEED this!! I’m closing on my very first home this month and EVERY.SINGLE.ROOM. needs painting!!!

  158. Candace says:

    I will spray EVERYTHING!!!!!!!!!! Also… I need to buy a crib… whoops.

  159. Liz says:

    The crib looks amazing — basically it’s brand new!

  160. Mimi says:

    So awesome! Makes me want to spray everything!

  161. Tanja says:

    That is a pretty amazing transformation. I am partial to white cribs so I might be biased

  162. sarah says:

    Amazing how a little paint can make a well-loved piece look brand new! I have several pieces I could use a sprayer on.

  163. wow! I’ve been contemplating doing my kitchen cabinets, but have been wary of trying because i really want a smooth finish…this might do the trick!

  164. BPiatt says:

    The crib looks amazing! What a great way to reuse what you already have. I think someone else already asked this, but did you pick a specific paint in case your next little girl also chews on the crib? I’m pregnant and wanting to paint a crib we have, but am concerned about my child chewing on the paint. :)

    • We went with Benjamin Moore’s Aura line because it is specifically lo-VOC paint, I believe they have a line of even no-VOC paint (the Natura? line) but I couldn’t find any even close to us. This paint is also extremely durable (we used it on our last cabinets) but I’m still on the hunt for some chew guards this time around. I don’t even want to think about all the wood/stain in Greta’s system. Hahahaha.

  165. Ann K says:

    Would love to win! Have lots of projects coming up in the new year!

  166. I’ve been wanting to try a paint sprayer!

  167. Elisa Self says:

    Ah yes, my daughter’s lovely crib also has teeth marks all over. Oh yeah, and we also got those teething covers – homegirl was pulling them off by 11 months. Ah well! The sprayer looks like it did a fantastic job!

  168. Unknown says:

    Looks great! Excited to see the whole nursery :)

  169. The crip paint looks so smooth! I love it! I too have had bad previous experiences with other paint sprayer brands. I hope I get to try the Wagner Flexio590!

  170. chel says:

    Love how the crib turned out. That looks like an awesome paint sprayer!

  171. sam says:

    what was the clean-up process like? I always find the idea of that with a sprayer somewhat intimidating. Kind of like my food processor in the kitchen. Love the functionality, but cleaning it after is the worst.

    • Ugh, yes! That was one thing that we hated about other sprayers too. 500 parts to clean. This sprayer comes with a small brush and about 5 parts to clean up. It took me less than 10 minutes. No joke. And that was AFTER the paint had been sitting in the sprayer over 2 days while we painted. I just can’t say enough good things.

  172. house185 says:

    It looks great! So nice that you’re able to reuse the crib! A paint sprayer would make a lot of things much easier at my house :)

  173. Slavolosi says:

    Looks great! So fresh and bright!

  174. Angela says:

    I could really use this to paint my kitchen cabinets next summer!

  175. The crib looks so nice! I am pregnant with my first and am thinking about a white crib. White just goes with everything!

  176. So nice. We have a black crib and I’d love to spray it white if we evet have a second.

  177. Erin says:

    The crib looks AMAZING. I have so many things I need to refinish. This sprayer is what I’ve been waiting for!!!

  178. Shellie says:

    Can’t wait to see what you do with the new nursery!

  179. So so beautiful!!! Our white crib needs seriously TLC for #3….sometime down the road! Ellie started to do some serious biting damage and I couldn’t handle it! I sewed up rail covers the same day I discovered her bite marks and it has been life changing!

  180. Britt T says:

    Wow! I just turned down a free espresso-colored crib from my in laws because I thought painting it would be too hard. We just bought a new one. Bummer! If I had seen this, I would have totally attempted painting it!!

  181. Afton says:

    would LOVE, LOVE, LOVE to win this sprayer!

  182. This is so great! My husband and I have been debating painting our crib before our sweet baby comes. I’m not sure we’ll do it just yet, but now I know how to go about it!

  183. I have struggled to find a good paint sprayer, so I am excited to give this one a try. We have lots of projects on our to-do list that would benefit from a paint sprayer! Thanks for the post.

  184. Callie says:

    Gorgeous! Are you concerned about the little one chewing on the paint (from a health perspective)? I guess I’m used to hearing about the hazards of kids chewing on paint because of old lead paint, which this isn’t. I don’t have kids so I’m not up on these things, but did you have to choose a no-VOC paint or anything?

  185. Felicia says:

    I really want to buy a paint sprayer. This one looks great!

  186. K says:

    Looks like you truly found a great paint sprayer — I can think of so many projects at our place just waiting for it! Thanks for the opportunity to win!

  187. Marty says:

    I need a sprayer! I have a whole house of trim to paint.

  188. Rebecca W. says:

    Looks great! Can you are any gnaw marks now? The giveaway said I was entering to win knives, fyi.

  189. Forgot to ask – did you have to fill in any of the gaps and scrape marks from the teeth marks?

  190. Gorgeous results! I’ve ALWAYS wanted one of these beauties! Congrats on your second daughter!!! I’m sure she’s going to be gorgeous like her big sister, Greta!!!

  191. Liz says:

    Your crib looks great! This paint sprayer would be super useful!

  192. Love the white, it looks great. Good choice!

  193. It looks so much nicer in white

  194. Meg S says:

    Paint sprayers are pretty much one of the most amazing things ever.

  195. AviLynn says:

    I want! I’ve not been happy with other sprayers either.

  196. I did the same thing to our daughters crib. I wish I had used a sprayer…it would have been much easier!

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