It’s heart-breaking and more difficult than you can imagine to share that Willow, our beloved Bernese Mountain Dog whom you’ve all grown to know and love, has passed away unexpectedly this week. She was a large part (in every sense)

Willow has been acting off. We brought her into the vet and discovered she slipped a disc in her back. We got medication for her and have been trying to help her rest, per her doctor’s orders, but she’s still

When our first dog, a large Great Pyrenees named Charly, passed away last year, we received a beautiful (and crazy accurate!) watercolor portrait of her from talented artist, Jamie Clark. After we adopted Willow, we added her portrait to our


Casual Friday

This week was one of those that felt never-ending. I think it had something to do with Halloween being on Tuesday, which made it feel like Friday and then we woke up and it was only Wednesday. Anyone else? We’ve

Our Life

Meet Willow.

Meet Willow, the new-to-us 4 year old Bernese Mountain Dog we adopted, sent to us a little over a week ago from our dog Charly, who is absolutely watching over her family from above. Willow is proof of that. After