Photo Booth

While my sister, Andi, was in the states visiting we spent about an hour playing with Photo Booth on her Mac.  We laughed and laughed.  Just imagine these characters posting the following pictures on their facebook and captioning them as,

We put an offer in on this 2062 sq ft twin home in Spanish Fork.  It has everything on our wishlist.  Gated community Huge kitchen Dining room Walk in closet in master Gorgeous master bath with a deep tub and

Today seemed like a hard day.  It started off decent.  I worked out and showered before Greta got up for the day.  My visiting teacher came over and we had a good chat and then it started going downhill.  Greta



I have four sisters, I know all about photoshoots.  Everytime we are all together, which sadly isn’t as often anymore, we spend a couple hours getting ready.  I usually do everyone’s hair, Krissy helps with the eyebrows and makeup and


Sleep 2.0

Last night, after 20 months of marriage, we switched sides in bed.  The idea originated because I didn’t want to sleep next to the open window anymore.  After one night, I am hooked!  I slept so well last night. Turns

 Something has to be said.  It has really been bothering me lately.  I would say I HATE , but I don’t say hate, so I very much dislike…even ABHOR when I am leaving a comment on someone’s blog and I

I love you, my little five-month old. I love your huge, open-mouthed smile that never ends.   I love your chubby thighs and the rolls hidden by your diaper.   I love that one big curl on top of your