Letting go.

It’s lunchtime.  I always feed Greta 4 oz of baby food for lunch.  2 oz of fruit and 2 oz of vegetables.  Once that is out of the way, the fun begins.  I toast some bread and break it up

I never thought a house could break your heart.  A couple houses have.  I was picking out a very contemporary wallpaper for the kitchen in Spanish Fork and drinking ice water while watching Chris cook in the professional kitchen that


My "Week Off"

I am not sure what I envisioned for my week off of house hunting.  I suppose I imagined Greta and I– poolside–with a tall, frosty glass of lemonade and, of course, a sippy cup for the little cub.  Maybe nice

Chris just left for work.  It’s Monday again.  Last night, Brandon and Stephanie came over for dinner and I was explaining that I feel like I have deja vu often.  I set my cell phone on the counter to clean


Vote for Us!!

Entry #33 by Julia in Pleasant Grove, UTWe were buying our couch and ottoman, literally checking out–we looked over and saw this dining set. It seats 6, but is also expandable…we were only two at the time, my husband and

A little about Jules, through the eyes of her husband:1. What is your signature color?Pilot G2.  Preferably very fine point. Black.  2. What is your most embarrassing moment? Does it have to be embarrassing for me?  If not, I would say


6 month stats

Greta’s pediatrician loves her.  He is older (I would say late 60s) and I hope he never retires.  He always comes in and talks to her for awhile like she can talk back.  He compliments her name every time and

We didn’t get that house that we both loved so much.  It was a pretty depressing day when we got that call. Part of me still thinks that maybe in two weeks, they’ll change their mind and say we can



Just days old 1 month old 2 months old 3 months old 4 months old 5 months old 6 months old!!! Sometimes when Greta wakes up from a nap, I tell her how much she has grown in just a