9 months ago, while painting our staircase spindles and railings (ironic I was doing the same thing this weekend), I took a break and wrote a quick post about something I couldn’t stop thinking about: Adding a window in the

You may remember our inspiration photo as far as art goes for the family room from our mood board: I originally found this photo here, but of course didn’t link the exact post and now I can’t find it again.

You may (or may not) remember what our old carpet looked like in the family room.  It wasn’t very memorable.  Standard oatmeal color.  A much higher pile than we would have chosen for ourselves: The carpet made us uneasy.  When

The first pillow cover that we’re working into our family room arrived over the weekend.  It’s gorgeous.  It’s thick and soft and well constructed.  I mentioned I wanted to introduce chocolate as an accent color when I talked about our



Or, “How to move your ceiling vents”….orrrr, “Make way for crown molding!” There aren’t a ton of online tutorials about moving your ceiling vents to a different location (I couldn’t find any–which made this project even more nerve-wrecking), but that’s