I called poison control tonight.  It’s my first time as a mother–not my proudest moment.  Here’s the background story: Greta is really sick.  She has RSV(most likely…the doctor wouldn’t test her because there is nothing they can do for it)

(Name that movie! Hint:  think vultures channeling the Beatles.) Okay, I’m all about utilizing what I got, but having the same fabric in three different places was a little much in our two-bedroom/one-bathroom apartment.  I used the same fabric to

Last night, Chris and I stole 2 hours for ourselves.  The babysitter came when Greta was already asleep and we slipped away for a much needed date night.  It’s been a very long time.  Definitely months since Chris and I


Andi’s Dilemma

Isn’t it so fun checkin’ out other people’s houses and getting ideas for your own? I hope you have taken away lots of notes from Meagan and Jenessa’s decor dilemmas because, although their mood boards were for specific rooms in