Giveaway is now closed.  Thanks for all those who entered.  And congrats to Meagan for winning.  See you all next time for another fabulous giveaway….we promise. It’s time to share the love.  April was a really big month for us

Greta-girl goes down for a nap around 11 and I can barely get into my paint-splattered yoga pants fast enough.  There’s a whole list of things I can’t do when Greta is awake.  Clean up our bedroom.  Clean the bathrooms.

Meet the narrow wall between the dining room/kitchen and living room: Chris and I have discussed a few different times what we would like to do here.  We messed around with the idea of a chalkboard wall, or simply hanging

It took 7+ hours divided between Friday and Saturday night, but we finally finished painting!  It required two coats of rolling on Chris’s part and facing my greatest fear (heights!) to get all the trim done on my part.