Our Life

A Moving Party!

Considering a month ago we were completely unaware of Chris’s new job and content with staying in our home indefinitely, this fast move to Idaho has not only thrown us for a loop, but also all of our friends and

Our Life

Under Contract!

Today we are headed back home to pack, clean, finish up and share a few projects with you from our current home.  And then say goodbye to it.  That will be hard.  When we first made the decision to move,

Oh dear. This is hard. To catch up any of you that didn’t follow along on Instagram (@chrislovesjulia), the house hunt on Monday was intense.  I saw everything from a two-story on 6 acres, to a 1960s time capsule in

Our Life

On the Hunt.

Today is Chris’s first day at his new job in Idaho and we never expected I’d be here with him.  We thought for sure Greta and I would still be in Utah prepping our house for listing later this month.

Our Life

Moving Up

I remember playing a board game called Cashflow way back in my early college days with my, then, boyfriend and all of his friends. It is basically an educational game that simulates real life financial strategies and situations, like investing. Monopoly