Although there’s so much going on inside, we try to spend time every week making sure our exterior stays maintained. We actually have some rather large plans for our backyard space, but that will have to wait until next year.


Move! That! Shed!

This is the story of a shed–our 10×14 shed that sits on one side of our house–or used to until last week. And if you follow me on Instagram, you already knows how the story ends…kind of. Since our kitchen

Last week, I shared with you the Pugmires’ mind-blowing kitchen renovation they tackled all on their own, and mentioned I’d be sharing something else they’d been working on this week. Well, a couple months ago I mentioned that they should

There’s a little grove of four trees on the north side of our yard that was inhabited by an old fire pit for who knows how long. We knew we wanted to tear that thing out–although we’d love to add


Plant Newbies

If I could (I know I could) go back to school, I would get a degree or take a class–something! anything!–in landscape design. And/or computer science. And accounting. Ha! But really, I wish I knew more about landscape design and plants

Our next major project is something we’ve been on the fence about for 9 months. To fence or not to fence. We need a fence for Charly (and most recently, Gretaaaaaa!!!). We knew that when we first purchased this house. But, our

We are all over the house right now. Our base cabinets are still sprawled throughout the basement waiting for hardware. I decided to rearrange the whole great room to make room for more seating this weekend and, of course, we