In 2013, “Fixer Upper” first aired, and over the last seven years we’ve learned what a “modern farmhouse” looks like. Even city dwellers, small spacers, no yarders, and definitely folks without cows or chickens adopted Chip and Joanna’s iconic style.

 While Chris and I were stuck in the airport for endless hours yesterday (we’re STILL not home), we started making a list of allthe projects that need to happen before Christmas. Need is a strong word, because Christmas is going to come

This post is sponsored by World Market. We’re sharing some of the recipes you see below on their site today!  I know what you’re thinking — Thanksgiving already?! We have no intention of skipping October’s hallowed holiday, but we are planning

This post is sponsored by The Outdoor Greatroom Company It’s summer and we have been spending so much time as a family outside and even entertaining our family and friends. So, although a little ironic, we somehow have more lounge-y