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Casual Friday

Hardware | Fruit bowl | Cutting boards | Glass canister | Equivalents Print | Acrylic Frame | Pumpkin Toffee Candle | Green bowls | Salt Cellar | Pots & Pans • Idaho got really cold this week–30s and 40s most days. Those first

This week, our contractors finished installing the new wood floors on the main level of our cabin and it CHANGED EVERYTHING. We really debated and mulled over flooring options before landing on these. We wanted something rustic (because, hey, it’s

Chris Cooks: Pumpkin Chili

It’s October, and pumpkins are lining everyone’s doorstep. The unfortunate thing is many of these pumpkins are thrown away after rotting in the cold, instead of realizing their full culinary potential. This chili doesn’t just use pumpkin because it’s that