Weighing In

This month has been full of cauliflower disguised as mashed potatoes, spaghetti squash subbing for pasta, and our new grill got plenty of delicious action. We developed a new love for black beans and fresh tomatoes and avocados. Asparagus never

Greta has been fussy these past few days. So unpredictably fussy. I put her down, she cries. I pick her up, she cries. So I put her back down and she stops crying. I think she doesn’t even know what

Funfetti cake (her favorite) got the party started. She begged to take her first stroll outside. She insisted Chris feed her her first bottle. Aunt Victoria and Aunt Patty came from out-of-town and gave Greta the perfect gift: arms to


Week 1

Yesterday it started. Our diet. The one we have been talking about and promising ourselves we would stick to since our cruise to Mexico last summer. But I was pregnant…so we decided to wait 6 months until I wasn’t. Wow,

Last night, Greta slept in her crib in her nursery. I had a mental breakdown about 1 am. I just didn’t like her being so far away. I was so paranoid that I wouldn’t hear her. Chris calmed me down