SOS: Curtains.

The saga of the apartment revamp goes on.  Yesterday, it was happening in the nursery/office.  Although we live in a basement, it is a nice basement, with large windows that make it feel like it’s not a basement…larger windows than


9-month stats

At the doctor’s office this morning Greta had her 9 month appointment this morning–about a week and a half early.  She hasn’t been taking any naps, or very short ones and I was getting worried/exhausted.  Her doctor told me that

If there is any place that could use refreshed it is the bathroom, always.  Right?  (Hehe.)  Well, being renters–it’s hard when you can’t paint, change light fixtures, or move around any other permanents things like towel racks, so redoing a


Sunday afternoon

Our church is now over by noon.  Although it’s hard on Greta not to take a morning nap (there’s just WAY too much to look at), we all get home and zonk.  And when we’re all good and rested–it’s family


Happy Halloween!

The first year we were together, I was a cop and Chris was a robber (original, I know).  Last year we were packing up and moving and Halloween came and went without a second thought, so I insisted we dress

Is Greta REALLY standing and walking at 8 1/2 months? Well, “Greta” circa 1986. *wink*  (Baby Julia 1986 10 months) Although Greta’s genes are 50% Chris’s and 50% mine, who do YOU think she looks most like? Chris Julia Does


Revamp a Lamp

You may remember when we won a little contest RC Willey was putting on.  They not only posted the announcement on the front page of their website for a good week (!), but they also sent it out to everyone that voted



Ever since the decision to stay in this apartment, I have gone into overdrive.  I unpacked and passed on the boxes to someone else that was moving, and now I have been thoroughly de-cluttering and cleaning like it was Spring.