It was a long weekend with very little sleep.  Greta was not herself.  She screamed and cried and I felt so sad for her (to the point of crying myself) and Chris and I both felt very tired.  It all


7 months

I can’t believe Greta is 7 months old.  I can’t believe she is ONLY 7 months old (sometimes–especially right now).  We took a trip to Rexburg this past weekend to see my not-so-little nephew, Kole, be blessed.  On the way,

It felt like time rewinded itself last night.  If I didn’t get Chris John Mayer concert tickets for Father’s Day, I would have almost believed that we were still dating.  Almost.  All day I worried about leaving Greta.  At the


Letting go.

It’s lunchtime.  I always feed Greta 4 oz of baby food for lunch.  2 oz of fruit and 2 oz of vegetables.  Once that is out of the way, the fun begins.  I toast some bread and break it up

I never thought a house could break your heart.  A couple houses have.  I was picking out a very contemporary wallpaper for the kitchen in Spanish Fork and drinking ice water while watching Chris cook in the professional kitchen that


My "Week Off"

I am not sure what I envisioned for my week off of house hunting.  I suppose I imagined Greta and I– poolside–with a tall, frosty glass of lemonade and, of course, a sippy cup for the little cub.  Maybe nice