While sifting through my box of paintings and drawings this morning, I found a treasure wrapped up in a manilla envelope. It was a survey I filled out as part of a young women activity, written to my future self.

(Iron Chef Marcum and Chef Marcum) I got my first chef’s hat, apron (pictured above) and cookbook for Christmas in 1995. I immediately put them on and started my own at-home restaurant, JULIE’S PLACE. Serving up my family all of


Food for Thought

Often times I get asked what I have craved so far. I have never understood “cravings.” I’m in my 27th week of pregnancy and so far I haven’t been one of those women that HAVE to have something very specific



All in one month (October) Chris applied for a job, interviewed for it and got it. Whoa. I know. Official start date being November 4th left us all of ONE DAY to find a place to live. It took 10


Chris’s To-Do List- July 9th, 2009: 1- Do paperwork at work for 30 minutes- spend the remaining 11 hrs and 30 minutes staring at the wall, driving around town giving stuff to businesses and playing dominoes.2- Get yelled at by



I really scrounge for something to make for dinner nightly so when Thursdays come around, I get excited to eat good food without having to think about it. Thursdays, Chris cooks. He is so creative and the food is always