I really scrounge for something to make for dinner nightly so when Thursdays come around, I get excited to eat good food without having to think about it. Thursdays, Chris cooks. He is so creative and the food is always



There is something about warmer days that makes me wish I was more tan, had long hair, whiter teeth, and a skinnier waistline. I basically go through this cycle every year. In the winter I joyfully put on the weight

I was on a mission last year. I was completely absorbed in my work. I promise. However, Valentine’s day 2008 still managed to be sweet as it possibly could be. I was 1357 miles away (thanks mapquest) from my Valentine,

Yesterday I was in Wal-Mart picking up a few things. There was a mother and father coaching their son, who looked about 7, on Valentines. He seemed really stressed on which ones to pick. I hung out in the cosmetics