Blind spot

Yesterday, we woke up and got in a little tiff about how I don’t eat enough because I just wanted cereal for breakfast.  We made our grocery list and did our shopping, which ended up taking a lot longer than

Clementines (aka Cuties) are in my top 5 favorite things about Christmas.  Top five!  That’s really something.  Today, while grocery shopping, we got our first batch.   Chris is giving them a thumbs up, because they are basically a part


Oh, G.

I was going to title this post something like, “A little Graphic” or “Getting Graphic,” but I didn’t want you to not read it because you thought it was going to be risque.  When in reality, I am dying to


The Mane Issue

I am not one of those people that gets embarrassed if someone catches me and my ‘do right after waking up–the problem arises when I am spotted with freshly washed and dried hair.  Yikes.  It was weeks after we were

I’m 25 today.  I have always thought that “25” sounded really cool and mature, but I don’t feel that different (does that mean I was already cool and mature? Hehe).  Honestly, there are some things that as a quarter-centurrian, I

Back in October, I revamped a lamp and that is what started this whole redecorating thing–at least that is what I can remember.  After I learned that I can cover a shade and create a new, fresh looking fixture, I have