Chris has been putting in 80 hour weeks for some time now.  Remember when I mentioned he was busy?–I wasn’t lying.  He is the executive director of conferences for an e-learning software company and just got done with the biggest

Greta and I just got home and it feels good.  Actually, it feels a little muggy because the air hasn’t been on for days, but just knowing we made it home safely is a good feeling.  Greta is already tearing

I have been waiting to write this post for awhile now.  It’s definitely one of those things we didn’t  want to get too excited about until everything was official and in place.  One of our many goals this year, was

When I am painting, I have loads of time to just think.  And if you have seen how many spindles are on our staircase, you know my mind has been spinning lately.  It may have hit me what to do