We have this black bookcase in our living room/dining room area that has moved multiple times since we got this apartment last year.  From the living room, to the office, to the living room, back to the office…except by this

I got an email from one of my besties in need of some inspiration in the home decor department, specifically in the master bedroom.  They are renters (just like us!) so they can’t paint, but that definitely doesn’t mean that

Remember that little problem we had with Chris’s clothes not having a home?  Well, problem fixed!  Saturday, we took a little trip to our favorite store–well, maybe it is just my favorite store–IKEA!  They have a slew of amazing wardrobes,

Brandon is Chris’s brother and Steph is his lovely wife.  For the three Christmases that they have been married they have always delivered a hilarious card, usually involving them (and their cats!) in some seriously questionable sweaters.  One year there

In twenty-ten/two thousand and ten (tomato/tomahto), we became a family of three.  The addition of one cute little girl changed every thing.  Definitely the most life-changing thing I have experienced.  I have learned that I can do things that I

Pomander!  I made some tissue paper poms today for Greta’s room.  Five to be exact, and they turned out pretty good for my first time EVER making them.  They are super cheap and added so much depth and color to


Homeless clothing

Our bedroom is nice and big.  The majority of the room is about 19’x13′, but our bed currently sits back in a 10′ wide nook.   Hopefully the diagram below will give you a better visual.   I whipped this

I am not the best multi-tasker when the tasks are blogging, having fun, and taking pictures.  Which presents a major problem, really.  Because it is best to take pictures to capture moments of fun and then to blog about it