What started out like this…                                   ….actually turned out to be really fun! The water was too cold for Greta at first.  Uncle Matt (Chris’s brother) let us come visit the pool at his condo.  It was a perfect

Greta is all smiles again! Whew. Sunday was a major turning point. She went from tears to giggles and from NO SLEEP to her 10 hours a night. I am so glad. During our Marcum family dinner, My sister-in-law, Stephanie,


Hug Me

 Greta is a 10+ hours-of-sleep-kinda-girl.  I am spoiled, I know.  At five weeks, she was getting 6-7 straight hours and every week, she has gotten better.  A lot of it has to do with her gaining weight so well.  She

  6:03 am, Greta started stirring.  I woke up, glad to be away from my dream.  I hate those dreams that you can’t stop dreaming.  I was so happy to go in her room and feed her and grateful for

 I have had a rough case of the baby blues.  It’s not an every day thing anymore like it was at first, but I still have my “sad days.”  I have been hesitant to write about this because I don’t



Once I woke up, Chris went and got Greta and brought her into our bed. She was so happy and kicking. Kick. Kick. Kick! That’s how we know she is really loving her life–she kicks. Then Chris brought in a

 We had a lot of family come and support us as Greta received a name and a blessing at church.  She is such a special girl and was so wonderfully behaved yesterday.  Hearing Chris bless our daughter was a very