Today is the big hanging-the-cabinets day! Unfortunately it’s also find-a-dentist-quick day because Chris’s filling and part of his tooth came out while brushing his teeth at work.  And Greta has decided to continue her cranky streak because of her teeth,

While browsing around Pinterest last week, I came across a little tip that said you can clean out all of that old paint that gets dried and stuck in your paintbrush with boiling vinegar.  When my brush gets to that



First things first:  Yes, I finished painting the cabinets.  We are gonna give them a few days to dry before hanging them, but you can definitely look forward to after pictures along with the whole process (pronounce it with a

After extensive tutorial research and 5 hours of internal battling over whether to start or not,  I took the plunge: That’s just primer, fyi.  I’m sure I’ll have a whole list of tips and dos and don’t-worry-abouts when I’m done,

While I am here wrestling with a power drill that is seriously lacking power (I don’t think I am supposed to have to use a regular screwdriver once I hit a stud because my drill stops working), I am serving