I asked Chris this question as we were finishing up dinner.  He said:   “You.   Watching Greta learn new things.   Being with family.   Providing for my family.   Making a good meal.   Those few minutes before


New Coat

We’re talkin’ paint, here.  Painting in progress and Notre Dame is not letting us down.   After pictures to come.  Standby, friends!



When we were on our weekend getaway–shopping, we stopped in Anthropologie.  That was the first bad idea.  There’s nothing in there I don’t love, but there’s also hardly anything in there that I feel okay spending THAT MUCH on.  You


To the bedroom…

Bowchickawahwow.  We’re moving this painting party to the bedroom.  Now that we have had several days to recover from painting the front area of our house and the hallway, we are ready to revamp our master with a little bit


I love US.

Instead of sharing my latest project around here, I decided to let you peak in on our early Valentine’s celebration this weekend.  Chris planned the ultimate Valentine’s getaway for us on Friday night.  He planned where we were staying, what

Who’s ready to win Kajsa Virkaaaaaaaa (in my best game show host voice)!!!!!!!???  Confused?  Something about Ikea: the names of their products–well, mean nothing to me.  I have NO idea what they are talking about.  Maybe if I understood Swedish,

…I finished my curtains!  It’s one of those things that got really repetitive and I couldn’t wait for them to be done.  And now that they are–I am so happy with the result.  Soooo worth it.  Remember what it looked