J:”Yeesh, planes, trains, and automobiles to get home, babe!” C:”Trains?” J:”…hmmm.   Well, OO OO! The trains in the airports that take us to the different concourses!” C:”Or, there were trains in the movie!”  (We watched Water for Elephants on



Last Thursday, in the middle of the night, we left for Tallahassee, Florida to see our best friends.  We thought a red eye flight would allow Greta to sleep the whole way–we were wrong. No matter how trying it was


Awww H.

We have weeds that are 5′ tall.  Taller than our half-dead bushes.   Our little evergreen bushes used to be shaped all swirly–they aren’t anymore. The perimeter of our front yard is completely grown over and it is all my

If you’ve known me longer than 15 minutes, you know I think grilling is the most bombay way to cook. Grilling is, hands down, the best way I’ve found to create crazy amounts of flavor while simultaneously cutting out calories