Bun Buddies

A couple days ago, my friend, Meagan, blogged about a hairdo.  It was a high-no-excuses-kind-of-bun.  She was inspired by her friend, Brandilyn, who also rocked this bun and her hair ended up getting a lot of attention.  Brandilyn learned the

Tresa Bell and Andi Bradley See that mirror behind those two pretty girls?  My parents had that mirror forever.  Are you surprised that it is oak?  My parents LOVE oak.  There are so many pictures of us in front of that


Single Mom

Chris left early Sunday morning.  Before the sun came up–but not before Greta got up.  “She’s going through something.”  I tell Chris and myself lately, as she rarely sleeps at all these days.  Chris headed off to the airport and


Milk and Water

I weighed myself this morning.   It’s not an every morning thing, but maybe a three times a week thing just to make sure I am still headed in the right direction–if ya know what I mean.  I got really


We be SKYPEin’

I am staying with my mom for a couple days while Chris is across the country.  Andi (my little sister) and her husband, Rodrigo, (they live in Monterrey, Mexico) called us last night via Skype.  They didn’t expect to see

“You’ve been my babe for 2 years!”  That’s what I heard from Chris this morning over the phone.  Yes, we are apart for our anniversary.  He is putting on a big e-learning conference right outside of NYC this week and I