Today, I finally found the strength to make the clock in the bathroom read the correct time.  Once I saw this new clock (on the right) at Ikea for just $9.99, I knew it was just the motivation I needed.


Hot and Cold

Two days ago, it was warm and sunny.  I opened the windows in our house.  I cleaned until things squeaked.  Greta and I went outside.  We met Chris for lunch.  When the weather is warm, I get the urge to


5 birds on wire.

It’s my latest painting that I thought I finished this morning, and even blogged about it.  And posted it (you quick readers may have got a glimpse at the first “finished” product).  And then I saw the post and it

I asked Chris this question as we were finishing up dinner.  He said:   “You.   Watching Greta learn new things.   Being with family.   Providing for my family.   Making a good meal.   Those few minutes before


New Coat

We’re talkin’ paint, here.  Painting in progress and Notre Dame is not letting us down.   After pictures to come.  Standby, friends!