When we moved, we lost something very valuable: our babysitters.  Chris’s brother, Brandon and his lovely wife, Stephanie, eagerly watched little Greta whenever we wanted–and sometimes they even volunteered!  Not only were they family, but they lived right around the

This morning, while Greta was busy dancing with her reflection in a full-length mirror I pulled out, I unrolled our zebra rug and gathered up some random things to fill that shelf above the couch.   I had every intention

Our sectional that we bought on Memorial day just arrived and it is perfect!  I think I love it even more than our old one.  Here’s why: It’s not as huge.  Our last one was a U-shaped sectional which definitely

We are already dreaming of what we would love to change about the bathroom and the list is never-ending.  Frost the window and get rid of those cheap, old, dirty blinds.  Replace the floors.  Replace the vanity with something less

Chris and I picked up a new favorite show recently: Modern Family.  We laugh out loud through every episode and we have already caught up on the past two seasons.  We have fallen for more than just the family members–their

If I titled this post “Utility Bills” or anything including those two words, you probably wouldn’t be here right now.  But who doesn’t love money? Or pockets for that matter??  We got our first FULL month’s worth of utility bills.

It’s the end of the week with a long weekend ahead of us.  Bliss!  Chris and I have a few home improvement projects on the agenda this weekend, including finding out where the water came from that was in one