We are moving in just a few short weeks and soon our apartment will be filled with boxes and stripped of our personality.  As exciting as it is to move into a new place–our very first house–this apartment will always

We got ourselves a fixer.  We are under contract with the home of our dreams and the closing date is set for March 31st.  We know that some people dream about building their own home with every upgrade you can



Once you have kids, everything changes. How many times have you heard that?  Yeesh.  It is true.  But, I feel like it is also a given.  I guess everyone wants to sound smart.   Except when I forgot this and

(Name that movie) There have been some inquiries about this blog and where we are headed.  I don’t know what initiated it all, but I have made up my mind about some things blog related that I gotta share.  This