The biggest conference of the year is coming up.  He’s in charge.  There’s a long list of projects to do at home.  He crosses something off every day.  He is a stellar dad.  The sweetest husband.  And he hasn’t forgot

Every once in a while, amidst several projects going on around here, I like to reach out and help a friend solve some design problems going on in their casas.  I received an email from Tanya wanting some advice on



Today, Greta and I matched in khakis and pink shirts.  I had a barrette in with a turquoise stone in it and wouldn’t you know it, she wanted to wear her blue barrette, too.   We went to Ikea and

Giveaway is now closed.  Thanks for all those who entered.  And congrats to Meagan for winning.  See you all next time for another fabulous giveaway….we promise. It’s time to share the love.  April was a really big month for us