Tonight We Ride.

Every once in awhile, we put the paintbrushes down and live life.  Birthdays are definitely those times.  After toggling between a few different ideas of what to get Chris for his birthday yesterday, I scrapped them all and decided to

Actually, 11 crows on it.  “It” being our banister.  We are slowly outfitting our house in Halloween decor (Spider McCreeperson seen here).  The cute, crafty “Boo!” decor just doesn’t look right in our house–so we are going more more sleek


Oh My Lampa!

I normally wait until the end of the post to give you before and after pictures, but I did a pretty in depth overhaul of these lamps and I would hate to keep you waiting as I babble on about

I am not a spider person.  (Are there “spider people”?!?)  But for the sake of the upcoming holiday and our costume party, I am going all out on the decorations.  Little by little our home is going to transform into