Kohl’s guy

We did lots of Christmas shopping this morning.  A couple things for Greta and some stuff for family.  We decided to get ourselves new bedding and pillows for Christmas…which definitely gets me excited.  As we were observing thread count and

I have had my share of beyond awkward years.  I even have my moments these days that I would rather not remember.  And thankfully, I usually don’t have a photo to remind me of those moments.  Although, one day I


His Stellar-ness

 Yesterday, the skin on my hands started coming off (I’m sorry, that is so gross), so I really need to keep them wrapped up, but the gauze squares and medical tape were NOT working.  Why is medical tape so un-sticky?!

Yesterday, I posted a little how-to on making a cute silhouette in Photoshop or using construction paper.  Well, I am no pro in photoshop.  In fact, I know how to use like three tools and I stick to those.  (I

Not the easiest word to spell.  Chris ALMOST got it right in my impromptu spelling bee.  Luckily, it’s a lot easier to create a silhouette than to spell it.  (i-t…I know that joke.)  I had one small space left on

Preston Pugmire sang at our wedding reception.  It. was. perfect.  He sang “our song” and lots of others that we love to hear him perform.  We have been to several of his shows and at each one, I bug him

I am feeling good today.  Well, actually I am feeling sore–but I feel like I can actually talk without a lump in my throat coaxing me to start crying.  Progress.  Not to mention all of the wonderful notes, texts, emails,


Blind spot

Yesterday, we woke up and got in a little tiff about how I don’t eat enough because I just wanted cereal for breakfast.  We made our grocery list and did our shopping, which ended up taking a lot longer than

Clementines (aka Cuties) are in my top 5 favorite things about Christmas.  Top five!  That’s really something.  Today, while grocery shopping, we got our first batch.   Chris is giving them a thumbs up, because they are basically a part