I am not the best multi-tasker when the tasks are blogging, having fun, and taking pictures.  Which presents a major problem, really.  Because it is best to take pictures to capture moments of fun and then to blog about it


Pillow Talk

I mentioned last week that we had picked out some new sheets and pillows for ourselves for Christmas.  And although I promised myself and was adamant with Chris that we would wait until Christmas to open them…we only lasted until last


Recipes… ugh…

Jules asked me to write once a week and “share my talents” with the blogging world. Talent-shmalent, I just love food. I spend a substantial amount of time thinking about my next meal and what new things I can try.


Optometry Art

I know that I have been raving about typography art lately (see two examples here), but I am adding another one to my walls.  It may just HAVE to be one of the new pieces going into our bedroom–we’ll see.


Color of 2011

Do you know what the color of the year for 2010 was?  Turquoise.  Which really makes sense.  I mean, even if you didn’t paint your walls turquoise (or rent and are unable to), chances are you (or maybe it was