Gate Hunters

Our new home has 3 sets of stairs.  THREE!  I always wanted a house of my own where you could go upstairs.  The home I grew up in had 4 levels.  A basement, a first floor, the second floor and

We did it!  Our very first yard sale was a success and a learning experience.  People were showing up an hour before it started.  And when our friend came to pick up Greta for a few hours while we played

Did you know I have 4 sisters?  I’m the second youngest of five girls.  Although, now that we’re all in our mid to upper (ahem Vic and Kris) twenties, sometimes it is hard to tell the age order because we

or Avert your eyes.  Whichever you feel more comfortable doing, because this place is in shambles!  Organized shambles (bet you’d disagree), but a mess nonetheless.  You may have noticed from our left sidebar that our crazy minds decided to throw

She hardly ate a thing all day.  She was cranky.  We thought she needed a longer nap–it didn’t work.  Once Brandon, Stephanie, and Matt came over for dinner she perked up.  Running around.  Showing off all of her clothes–bringing them

What’s more fun than buying a house?  Buying a house on TV.  Or at least we think so.  Last year, when this whole house-hunting process was getting started, we applied to be on House Hunters.  Appropriate, no?  We got an