You asked…repeatedly…and we answered…finally.  Really, I answered.  Chris proofread.  And Greta napped.  For your curiosity’s pleasure: How many times are you gonna paint your house? I guess it depends on how long we live here.  I am not afraid of

Stenciled hallways aren’t for everyone, and we have come to the conclusion, they aren’t for us.  And the funny thing is, we don’t think that it looks bad.  Which may leave you as confused as we have been since I

What a gorgeous living room, right?  I love the mix of patterns and the chunky coffee tables and those turquoise glass globes.  Those caught my eye first.  My next thought–after I noticed the big chunky books and started thinking of


Happy Pots

We’re adding little pops of color in the kitchen today….errr, posting about it–I actually did this yesterday.  Remember our little succulents on our new open shelving?  When we bought them, we also picked up three plain, ceramic pots for 49

Today Apartment Therapy is featuring our living room as a part of their series called “The Color Cure.” EEEeee!!!   I know the readers are gonna be honest—VERY honest because that is how they are over there.  Feel free to