Yesterday, Apartment Therapy posted about compulsive redecorators.  Although I am not extreme as some of the cases they talked about (I don’t change my whole house from shabby chic to minimalistic in a week), I am a compulsive tweaker.  I’m

Do people still say, “bomb dot com” to express something is awesome/cool/amazing?   This week, we’re focusing on getting treating the windows in the family room.  Both look extremely bare and the sliding glass door, that unfortunately we don’t have the

I’m new at this.  We’ve only been reviewing and accepting sponsors for a whole whopping week, but I am thrilled with the shops that we have taken on.  Their offerings are beautiful.  Their prices are affordable and we eagerly give

It’s been a whole year since we moved into our house.  A year ago today, we were cleaning our little apartment and filling up this house with lots of boxes.  Our very first house.  I remember how dirty this place