We Got Framed.

Cheesiest, most expected title right?  You love it.  Last time you saw this wall, we had just finished demolition and it looked like this: Now, a few sick days and several stubborn concrete nails later, it looks like this: Chris

We had some technical difficulties yesterday.  I thought I lost my MacBook.  I knew where it was–but I thought it had gone kaput.  Luckily, its sudden turning off and not turning back on was just a charging issue.  So, for


Tabula Rasa

The sectional sold.  The piano found a new home.  The room is getting measured for new carpet tomorrow and my Valentine (Hey-yo Chris!) took the day off to snuggle get this project started.  I feel nervous and excited and anxious


Friday Night.

We got a sitter and hit the town. Turns out:  Pizzeria 712 proved itself once again and remains our favorite restaurant.  We proclaimed our love through every one of our 5 courses.   Also, Crate and Barrel’s Lounge Sofa is

We received an especially helpful comment yesterday from one of our readers, Diane.  She said in regards to our family room renovation plans: You’ve obviously thought a lot about how you want the room to work for you..but what about