I am sitting in the airport waiting to board a plane to see Meagan.  EEEeeee!!!!  I am so anxious and excited to get to sunny, hot and humid Florida.  I already have my flip flops on and I can barely

My parents had a bad case of the classic picture sconces.  In this case, Jesus sconces.  Right when you walk in their front door.  Not only did they have small pictures on either side of a huge one, but a


We made it.

Greta and I made it all the way to Idaho.  She didn’t nap the whole drive.  (!!)  After about 2 1/2 hours of talk radio and reaching back and tickling her feet for entertainment, I realized she wasn’t even looking

The ottomans got a makeover.   And Chris cleaned out the whole garage and both cars.   And I finally got all of our clothes hung and Greta’s temporary room in order.  And then Greta started joining us at the

In an evening and a half, we got all of the green covered.  Woot!  I mentioned that from our front door you can see a slew of green, yellow, white and dark beige paint.  Well, we got one out of


Ottoman Udaman

I am one of the biggest fans of online classifieds and thrift stores and as-is sections.  You know this.  Chris knows this.  We ALL know this.  I love getting the best deal possible and I feel like I can give


Take a risk.

At Home Depot this morning picking up paint:Honey, I am nervous.  Babe, what are you nervous about??  Is this gonna be too dark?  Too much? Nah.  It will look great.  I don’t know.  I’m so nervous.  We were gonna buy the