Yesterday, I counted down the top five most popular posts of the year, and today I wanted to recognize a few people that really helped our little blog be seen/read this year.  While we do get a fair amount of

These posts alone brought in 20,897 of you!!  But, in case you happened to miss one of these uber popular reads, here’s a recap of our top five of the year: 5.  From February 17th–DIYAnthro-inspired oversized letters.   4.  On


Greta’s Gifts

I did every bit of my Christmas shopping online.  For Chris.  For family.  For Greta.  Our Christmas cards.  All of it.  And I have been done for weeks…until last night.  Chris and I decided on popcorn for our snack and

It’s 11 days before Christmas and it seems every other blog is serving up all of the details on DIYing your own tree skirt, making ornaments, and gift guides galore.  Our simple decorations are up.  Our neighbors have been gifted.