Just dropping in to share with you what is going on over here–which is just like every other day, except this post is much shorter.  Maybe the shortest ever. This morning, Greta and I trekked out to get some paint and


DIY Rothko-Inspired Art

Mark Rothko was an abstract expressionist, (note: he always hated that label) and one of the best! He is one of my favorite artists that I am constantly researching and being inspired by his work–those paintings are massive (!!) and

Our Life

A House Purge.

This week’s big project is getting ready for our yard sale on Saturday morning, and we aren’t holding back.  Our last (and only other) yard sale was in March of 2011 before we closed on this house.  It was cold,

Do you ever look at a photo of a room and think, “That could be our house!”  Maybe it is the way the furniture is arranged, or where the window is, or your own upcoming plans in an already finished

Our Life

This Weekend

We are attending Chris’s huge family reunion. Prepping for our yard sale next weekend. Picking up some paint. (I think I have our color narrowed down.) Getting started on new paintings. Watching the Olympics and Prison Break (on Netflix) Making

It is the last day of the 3rd busiest month of our lives. July was good to us and for us. At least that is what I am saying so I don’t turn into the stress ball I was for


Chandelier Shopping

Our DIYed string chandelier has seen better days.  In fact, for the past several months it has been in a semi-collapsed state. For awhile, we thought about trying the whole thing again with a stronger glue (we have heard wallpaper

You may have noticed, there wasn’t a chalkboard drawing this month.  Oops!  I am not saying there won’t be any more of those, because there will be, but I have also been wanting to focus on making other high quality